Mostly he is seen in Goku's base form for peacekeeping and diplomatic relations

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Geti Goku

"I am the Ultimate Being. One who has reached the highest echelons of existence. The ambassador of the Geti Star, my reign is absolute. Any threats are cut down with but a mere thought, until it is nothing more than a means to an end. Having brought this universe to its pinnacle state, there is nothing else I can do."

"“The projection of a pure-hearted warrior, I may be. But the soul of one, I lack. To feel and experience the heart of a true hero, That, is my ultimate wish. When the sands of time quiver and quake, Giving way to the younglings in wait, I sit and stone, on bare history’s bones, Of the Ominous story, I wrote”"

"Immortality The Greatest blessing and curse alike, Why it is sought after, is beyond my sight. Displeasure overwhelms, Ambitions overcome, Conscience overtakes, and Evil is overrun. Heroism and Darkness, the antithesis of each other, Fight to the ends of time like no other. Undying life is the progenitor of Undying purpose, One which can be corrupted, For better or worse."

An extremely powerful warrior, heralding from the universe where the Geti Star reigns supreme, Goku is the Geti Star's main representative, being biologically and cybernetically enhanced beyond known possibilities, made to be the ultimate peacekeeper, and bringer of life to devastated worlds.


In an alternate universe created by Geti186, the Geti Star has become the main power of all time, absorbing and collecting information from the far reaches of the universe. During Bibidi’s reign of terror with the use of Buu, the Geti Star proved to be a match with its ever expanding armies, equipped with the Potara Earrings granted to him by the Elder Kais to put a stop to this threat, with the continuous fusion of Geti Droids, it eventually became powerful enough to contain, and absorb the massive power that is Majin Buu, and incorporated its regeneration into its system. As its knowledge and power grew, it learnt and incorporated the various unique biological abilities of every species in the universe, to create the most powerful army in reality, effectively containing all threats with unparalleled ease. The first Legendary Super Saiyan was one of them. Curious to learn more about the different timelines and its enemies, it sends clones in the form of Goku to bring other powerful beings to itself, constantly evolving its soldier to become the perfect one. It uses Goku as its main form, due to its small size and immense strength, also due to its personality, making it one of if not THE most suitable person for peacekeeping. It also constantly searches through multiple different timelines, seeking to incorporate the strongest of beings, and unique powers into its system for documentation and usage.


He looks exactly like Goku in his own forms, but with much more hidden power. In his Legendary Super Saiyan forms, his body becomes far bulkier and enormous, similar to Broly. In his Legendary Great Ape form, it is far larger than the golden great ape form, towering at 200 metres tall, with its fur being light green in colour.

===Geti Star ===

Within the Geti Star itself, lays what would most likely be wet dreams for hardcore fighters and Saiyans. It has many different training areas, such as the gravity room and large training field, as well as an illusionary land for the “Evil” clones(which are the villain clones stored within the system) to conquer. Within it contains constant fighting and endless drama, for anything can be done in here, except the use of Anti-Matter attacks, which are wiped off the clone’s memories after entry for as long as they are in the room. Within the room itself, fighting is rampant, training sessions are the norm, and deaths are virtually non-existant. The number of things one can do here is inexhaustible, and this keeps villains, heroes, and the occasional visitor appeased, as injuries are all but gone at the end of every match and training system.

One unique trait about the Geti Star is that it has created special dimensions for different training areas and its own use, greatly conserving space for other activities, such as the production of more clones.

===Omega Dimension ===

This dimension was specifically created by the Geti Star to increase Geti Goku’s energies at a grueling pace. In here, time is dilated to the point where one century in the Omega Dimension is equivalent to one day in the normal time stream. This result in the boosts provided to the original being far more ridiculous than normal. The Omega Dimension is also an outlet for would-be heroes in the universe to train inside, as the environment is extremely harsh, having the Sun’s gravity, and a supernova’s worth of heat being constantly put out, which makes training here extremely tough, but highly rewarding. The Gravity and heat being put out can be changed any time for the user as well, increasing/decreasing intensities when wanted. As for the clones of Geti Goku, they are able to survive primarily because of their bodies’ extreme durability.

Geti Star capabilities[edit | edit source]

Being a supercomputer, the Geti Star takes apart skills and movesets to a fundamental level, being capable to the point of dissecting the skills basic source, its power level, uses, density, and the list goes on. This helps it judge if certain attacks should be dodged, tanked, or countered with another, a very useful tool in fights. This also allows it to learn a move almost instantly after seeing it, which is vital in a battle.

Besides this, the Geti Star is extremely advanced in different areas of Science, most particularly Biology, which is the most vital thing in the generation of more powerful soldiers. Even now, the Geti Star is baffled by how it had even gotten this far. At any time when it wishes to add more traits to its main soldier Geti Goku, it would call forth its own Geti Dragon, a Dragon with ever growing power similar to its host, and modify the biology of its soldier, succeeding where it may fail.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Geti Goku, despite taking on Goku’s appearance, has a starkly different, yet similar personality. He shares Goku’s love for training, challenges, and whatnot, and is serious when he has to be. However, he is different in that he is no longer as ignorant, innocent and pure anymore, his mind constantly being on the look out for enemies, and is cool, calculating. He often plays mind games with the smartest beings in the galaxy, or engage in diplomatic relations with the stronger species, such as the IceJins and Saiyans, who were not wiped out, and prevent them from enslaving other weaker planets just for profit. Due to Goku’s mindset and influence, the Big Gete Star avoids using inhabited planets to gather resources, instead locating itself within a distant, uninhabited galaxy.

