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The God Transformation is form Dial acquired via rigorous training with Whis.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

The forms appearance varies between the current form the user is in for example; while Dial is in the first form he gains bio-boots, and bio-gloves. The user is seems to loss muscle mass despite retaining all their strengths.

Training, and usage Edit

It was implied by Future Trunks, and Future Gohan that the training that Dial underwent is much more rigorous, and even torturous than the training required to become a Super Saiyan Blue. The form can be used in conjunction of any previous transformations, and helps with power control whilst in the transformations. Dial explains that as he trained he felt godly ki that existed in him due to his existence as result of a Eternal Dragon, and explains that Frieza could also obtain the form.

Advanced Levels Edit

Upon experiencing great rage; a member of Frieza (who obtained the God transformation) can transform into the Ultimate F form that increases their power by an unknown, but substantial amount.

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