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Garudian King

A Garudian Valorwing in his Great Bird form.

The Garudians are a race of divine super-aliens whom are said to be manifestations of god. They exist in a detached isolated space universe and live on planet garudia. The Garudians are extraodinarily powerful beings, if not the single strongest race of creatures ever.


The Garudians are humanoid aliens whom really can't be distinguished from other humans or saiyans. They were intially though to be anthrophomoric ave creatures, but Jogetto explains that "we only take on that form in our Great Bird transformations" which are similar to the ape transformations assumed by Saiyans.

Notable Figuires[]

The Garudian Primarch[]

The Garudian Primarch is a title given to the single most powerful or capable Garudian of the entire race. Lord Jogetto, the father of Joetenks, currently serves as the current Primarch.


A Garudian Champion is a creature, garudian or otherwise deemed fit to wield the pride and power of their entire race. Garudian champions are rare to come by and the practise of producing them has become near seldom in current continuity, as no beings whom have aspired have been capable of attaining the title as of yet, let alone completing the training regimen. Below is a list of known champions

  • Madoras The Usurper
  • Future Joetenks