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Height: 6'4 Weight:230 ibs

Species: Saiyan of Parralel World

Skin: Same tone as Bardock

Hair color: Black

Family: Rappa (brother)


In a parralel world a boy was born to the Saiyan race. He was born of average power, average size, and weight. Just another low class soldier most figure. This boy's brother Rappa had been born with a power of two hundred eighty, six inches above average, and twenty muscualr pounds more. The weak brother Godock grew into an average Saiyan boy loving to fight and battle. Rappa though became feared and respected beyond even the King Vegeta.

Early Life[]

While young Godock was always in the shadow of his brother. At age eight Godock had a power level of five hundred eighty six and was sent on small simple missions. His brother Rappa though at age eight had a power level of four thousand eighty six.

Hatred of Frieza begins[]

Still in his teenage just getting a respectable power level of two thousand Godock saw an entire squadron of Saiyans terminated by Frieza for failing to complete the mission. He began to see the many horror's of Frieza and then time came when his hatred truly began. It was August Twenty Sixth Godock's birthday, he was with a few other Saiyan's who he respected to a great deal. When returning home to Planet Vegeta his crew was executed by Frieza! He was the only one left alive Frieza saying, "Monkey's should be careful not to rattle their cage."

The Last Day of Planet Vegeta[]

Godock was now a young adult with a power level of five thousand and had grown into a decent warrior. His brother though had a power level of sixty thousand and had just come back from a common solo mission. It was two o'clock p.m. when a huge shadow descended on Planet Vegeta . Godock was there resting from a previous mission when one of Frieza's attack devasted the capital city. Frieza spoke but a sentence "Saiyans I pronounce you dead."

Rappa charged but was killed in a single Ki blast by Frieza! Godock stood stunned as the huge doom ball slowly inched towards his planet. His only thought was all the the lives that would be lost, and all his hate began to change him.

Infront of Frieza himself Gokdok, the average Saiyan who was just another soldier did the impossible. He became a Super Saiyan! With power beyond his dreams Godok easily cleared through the several hundred warriors acompying Frieza. Frieza in terror backed away and attempted to flee. "Now Frieza you can't escape your fate!" yelled Godok as he charged his Super Apocalypse Ball , but before he finished Frieza something occured.

Continued in Godock, New World