Natural Ability[edit | edit source]

Strength: Geti Goku’s strength is ever growing in power. As of now, he is capable of casually atomizing the entire omniverse with the flick of a finger if he desires so. However, he is still no match for the Elemental Hydra in strength, due to its unique biological structure, as well as the planet’s power.

Speed: As of now, he is omnipresent with speed. Even under the immense gravity of Planet Supreme, his speed is barely bothered by it, courtesy of his immense strength.

Durability: He is, without question, one of the most durable beings to exist. As of now, he is only damageable by beings far superior than he in power, such as the Elemental Hydra, and even so, it would take FAR more power for him to be vaporized.

Now his body has been brought forth to a whole new level. His cells are upgraded with sturdier atoms, with a property similar to eggs – the more heat or energy being used to disintegrate him, the stronger his body becomes, with these changes being permanent.

Furthermore, with his Matter Manipulation, he is able to conjure up objects of extreme power, or literally altering his own body for different strengths.

Power level: Incomprehensible, unfathomable, illogical, were all the terms people came up with. It is so high that even if the Geti Scouter compared Supreme Buu and Taros’ combined power level to him, the scouter would be so high that it is likely to explode.

Destructive Capacity: The omniverse would be utterly annihilated if he were to simply convert his Anti-Ki back to Ki whilst heavily limiting the power output. It should be known that Planet Supreme is immune to this due to its durability and Ki Absorption.

Powers and Abilities

Ginyu’s Body Change: Through a clone, is capable of swapping bodies with a superior enemy, and then sealing it for research and experimentation, incorporating its abilities to the Geti Star.

Kaioken X Infinity: Grants infinite power for an instant, allowing one of the many clones to destroy a vastly superior enemy before it is capable of causing massive destruction to the universe, before being completely and utterly destroyed. Although this is an expendable ability, it is also considered a waste of resources, and was solved when the Geti Star wished for the ability to create droids who were immune to the negative effects of KaioKen, via its own Dragon Balls. NOTE: In actuality, the power increase is not infinite, but rather the maximum number the Geti Star can conjure to be the form’s multiplier.

Guldo’s Time Stop: By holding its breath for an indeterminate amount of time, it is capable of stopping time permanently for everyone else, except the entirety of the Geti Star’s clones.

Energy Drain: Using Dr Gero, Dr Myuu’s and Dr Raichi’s knowledge, all clones are capable of absorbing all forms of Ki attacks used against it, and the weakness of having to go into a stance to absorb energy is negated, as every part of its body is capable of absorbing energy, and store infinite amounts of energy.

Legendary: Similar to the first Legendary Super Saiyan, the Geti Star has managed to incorporate this power into its own creations, making all of them constantly gain power. Alternatively, as the strength of the clones are based on the strength of the original, they can feep firing blasts at the main guy to increase his power at exponential rates, so future clones will be far more powerful.

Namekian: As the technology employed by the Geti Star is biological in nature, it is capable of harnessing unique traits and abilities, such as Namekian fusion between clones, as well as the creation of Dragon Balls. It also allows Geti Goku to perform long range attacks, via extending his limbs sharply, and increasing its size

Power over all Elements: Having analyzed Omega Shenron from different timelines, he was capable of dissecting and recreating all of his abilities, such as power over electricity, wind, fire, ice, and able to conjure a sickness which would weaken fighters tremendously.

Potara Fusion: He is in possession of the Potara earrings, allowing him to fuse endlessly with clones to create an infinitely stronger being

Metamoran Fusion: A fusion dance technique learned from the Metamorans

Instantaneous Movement: Able to traverse and fight at instantaneous speeds.

Power over Gravity: Having investigated black holes courtesy of its enormous power, Geti Goku has developed the ability to create gravity around itself using its enormous energy, and can draw/repel opponents with great ease.

Hive Mind: The Hive Mind which Geti Goku controls is capable of controlling and seeing through every one of its clones, and can formulate plans and battle strategies, executing them with perfect coordination

Buu’s regeneration: All of its clones are capable of regenerating to the same extent as Buu, and it also gives Geti Goku access to his rubbery body whenever required.

Nano-Regeneration: Any injury Geti Goku may suffer is instantly detected and repaired by its own “nanomachine” cells, and whatever flaws in Geti Goku’s biology that allowed the injury are corrected. Like Immunity(below), this is a built-in version of it, which helps clones get much stronger than before, making him much harder to harm via the same cause.

Saiyan: When entering a near-death state and surviving, Geti Goku’s body becomes exponentially stronger, on top of its own Nano-Regeneration.

Intangibility: It is capable of turning into mist to avoid physical and energy attacks(from Hirudegarn)

Transmutation Beam: A technique learned from Buu

Absorption: A last resort ability, used to knock out foes more powerful than itself, before storing it for investigation and integration into the Geti Goku clones.

