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God Unleashed
Debut Gohan: The Saiyan God
Appears in Legend of the Saiyan God
Inventor Gohan
Users Gohan
Class Transformation
Color       (aura)
Similar techniques Super Mystic Saiyan God (fusion variant)
God Unleashed is the result of someone with God Ki utilzing Potential Unleashed to its fullest and surviving the attempt.

This form unlocks an individual's full godly potential, and therefore, unleashes an individual's full power and potential.


Kaestos attempted to achieve this transformation but was unable to survive the power boost and died for an unknown period of time.

Gohan, after training his body to be far more durable than usual for his level of power, was able to survive the power boost with only a small amount of discomfort.

Power & UsageEdit

The power granted by this form varies from person to person as it is a potential unlock.

If he had succeeded, Kaestos would've had an effortless God-ki base of 200.

Gohan, when in this new base form, can utilize his full power of God-ki 300 with ease. He used this form to challenge a somewhat drained Devil Demigra after Super Saiyan God 3 Kaestos and Super Saiyan God Vegito fell to the Demon.


It is tied with Super Mystic Saiyan God for the status of strongest transformation in Legend of the Saiyan God.

It is possible to use Kaio-ken in conjunction with this transformation, unlike Super Saiyan God.

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