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Gnik was a descendant of Krillin and best friend of Singan.


Gnik is serious and determined, as opposed to Singan, who is sarcastic and fun-loving. He easily gets offended when someone insults him, but goes on an all-out attack when his gray hair gets insulted. At times, he does show some humor, albeit unintentionally. He is very curious and is known to overreact in times of great distress.

He is also known to be an enormous pervert; whenever he spots any woman in the nude or wearing a revealing outfit, he immediately falls to the ground, unconscious, with his nose bleeding. He also attempts to see a naked woman any time he gets the chance, often ending in him getting utterly crushed by the woman.



  • Fool!: Gnik grabs the opponent and punches his face repeatedly while calling him a fool. He then kicks the opponent in the gut and grounds him with a double axe handle.
  • Star Beam: Gnik releases a beam from his finger which has the same amount of power as a star.
  • Aura Explosion: Gnik releases all of his energy into an aura which burns anything it touches.
  • I'll Teach You To Mess With My Hair!: The opponent insults Gnik's hair, which results in Gnik going on a rampage in which he uses the Fool! technique, then uses the Star Beam to shoot the opponent's stomach while saying "I'll teach you to mess with my hair!"
  • Got You!: The opponent flies high up in the air in an attempt to escape, but Gnik appears from behind him while saying "Got you!" and then fires a Dead Cannon.
  • Dead Cannon: Gnik fires a beam so large that it rips the ground apart.