Immunity: The Geti Star supercomputer analyzes the deaths of each and every clone, creating countermeasures to prevent deaths via the same cause in future, if the “nanomachine” cells are unable to regenerate and repair the damage done before its destruction

Geti: Being part of the Geti Star, whatever power the original Geti Goku gains is translated to the rest of the clones. Similarly, if any clones receive excess energy, it is transferred to the original, in turn strengthening all other clones.

Dimensional: Depending on the situation, Geti Goku can decide whether to prevent his attacks from being intercepted, making it unblockable through the use of different dimensional portals forming around the attack, or allow it to connect with other attacks.

Magic Materialization: An ability gained from the Nameks, with this, Geti Goku can fashion clothes, weights, and other equipment if need be.

Matter Manipulation: Through the use of extreme concentration and being able to successfully dissect atoms to its basic constituents, Geti Goku is able to control and manipulate the properties of atoms, creating new materials, enhancing existing materials, or literally destabilizing the enemy’s body structure. This has been used to develop a highly enhanced magical anti-substance, akin to the Felbeasts of the Twisting Nether, which either redirect magic, or help him absorb it.

Power Multiply: The power of this character multiplies with the number of things it is fighting against.


Super Saiyan: Multiplies base stats by 50

Super Saiyan 2: Multiplies Super Saiyan by 10

Super Saiyan 3: Multiplies Super Saiyan 2 by 40

Super Saiyan 4: Multiplies Super Saiyan 2 By 500

Legendary Super Saiyan: In this state he gains invulnerability to most attacks, and his Ki is replenished and increased at a far faster rate than normal, even though it starts off as lower than Super Saiyan 3, it easily rises to be above it. This state increases the user’s power at a rate of 100x per second.

Legendary Great Ape: The Great Ape of legend, its Ki increases at a rate which dwarfs the Legendary Super Saiyan immensely, this form is used by the clones to fight humongous enemies. This state increases the user’s strength at a rate of 1000x per second, on top of the power increases.

Legendary Super Saiyan 4: The most Primal form of the Legend, condensing the power and strength of the Legendary Great Ape to a smaller, but still bulky form. Its speed increases and Ki increases both dwarf the previous 2 forms, as it increases based on the user’s current power. This form increases the user’s power at a rate of 1,000,000x per second.

Super Saiyan God: Up until now, the Geti Star was unable to achieve this remarkable state. Yet, after observing the Ki flow emanating from the 6 Saiyans during Bills’ appearance in the alternate dimension, it was able to replicate it. With this technique, it served to be an incredible boon to Geti Goku’s power, whereby the transformation is capable of stacking itself indefinitely. The power boost this state grants the user is absurd and phenomenal, especially considering how the form could be re-accessed from memory. Utilizing this and the Omega Dimension, Geti Goku’s power increase has become completely out of this world.

This is done through taking every single one of his clones and constantly entering the Super Saiyan God State, which then ascends every Geti Goku to that level, whilst using that new level of power to create more Super Saiyan God forms, creating forms with auras of every colour in the electromagnetic spectrum, until it finally turns white. Also, the time limit is negated by constantly creating a greater form of SSG which stacks unto itself.

Geti Dragon: Having stored within it the Geti Dragon, the Geti Star has also absorbed it’s physiology within its system to understand it further, and is now capable of bringing it out any time. The clones can transform into this form to either grant wishes, or increase its power and size tremendously, and can choose to either enhance any of its current forms, or, through it, turn into the form known as the Lord of Dragons. This form is capable of turning into any size it wishes, or enhancing itself wherever needed, such as increasing the user’s Legendary Form power gain  by 1 billion  times.
Geti Dragon’s Power boost:
No actual power boost, except the ability to warp different aspects of reality with its energy, which can be used to enhance its Ki or Strength as much as he wants, or modify its own biology however it wishes.
Lord of Dragons: This form was once attained by Geti Goku, when the Geti Star attempted to emulate the creation of the Lord of Dragons. Using the Potara Earrings on all of its clones transformed to Geti Dragons, it initially failed due to the lack of power needed to form the Lord of Dragons, eventually, after countless fusions of Geti Dragon clones, using the Kaioken X Infinity whilst doing it, the clones are finally able to access this Godlike Form, at the cost of a Galaxy’s worth of resources. The first thing that Geti Goku did with this form was to restore the entire Galaxy, after which he was unable to maintain that form any further due to the stress on the user’s body. This form can only be used in Omega Form.
Lord of Dragons Power boost:
This form’s power is basically that of a God, it could be a Googolplex to the power of a Googolplex, but in actuality, is what you would get from Infinity, or 1 divided by 0, unquantifiable in all definitions of the word. In this state he has actual, infinite Ki, but places an unimaginable stress on the user’s body, only being able to maintain this form for a picosecond. Even after a hundred years of increasing its soldier’s power, the Geti Star has only extended the length of time this state is useable by Geti Goku and his clones to one second. It truly demonstrates the actual power of the original Lord of Dragons. In this state, he has access to all forms of Ki and Magic. Currently, he has extended the lasted time to 1 hour(Primarily through his Omega Form boosts), which allows the Geti Star to perform or use its Power for experiments and whatnot.

