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Future Uub


Future Oob
Date of Birth:
790 Age (Alternate Timeline)
Date of Death:
807 Age (Revived)
  • Uub (Alternate Timeline Counterpart)
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Brothers and Sisters (Siblings)
  • Future Gohan (Mentor)
  • Future Kid Buu (incarnate)
  • Future Jin (Long Life Best Friend)
  • Appears in:
    Dragon Ball SF
    Debut Magna:
    No information

    Future Uub is a Earthling and a Human and due to being the positive reincarnation of the completely evil Future Kid Buu, he has a minor role in Dragon Ball SF. he is the Alternate Counterpart of Uub.

    Dragon Ball SF[]

    Early Life:[]

    Future Uub is from a tropical island and he is the oldest of five siblings. he works hard to take care of his family who are staring and poor. as a young boy at the age of ten, Uub is first seen at the 28th World Maqrtial Arts Tournament im the 810 Age, which takes place after the defeat of Future Kid Buu. it is revealed that Future Uub is actually the human reincarnation form of Future Kid Buu after his the tournament, he is trained by Future Gohan and becomes a Z Fighter.

    General Copper Saga through Super Android 22 Saga:[]

    After the appearance of Android 23 and Android 24, he along with the Z Fighter except Future Jin are all killed in a fight. Future Uub along with everyone else is later reived by the Dragon Balls. in the last episode of the Super Android 22 Saga, he helps fight against the machine mutants along with the Z Fighters.