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Gamelan (ガムラン Gamuran) is the General of the Dark Namekians, and thus known as the Demon General.


Gamelan is a dark green Namekian with a pale yellow patches with blank red eyes and an wears his attire from Dragon Ball Online.


Gamelan is an evil Namekian who leads the Dark Namekians as their genneral. He is envious the divine position held by Grand Elder Moori's younger brother Dende as his goal is to become the God of the Narak-type Namekians.

As a result of Gamelan's infinite stamina; Gamelan fails to understand that others require rest and will berate anyone who sleeps. Gamelan wishes to turn everyone in the Multiverse into villains using the Dark Senzu Beans. He has little tolerance for betrayal and disobedience, and ordered the death of Vibra for his betrayal.


Dragon Ball Super[]

Age 993 Saga[]

Gamelan first appeared after Ragluco and Mansucro had been captured by Bojack, Lord Slug, Cooler, and Turles: PW before being rescued by a mysterious savior. The arrival of Vegeta Black and Hatchiyack delayed his plans resulting in Dae Vampire manipulating Gamelan into believed that Rashmorphe bertayed him and breaking Vibra's brainwashing and using him to betray Gamelan.


  • Flight - Gamelan is able to fly with ki.
  • Namekian Fusion - The ability to use Namekian Fusion.
  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki.
  • Infinite Stamina - Thanks to Shenron - Gamelan has infinite stamina.
  • Continuous Energy Bullet - A barrage of ki bullets.
  • Explosive Demon Wave - An energy attack originally used by King Piccolo.
    • Hyper Explosive Demon Wave - A stronger version of Explosive Demon Wave.
    • Makodan (meaning Demon Light Bullet) - An energy sphere version used by Gamelan.
    • Makoya (meaning Demon Light Arrow) - An energy arrow version used by Gamelan against Vegeta.
      • Makoya Barrage - A controlled barrage version of Makoya used by Gamelan against Pend.
  • Réplique - Gamelan raises his clench hands and opens them before placing his hands on the ground releasing a massive explosive wave around him and creating a pillar of large-scale planetary destruction.
  • Explosive Demon Cutter - A ki-slash attack used by Gamelan.
  • Acidic Barrier - A skin-tight barrier that protects the user while harming his opponents as they attack him.
  • Psychic Rock Throw - An Ability used by Gamelan.
    • Ultimate Strike - A powerful version of Psychic Rock Throw.
  • Manipulation Sorcery - The ability to control others.
  • Ghost Clones - The ability to summon 6 Evil Inside Spirits that leave Gamelan invulnerable while they fought for him.
  • Evil Flame - A fire breathing techinque used by Gamelan after assimilate his Super Namekian warrior.
  • Magic Materialisation - Gamelan is able to use Magic Materialisation.
  • Pressure Point Attack - A technique used by Gamelan.
  • Telekinesis - Gamelan is able to telekinesis.
    • Infernal Tidal Wave - Gamelan is able to use his telekinesis to create massive tsunami of lava.
  • Godly ki - In his Red-eyed and Blue-eyed Namekian states - he has access to Godly ki.
    • God Fireball - Through the use of Telekinesis, Evil Flame, Magic, and his Godly ki - Gamelan proceeds to create massive ball of fire and flames using energy from the surrounding planets of Konats.
  • Hakai

Forms and Transformations[]

Super Namekian (First Fusion)[]

Prior to the Age 993 Saga; Gamelan was ordered to eliminate Narak due to his lack of commitment to Towa's plan, however, instead he used the Namekian Fusion which greatly increases his strengths and powers.

Super Namekian (Second Fusion)[]

During the fight with Vegeta; Gamelan managed to summon one of his Super Namekians that assimilated two over Dark Namekians to his aside to assimilate. Due to his higher power - he was able to use at least 40% of the power his was granted before his power stabilised.

Red-eyed Namekian[]

Gamelan was able to use Red-eyed Namekian in which his eyes become Red.

Blue-eyed Namekian[]

Gamelan was able to use Blue-eyed Namekian in which his eyes become Blue.

Ultra Ego[]

Gamelan was able to use Ultra Ego