History of the Lord of Dragons:

A form chanced upon by the Geti Star upon research of ancient histories. Legend
told of the original Dragons, who inhabited the universe a long time ago, evil dragons wrought destruction upon the lands, evil dragons who were so powerful Omega Shenron’s power level would be like a microscopic dust speck compared to the galaxy in terms of power. The good dragons, although equal in power, decided to all fuse into one, single Almighty being, which would be known as the Lord of Dragons to all. It crushed almost all the known dragons in the universe, and sealed them into a different dimension, condemning them to a life of wish-granting, only summonable in the form of wish-granting Dragons. Few of the dragons managed to send forth their avatars, by using the negative energies accumulated from each good wish, and resulted in a weak, usable Avatar known as Omega Shenron. The Lord of Dragons Fate is unknown, although presumably it watches over the known universe, only appearing at the darkest of times, and is the most powerful form attainable by any being. After all, what could be more powerful than the greatest being to walk existence?

Omega Form: The form Geti Goku assumes after all the desired Geti Goku clones utilize the form Legendary Super Saiyan 4 and activate Kaioken X Infinity, where the original draws power from them by activating Omega Charge. This form provides the greatest passive boost of power to the original. Due to the extremity of the Ki increases, it begins transforming its Ki into Anti-Ki, and his natural Ki aura is converted to that of Anti-Ki, being noticeably darker in colour, having a bluish-black hue, and is far more dense than normal. It is also the current most common form that Geti Goku assumes, as few beings can accurately sense him, let alone determine his threat level, it also helps in that it does not have to focus on keeping down his immense reserves, as it is far more concentrated in this state. This form is required for Geti Goku to access certain Anti-Ki attacks, which require more acute manipulation. The power growth rate is exponential in this state, as the clones who are supplying Ki gets stronger as the power supplied increases.

Ultima Form: This, is Geti Goku’s current form. After increasing the length he was able to last in his Lord of Dragons Form, the Geti Star came up with a ludicrous idea – What if, by using this form, he formed his strongest attack and absorbed it? This ingenious idea was then implemented. The clones used in the Omega Form were then surrounded in balls of perpetual, infinite energy from the Lord of Dragons form, and the original engulfed him in this as well. In this form, the power boost is basically Omega Form^Omega Form^Omega Form, courtesy of the clones boosting themselves, transferring energy, and the original boosting himself once more. All attacks in this form are boosted by the Infinity Ball, making them extremely potent.

Samsara State

Samsara State:

Samsara State: The state of being “Reborn” continuously. This occurs when he is continuously entering the Super Saiyan God state whilst being in his Ultima Form. The Power Boost is so phenomenally insane with it stacking unto itself endlessly. In this state, the Ki which Geti Goku uses is altered into different states and colour, causing Anti-Ki to become turquoise and regular Ki to gain a golden hue. The power boost is the equivalent of Ultima Forms’ stacked unto itself by the number of clones the Geti Star has, per second in his perception(which is shortened every time). Despite being incredibly massive, he is still casually dismissed by Tier 4 beings, and still remains in the same benchmark as Akoni.

Recently the Geti Star has successfully altered Geti Goku’s casual energy waveform to match that of the requirements of the Super Saiyan God transformation, leaving him in a state of perpetual Godhood, endlessly forming a new Super Saiyan God. This makes the Samsara State the new, standard form of Geti Goku.

Techniques of Note

It has the abilities of every known character in the DB franchise, canon and non-canon, but below are some abilities unique to the Geti Star, or different in the way they affect the user.

Neo Tri Beam: Tien’s ability, an extremely powerful energy attack, which brings forth the user’s energy to immense heights, at the cost of the user’s life force, to create an extremely powerful energy blast capable of disintegrating most enemies on the clones own level. The clone is affected in that it will be stunned for a few seconds, and is vulnerable to attacks done by enemies.

Omega Big Bang Cannon: A mixture of Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack and Broly’s 2 signature moves Omega Blaster and Eraser Cannon. It utilizes the charge time to maximize the clones Ki regeneration properties to create an extremely dense Ball of energy, which he then fires at the enemy.

Omega Neutron Eraser: An Omega Big Bang Cannon formed by a more than a trillion clones from the Geti Star, the energy ball is similar to the Omega Big Bang Cannon, but is far more concentrated and powerful, and is the size of the sun.

Omega Reality Eraser: The result when you get the same number of clones charging up the Omega Neutron Eraser, but with all of them using KaioKen X Infinity(refer to Abilities) instead. This attack is far more concentrated and dense, being small enough to fit into one’s hand, and having a mass similar to the Galaxy itself. On top of this, it also has the ability to absorb other Ki attacks within it, as it is converted to Anti-Ki, making it stronger, and fuelling its power just like a black hole, or Anti-Matter Kamehameha

Big Bang Quasar Kamehameha: A Kamehameha supplied by an immense amount of Ki, supplied by the endless flow of energy from the user. On top of the normal Ki used for the Kamehameha, immense amounts of electrical energy increase the potency of the attack, and form a force field around it and the user, preventing interception from other sources.

Omega Quasar Kamehameha: Similar to A Big Bang Quasar Kamehameha, but powered by all the clones of the Geti Star, and concentrated into a beam the size of a house. Most of its power is focused on making the beam as concentrated as possible, while the force field it provides is converted to a powerful electrical magnetic field, which causes attacks to be reflected away from the user. This field also adds onto the physical damage of the beam, and enhances the beam’s capability of destroying regenerating enemies.

