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Future Panisa

Mirai no Panisa

Anime name Panisa
Alternate names Panisa of the Future
The future Girl
Little Shadow
Appears in The Past and Present
Race 50% Human, 50% Saiyan
Gender Female
Date of birth May 21, Age 766
Date of death Age 788 (another timeline)
Height 5'6
Weight 160 lbs.
Address WST 3338926 K.
Occupation Warrior
Allegiance Z-Warriors
Affiliations Future Vegeta(father)
Future Bulma (mother)
Future Trunks (Older twin brother)
Panisa (alternate timeline counter part)
Dr.Brief (grandfather)
Mrs.Brief (grandmother)
King Vegeta (great-grandfather)
Tarble (uncle)
Gure (aunt)
Future Rugula (mentor)
Rugula (close friend)

Future Panisa (PAN-EE-ZA) is the main character of "The Past and Present", a fanfic written by Nimbus.69 focusing on the life of Panisa. She is the younger twin sister of Future Trunks and the daughter of Future Bulma and Future Vegeta. After losing her dearest friend to the Androids, Panisa becomes full of bitterness and spends her life training to kill them. Over the time, however, she begins losing focus on what truly matters, and spends much of her story confronting her demons and trying to become a better person.


Panisa is a tall slender woman, being a bit shorter than her brother. She has long curly purple hair tied back into a high ponytail tied up with a red tie; however, unlike her brother and her mother, she has her father's black eyes. Panisa is generally described as very pretty like her mother, but with the same angry stare as her father. Her main outfit consists of a baggy unzipped brown bomber jacket with a black furry collar with a small blue butterfly patch sewn on the left arm of her jacket as well, a magenta tank top under this jacket, black leggings and blue boots with purple socks. She usually wears dark purple, padded gloves with is look as well.

During the Cell Arc, she and the other Saiyans receive new Saiyan style battle armor from her mother Bulma; however, she continues to wear her purple fighting gloves. She wears this armor until the end of the Cell game saga. After this, she changed back to her original outfit, which was fixed by Bulma.


Having grown up in a ruined apocalyptic world, Panisa is blunt, pragmatic, and sometimes cold to others. Though she puts up a calm, collected front, her chaotic unhappy life has left Panisa bitter, angry, and determined to kill those who have hurt her the most. Her desire to get revenge, while keeping her loved ones safe, are what drive her to fight and travel back in time. Panisa is known to have the straight forward style of her mother and the intimidating nature of her father. To her allies, Panisa is quiet and composed, but to her enemies she is unforgiving, merciless, and and at times, utterly cruel.

When first introducing herself to the Z-Fighters, Panisa presents herself as formal, but distant. She ignores the many questions they ask her and Trunks, or otherwise bluntly tells them to leave her alone, though this was partly due to wanting to keep her and Trunks' identities a secret for their own safety. Once they travel back to the past a second time, Panisa continues her calm facade, but gradually reveals her much angrier personality as their situation becomes more desperate. By the time Cell has reached perfect form, she has gone from level headed and quiet to irritable and snappy.

During battle, Panisa is cutthroat, cautious, and intensely focused on what’s happening around her. Because of constantly losing to Androids 17 and 18 in battle, she’s developed a habit of violently and painfully killing her opponents in order to feel powerful. This can be seen when she and Trunks fight and kill Freeza's soldiers; while her brother kills the soldiers swiftly with his sword, Panisa instead kills them by punching holes through their bodies, leaving them to bleed out and die slowly. Over the years, Panisa has intentionally trained herself to inflict as much pain as possible on her opponents before killing them. Generally, Panisa does not start or enter fights unless absolutely necessary, such as when her allies are in serious danger or she feels she has no other choice.

One of Panisa’s most defining traits is her hatred and thirst for revenge against Androids 17 and 18. Panisa is obsessed with torturing the mechanical monsters for ruining her life and killing so many of her friends. She explains to Trunks, in very elaborate detail, that she intends on making the Androids suffer the most she possibly can, showing a very cruel bloodthirsty part of her personality in tune with her Saiyan heritage. Her desire for revenge is her main motivation for fighting, and while it’s a very powerful motive, it also causes her to become bitter. Every death and loss against the Androids only further fuels Panisa’s hatred, until she becomes so obsessed with vengeance that by the time she travels back in time with her brother to warn the Z-Fighters, she has stopped caring about helping other people and only thinks of her selfish desires.

