Writer note: Despite using the character of Goku's mother, her personality was changed to make her more badass and more saiyan than a "soft coward"

Gine is Bardock's wife and the mother of Goku, Raditz, Pinruta and Kakarota, in BH fanfics she was revived and lives with her family

Destruction of planet VegetaEdit

Gine along with her husband and Tora, Fasha, Shugesh and Borgos were taking over planets in Freeza's name, when a kannasan hits Bardock with the blow to see the future, Gine quickly avenged her husband by killing the kannasan but later Bardock collapsed. When waiting for Bardock to recover, the team went to planet Meat. After recovering, Gine and Bardock head over to planet Meat, only to find out the team were owned by Dodoria, after killing Dodoria's men, Bardock & Gine were brutally owned by Dodoria, who left them to death. Upon learning that the visions were true, Gine and Bardock stood bravely againts Freeza but were both killed by his death ball and went to hell by King Yemma


  • Gine replaces Dabura, who was mistakenly brought back to life due to Toei making him good
  • Her personality was changed to a savage but caring for her children saiyan woman, this is becuase BH (and many other people) hated that saiyans are good without any reason (The same aplies to Tarble)
  • Despite being Bardock's wife, his clone chooses another woman to be his wife and not cloning Gine
  • Just like her husband and nephew/adopted son, Gine spots a new outfit the next day, she wears a battle bra and a skirt
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