Anti-Matter Kamehameha: This attack was formed after knowledge of Anti-Matter was found in select traces of Ki. However, this Anti-Ki requires absurd amounts of Ki to create, and thus any of the clones of the Geti Star using it have to be in Legendary Super Saiyan 4, utilizing KaioKen X Infinity to use it. The result is an Anti-Matter Omega Quasar Kamehameha, where the attack overcomes any and all energy attacks, absorbing it into itself and making it stronger. This attack also generates a force field around the user itself, drawing Ki from any other attacks used on it. When it hits the target, all of the target’s Ki and Life Force is absorbed, and the enemy is utterly erased from existence.

Ultimate Anti-Matter Kamehameha: Similar to an Anti-Matter Kamehameha, only with all the clones of Geti Goku using it.

Omega Charge: All of the clones within the Geti Star are rendered useless to power up the original, granting the original a stupidly huge power multiplier over time. This is used in order to power up immense attacks without the requirement of other clones being present, as well as fighting immensely powerful enemies which manage to be a threat. The power multiplier is basically xy in base form, where y is the number of clones shut down, and x is the form’s multiplier, the multiplier can be changed where all the clones supplying energy for Omega Charge being in stronger forms, increasing the power gain of the original. This is almost permanently active as the Geti Star produces clones non-stop, while having no use for them. As the clones maximum power is based on the original, this charge strengthens the entire clone army exponentially over time. When this is activated, all the clones who are being used basically “shut down” and enter an incapacitated state, where all of their body’s power is only used to supply the original with more strength.

Galactic Disk: A mixture of Krillin and Frieza’s Destructo Disk, being dense, solid and capable of cutting through anything. It has a length of 100 metres and width of 2 metres, designed to obliterate opponents with sheer physical cutting force, spreading it to the entire body instead of a small area. The size can be changed depending on the user’s preference, as well as its density and concentration.

Techniques accessible in Omega Form(and Lord of Dragons)

Perfect Anti-Matter Barrier: A barrier made of Anti-Ki, absorbs all Ki attacks used against it, and can only be penetrated by Anti-Ki of greater concentration.

Omega Prism: Traps the opponent in a prism of Anti-Ki energy. Within it, the Ki of the trapped being is absorbed at extreme rates, adding to the user’s power, and increasing the strength of the Prism.

Doomsday Extinction Discs: The user fires a rapid stream of Galactic Disks, made out of dense Anti-Ki. It is used to destroy powerful Ki Users, or overwhelm the opponent with sheer numbers. The rate of fire of this attack is similar to Super Buu’s Mankind Extinction attack.

Supreme Ball of Untold Power: An Anti-Ki energy attack which drains energy at rapid rates, causing all but the most powerful of energy attacks to be drained dry instantly near the attack, fuelling its power. Its size remains the same at all times, draining Ki from any being near it. It absorbs energy so fast that even Geti Goku in Omega Form struggles to even regenerate his lost Ki, let alone multiply Ki at Broly’s rate. This attack either kills Geti Goku’s opponent instantly by absorbing all of their life force, or kill them in the ensuing explosion of dense Anti-Ki. After which, the energy gained by this attack is absorbed back into Geti Goku, granting him massive power. It is the only known attack that Geti Goku has that is capable of absorbing Anti-Ki, and is useful as it is the only Anti-Ki energy attack which recycles, increases, and returns the energy to its creator. This ability is only accessible to the original, as a back-up plan in case one of the clones turn rogue.

Atomic Crusher: Geti Goku unleashes the wrath of the trillions of clones within the Geti Star. First, half of the clones spam Doomsday Extinction Discs, which cut the enemy endlessly while absorbing their energy, constantly cycling and repeating their assault, all of them being able to pass through each other courtesy of Janemba’s abilities. Whilst this is happening, one quarter of the remaining clones utilize KaioKen X Infinity and fire off Anti-Matter Kamehamehas, which is constantly maintained on top of the endless stream of Doomsday Extinction Discs. The final quarter instead form a super-charged Omega Prism around the opponent, creating a massive energy drain that would suck dry the energy supply of most beings. This ends off with the original charging the Supreme Ball of Untold Power, absorbing all of the Anti-Ki that is assaulting the opponent, and encompassing the target thereafter, literally sucking the opponent dry and crushing all remaining atoms of the opponent. The now super-charged Supreme Ball returns to the user, and it is absorbed back within the user’s body.

Anti-Ki: In this state, he is able to freely access Anti-Ki. Anti-Ki is a unique form of Ki, in that it absorbs all Ki attacks to fuel itself, is so dense that you would require Omega Shenron’s level of Ki in order to create Anti-Ki blast with a power level similar to Videl, or, in terms of size, compressing a universe into a basketball, and is the only form of Ki that cannot be directly absorbed by any Geti Goku clone. Normally, Anti-Ki cannot absorb its own form of energy, but the Supreme Ball of Untold Power is an exception to this rule, unique in that it can absorb any amount of Anti-Ki, as long as its own exceeds it, acting more like a black hole of energy than energy itself. Anti-Ki is also noticeably denser and darker in colour, due to the extreme concentration of Ki required to create it.

