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is a Namekian who lived on Earth after humans made peace with other alien species and welcomed them on their planet. He sparred with Singan in the most recent World Tournament and became good friends with him.


Ganbus is competitive and confident. He is unafraid of anything and is determined to finish whatever he started. He constantly puts himself through new challenges in order to be the best and is known to overreact on trivial things.

Power level[]

His power level was at 876,546 points, but after merging himself with Terwa, his power reached much higher levels.




  • Vital Ballista: Ganbus points two fingers from both of his hands at the opponent, then fires multiple beams of glowing energy from them.
  • Lightning Destroyer: Ganbus performs an attack similar to a Kamehameha, but, before doing so, gathers energy from everything in the sky.
  • For the Namekians!: Ganbus charges towards a downed opponent, grabs them by the leg, tosses him in the air, then performs a Lightning Destroyer while screaming "This is for Namek!"
  • Terrorizer: Ganbus rushes the opponent and punches the opponent's knees. He then blasts the opponent with a ki blast from his mouth.


  • Spinning Attack: Ganbus jumps backwards, stretches his arms, grabs the opponent, spins around while grasping the opponent, then flings him away.
  • For Terwa!: Ganbus punches, kicks, and blasts him with several ki blasts. He then flings him across the battlefield and blasts him with a Vital Ballista while shouting "This is for Terwa!'