Condensed Anti-Ki: Once condensed to a certain extent, Anti-Ki can be converted to an actual material which has its own unique properties through Magic Materialization. Its weight can change depending on the energy input, and is invulnerable to all Ki attacks, which only serve to increase its density. It can conduct any form of energy with the utmost of ease, and cannot be destroyed via physical means. Also, it is capable of converting energy to different forms, such as turning Ki to heat, electricity, and the like.

Techniques Accessible in Lord of Dragons Form[edit | edit source]

Well of Eternity: In this form, he is able to create the Well of Eternity, where users of Ki can draw upon amounts which they currently control. A regular version of the Well is located at the Universal Martial Arts Tournament for people to replenish their Ki. A few of these wells are on Planet Supreme as well, located in the most tumultuous of environments in each section. The Elemental Hydra has been to all of the wells, and it brought the Hydra’s Power to where it is currently, due to each section only boosting one element. It was also placed in the Omega Dimension for Geti Goku to access his Ultima Form

Infinity Ball: The Supreme Ball of Untold Power formed by this form. It is incapable of being absorbed entirely by the user, is and the user can place himself inside it to power himself up, recover, and whatnot. Currently, this ball surrounds all of the Geti Goku clones in the Omega Dimension (created by this form), making the power boost of the Ultima Ball completely asinine, and bringing Geti Goku ever closer to the point that is nigh-infinite.

Ultimate Seal: This form is capable of sealing powerful beings into different dimensions/powerful objects, whichever is more convenient. This is first used on Sekai Shenron.


Anti-Ki Blade: A Blade made out of extremely dense Anti-Ki, due to its extreme concentration, it is an extremely dense sword, which despite being the size of a regular sword, has the mass of a universal black hole. It is able to cut through all Ki attacks, absorbing them into itself, and repairing any physical damage in the process, or increasing its density further. It is also capable of converting energy into other forms, such as heat and electricity, and is nearly impossible to destroy via physical means

Geti Dragon Balls

Potara Earrings

Geti Scouter: The Geti Scouter is unique in that it bases power levels relative to another user, preventing overloading of the mind, and making it far easier to use than most. However, it still retains the old function as well, basing off the enemies’ energy on the amount of Anti-Ki they can supposedly produce with that amount of Ki, where 1 Anti-Ki is the equivalent of Omega Shenron’s level of Ki

Anti-Ki Armour: A piece of armour fashioned from condensed Anti-Ki. It is Geti Goku’s main outfit, being excellent for training, as well as being nigh-invulnerable to almost any conventional means of attack. It is unique in that its color can change to anything Geti Goku wants, as well as being immune to physical damage. Although the armour can absorb energy from the enemy’s attacks, Goku can also transfer the energy from the armour back into himself if needed. A nice part about the armour is that if pumped with energy, it will create a force field around himself as well, the amount of repulsion force put out by the force field being entirely dependent on the energy input, changing colours from white to yellow to blue. The force field is also able to absorb any energy attack being fired at it, increasing its strength, while repelling any other attack sent at it with ridiculous force, sending them flying. The repulsion force felt increases exponentially the closer you are to the armour, making it very useful clothing.

Annihilation Blade: After the fight with Sekai Shenron, Geti Goku gained possession of this blade. In order to prevent Sekai Shenron from possibly escaping, it is thrown into the Energy Generator in the Omega Dimension, which gathers excess energy from the blade and transfers it to Geti Goku. It can be called forth to Goku at any point of time, as it is able to cut through anything without resistance.

Geti Worms: The Geti Star had placed different Effing worms in different, environments. All of these worms used up a large portion of energy to tame, even in its birth stages, which made them prime candidates for the experiment. However, the use of energy has made Geti Goku closer to these worms, and them closer to him. As of now, they are his companions living in alternate universes. Circumstantially, you may also label them as pets.

The first worm, living in the simplest environment, was grown through being given EXTREME amounts of biological matter to feed on, spanning the entire omniverse within the dimension. Biological Matter was replaced immediately within the span of the universe light years if the worm enters another part of the multiverse. As a result, this worm has developed mastery over inter-dimensional travel, innate capability of controlling its size, and literally unmatched speed. Aside from that, it has a “black hole mouth”, which literally pulls in, and converts to energy, all forms of matter. This environment, expanding on the worm’s desire to consume, has made it the fastest worm, and most capable of consuming enemies of extreme power. Its durability, however, is far less impressive, preferring to use its unnatural speed to circumvent its relatively lower durability. This worm is a regular Effing Worm, but encompasses all of its upgrades on top of its own adaptations. Against paramount defenses, its speed and power have proven victorious, on top of its ingenuity.

The second worm, lived in a scarce omniverse lacking resources. In this universe, inhabits multitudes of powerful, biological beings (a few hundred every 100 light years) which pose as threats to the worm. As a result, this worm has enhanced regeneration, significantly tougher bio-armour, and defense mechanisms, making it immune to most energy attacks, and physical attacks. Its regeneration stems from the ambient energy from matter, whereby a regular human’s mass will result in MASSIVE regeneration, utterly abusing Einstein’s E=MC^2 equation. This makes it a significantly tougher opponent to face, as it absorbs ambient plasma in “space” to grow ever larger and more powerful. Aside from that, it is able to condense its size, and utilizing Anti-Ki, making its defenses nigh-impenetrable. It basically has an automatic Sage Mode, on top of its regular abilities. It is an Evolved Effing Worm, and has an additional heat-armour, small size, force field, precognition (from Sage Mode) and spatial distortion (which temporarily consumes space to deflect attacks). Against this worm, the Geti Star has pitted it against paramount resistances and whatnot, and its power and strength upgrades accordingly.

The last worm, was an ingenuity, maximizing the defense and offense characteristics of the worm. It is a Winter Worm, and had unusual characteristics at the start, seemingly containing the traits of both Winter Worms and Evolved Effing Worm. First, the worm was subjected to constant barrages of beams and lasers, which it quickly adapted by creating a thick, magical ice, which, through incredible optical density, resulted in all energy attacks being utterly deflected, regardless of power or concentration. This same icy casing enhanced all physical attacks and durability immensely. After a while, new, tangible opponents who automatically got away from attacks were introduced, firing powerful harpoons. The worm then upgraded its “Spikes” ability, adding onto it the icy effect, and making it retractable, and life draining. This allowed it to drain the life force of enemies, weakening it enough for digestion. On top of that, it also has increased regeneration from the absorption of life force, and the innate capability to absorb Ki, maximizing the body’s nutrients more than the 2nd worm (despite not having Sage mode). It also has a large mouth, with its size enhanced by ice in a manner similar to Blood Fangs, as well as a terrifying Blood Roar (utterly annihilating flesh and skin with incredible efficiency and power through extreme frequency waves), absorbing the life force and potential body of the body instantaneously. This, however, leaves behind blood, which is enough for most enemies to regenerate from, and destroy large sections of bodies from stronger beings(weakening them to the point where they cannot put up a large resistance). After a long time, more paramount defenses were set up, which made the worm evolve even more characteristics, such as the ability to digest refined chemical substances, instant-size changing capability, incredible maneuverability as well as Ultima Boosters (the capability of accelerating at incredible speeds for MASSIVE damage, and break through walls). These Ultima Boosters use fire jets, rampage powers, extreme air pressure, and sudden recreation of speed traits which boost its speed, while keeping itself in place with spikes (combination of Defense and Shark types), it then unleashes itself in the next split second, utterly ripping the enemy apart. This makes it the most adaptable of the 3 worms.

Questions you might ask

When he uses Kaioken X Infinity, does that power translate to the rest of his clones? No, it doesn’t, as the Geti Star is unable to mimic the body’s required power in order to hold such a magnitude of power(since it only multiplies what was conceptualized as infinity beforehand) and although the body is not destroyed, it does put a significant amount of stress on the clones, making them harder to control. The Geti Star, can also mobilise all the clones using this state, but it is unable to multitask and carry out complex plans due to the focus needed, thus it can be considered a weak point for as long as this technique is active.

How does the power absorbed by the main Geti Goku translate to increased strength for the rest of his clones? Having the trait Legendary, it regenerates lost Ki almost immediately after its use, and the increased Ki wielded by the original increases the previous known limits of the clones bodies exponentially, strengthening all of them significantly faster.

Is Geti Goku Biological or Metallic? The Geti Star, after years of research, is capable of going over established limits of Biology, and incorporating its upgrades to Goku in biological forms, such as Ki absorption and the like. However, Geti Goku and all of his clones are all controlled by the Geti Star, and despite having free will, are all heavily limited by the Geti Star’s control.

How many Geti Goku clones ARE there? As many as the Geti Star requires, although there are a few trillion clones kept within the Geti Star itself, only one of them is active, the main Geti Goku. Although the Geti Star has no real personality, and its clones can take any form(be it evil or good), this Goku is the one employed the most by it as it is sufficient to deal with threats, as well as it automatically taking into account collateral damage

How high is Geti Goku’s Power Level? His power has transcended beyond understanding, as his power is ever-growing, limitless even by DB  standards. If his power starts out at 1, it would rapidly increase to 1,000,000x that in a second in Legendary Super Saiyan 4, while in Normal Legendary form, it increases at a rate of 10x per second. If a foe is really too powerful, he could also use his own clones to expend all their energy and attack him with their strongest attack, effectively multiplying his power level equal to the number of clones the Geti Star sends at him. It is virtually unquantifiable.

The discovery of Anti-Ki also includes access to the new Omega Form and Omega Charge. With the clones using Kaio-Ken X Infinity together with transformations, while powering the original, its power level is virtually incalculable. If I were to give him a power level, let’s just say that it is the number of digits in Googol pages of Microsoft word document, with the digits being Font 1. It may be hard to accept, but the multiplier for Kaio-Ken which he uses, is the maximum number of digits a supercomputer can process. It is beyond Human Comprehension.

Are there other clones like Geti Goku? Yes, there are. This Geti Star has clones of every Dragon Ball character to ever appear, cloning the original from each timeline. These clones inhabit the Geti Star, and all have the same powers with the upgrades provided, albeit with different personalities. As most of them share the love to fight, there is a never-ending battle within the Geti Star itself, with the walls being invulnerable to Ki Attacks via absorption, and the “Good” and “Evil” characters enjoying battle themselves.

Why does the energy go to Geti Goku? The Geti Star is capable of storing infinite energy(due to the wish), and its core can be in any one of its clones(though if they are destroyed the core consciousness and energy is simply transferred to another clone). It goes to Goku as he is fighting the most battles, and is thus the most likely to require the energy. Any energy absorbed by the clones inside the Geti Star also goes to him, and this is very important in battle as Goku would only need to focus in bringing his Ki to greater heights, instead of regenerating Ki to be expended.

How strong are the Geti Dragon Balls? They are extremely powerful, virtually limitless in capability. The size of the dragon spans galaxies, a testament to its creator's power, and is ever growing with the increases of its creator’s power. This Dragon is stored inside the Geti Star itself, to prevent misuse from lesser beings within the Universe. This Dragon was first used to grant the Geti Star the capability to store infinite amounts of energy(Ki), removing the limit on its already vast capability to store energy, followed by the removal of negative effects of Kaioken on the User’s body.

Is Geti Goku always in Omega Form? Yes, he is. The clones being used for Omega Form are stored in another dimension, aptly named “Omega Dimension”. Within it contains 6 x 10^24 clones, which is the same number as Earth’s mass rounded off, an homage to Goku’s homeland being Earth.The energy is transferred to Goku via an Energy Generator, which is capable of transferring energy through different dimensions.

Hold on for a second, if Goku is in Omega Form because of the clones in Omega Dimension, does that mean the other clones are in Omega Form too? Yes, the other clones are in Omega Form because of the original, due to it being, technically, a base form, just that the Ki the user has is so immense that it is converted to Anti-Ki. However, even so, it can still be freely converted back to regular Ki in other to power certain artifacts, or increase the power of some of its possessions, such as the Anti-Ki Sword.

I see that Goku and Vegeta are all living on planet Earth, do they follow the Canon Storyline?
Yes, but with a few different twists. These twists include the highly improved Technological advancement throughout the Universe, due to the influence of the Geti Star(whose only interest is profit as well as the protection of the universe from Universal threats, otherwise, it is a Neutral Party.

As a result, everyone in the Universe is much more powerful than their canon counterparts, due to the availability of advanced training equipment. This also made Gero’s Androids significantly stronger, and Cell being equal to Buuhan in power level alone. For the Majin Buu saga, Babidi had recreated Majin Buu from scratch, having drawn energy from many planets before Earth, becoming a lot stronger than before.

The events of GT did not happen in this universe, as Geti Goku made it his duty to eliminate Universal threats. Instead, Earth saw a long period of peace and prosperity, and Goku trained himself to the limit, both him and Vegeta eventually attaining the Super Saiyan 4 form. Gohan, instead pursued a peaceful life, and had a daughter named Pan. He established connections with the Geti Star, to either inform it of new threats, or trade money for Training Equipment.

If his power boost is SO ridiculous, does that mean he has Infinite Power?
No. The very definition of Infinity implies that it is above any number. Even nigh-infinite, can still be considered finite in number. It doesn’t matter if his power boost is a Googolplex^Googolplex per picosecond. It would never come close to infinity, just as Geti Goku would never come close to filling up his capability of storing Infinite Ki/Anti-Ki.

How Dense is Anti-Ki?

As I said before, it is basically the compression of a universe-engulfing Ki blast, to that of a basketball. The blasts casually fired by Geti Goku against Sekai Shenron is as dense as that of a Millinillion supermassive black holes, or 10^3003. In all ways of the word, this kind of density would very well bring about the destruction of Galaxies. However, due to the uniqueness of Anti-Ki, it barely damages the environment, preferring instead to create extreme damage to small areas on the opponent’s body.

The weapons and machines, though materialized, have a special property to it. Due to it being magical in nature, these weapons and machines are made to be dense and powerful things, with its gravity only activating at the user’s whim, and even so, only affects the user itself. Due to the concentration of Anti-Ki in the creation of Anti-Ki Gravity Rooms, the gravity it is able to produce for training is widely recognized to be virtually limitless in capability.

The weapons which Geti Goku created for himself however, is FAR denser and concentrated, making it widely impossible for ANY beings to dent them. However, for beings on his level, this armour is nothing more than simple clothes to wear. It is through this armour in which Goku perpetually trains. In battle, the gauntlets which are part of the armour helps him in delivering even more massive amounts of damage due to its mass.

As for the Gravity that Geti Goku places on himself through his armour and sword, it is ever increasing with his power level, and he made it such that it is always placing continuous stress on his body, increasing his Power at a ludicrous rate.

If Geti Goku is SO powerful, and Sekai Shenron even more so, why didn’t Sekai Shenron simply destroy the Omniverse?

Sekai Shenron loves destruction, and challenges. He didn’t expect to be overwhelmed by Geti Goku, and sealed into his own blade, and even if he did, he would rather destroy everything piece by piece, instead of ending it as a whole.

Since Geti Goku can absorb his own Supreme Ball of Untold Power, can’t he just use it in his Lord of Dragons Form and absorb it?

Geti Goku did it before, however the increase in power, though unfathomable, was incapable of bringing him to nigh-infinite levels, as he was unable to absorb it completely as the Ball is “InfInite” in nature. The only thing it allowed him to do was increase the rate of his Power Boost to extreme rates, which he aptly dubs as his Ultima Form.

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