Her quest for revenge has caused Panisa to become noticeably apathetic and inconsiderate to anything that doesn’t involve her own goals; this is best seen when she and Trunks find blueprints of the Androids that detail their critical functions, and Panisa immediately suggests she and Trunks travel back to their own world so their mother can build a machine to shut the Androids down. Adding to this, Panisa makes it clear overtime that she doesn’t care for saving the past, telling Rugula that she only traveled back in time to find a way to defeat the Androids and keep her brother safe. She often complains to Trunks about spending too much time in the past, believing the both of them are simply wasting time they could be using to save their own future. Her focus on revenge is so intense that Krillin compares it to Vegeta’s obsession with becoming stronger than Goku.

Though filled with hatred, Panisa is shown to be an extremely patient warrior. When first beginning her training, Panisa did not become angry over her failure to use her Ki properly or keep up with her brother, knowing that she would become a better fight with time and training. She also refused to let her own anger overtake her while fighting, as she knew how hindering and dangerous it could be; this can be seen while fighting the Androids alongside Gohan and her brother, as she refused to let their taunts and threats get her upset. However, while rarely becoming truly angry, her years of pent up aggression and frustration often take the form of snarky comments and insults directed at others, her father in particular. During the few times Panisa is legitimately upset, she becomes much more aggressive and emotional.

Despite the terrible world she lived in, Panisa had a surprisingly stable and innocent childhood. Never knowing what life was like before the Androids attacked, Panisa grew up unaware of the sheer extent of damage and terror the Androids had inflicted. As a child, she had a friendly personality, but was often lonely. Living in an area the Androids never attacked, she had no clear idea of what exactly they were, and was only told they were “bad guys” who made life difficult. She held onto this innocence until she began working in a hospital for survivors, where she was fully exposed to the terrible things the Androids caused to others. After the death of a boy she saved named Dango, Panisa decided to focus her efforts on training out of guilt over her inability to save her friend. After the slow traumatic death of her mentor Rugula, Panisa's pain becomes too much to bear, and she forces herself to focus on her hatred for the Androids to keep herself from dealing with her guilt.

In more casual situations, Panisa is somewhat socially awkward. Because of her turbulent past, Panisa rarely interacted with people outside her family, thus her social skills aren’t very polished. This is best seen in her interactions with Rugula outside of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; though Rugula was always eager to chit-chat, Panisa was much more quiet and less willing to engage with the young Saiyan. She has a hard time mingling and learning to work with others due to usually fighting solely alongside her brother, who she’s spent years forming strategies and fighting styles with. Though previous acting distant towards them, Panisa eventually tries becoming better friends with the Z-Fighters. While her initially awkward conversations turn some of them off, her genuine (though sometimes unintended humorous) efforts to support the team wins them over.

Panisa is shown to have inherited her mother’s smarts. Due to working in a hospital for several months,, Panisa has significant anatomical knowledge that helps her take care of the Z-Fighters when senzu beans aren’t readily available. She also helped her mother build the time machine, showing she has a keen understanding of technology.

Despite her outward harshness and genuinely violent traits, Panisa has a much more vulnerable side she has trained herself not to show. Though she acts strong on the outside, Panisa is deeply worn down and stressed from years of fighting against the Androids and losing every time. While she constantly tells herself and others she fights for revenge, this is merely a defense mechanism she uses to protect herself from feeling guilty over the deaths of so many people–in reality, she feels incredibly burdened over protecting the Earth, a task she feels she has already failed. Due to being traumatized by her mentor Future Rugula’s death, Panisa is also against becoming close with others out of fear of losing them too, and keeps up a distant front to keep people from trying to befriend her. During her emotional talk with present day Rugula, Panisa reveals a deeply jaded and cynical view of herself, saying that not only does she know most people hate her, but that she also hates herself. Her lack of any meaningful friendships outside her family causes Panisa to feel incredibly lonely, and given her fear of losing her loved ones, she is stuck in a constant battle between reaching out to others and accepting her lonely fate.

It wasn’t until she spent two years with Rugula in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that Panisa began changing for the better. Initially, Panisa tried her best to distance herself from the young Saiyan to protect herself from the potential anguish of losing her again. Overtime however, Panisa finds herself becoming increasingly attached to her mentor’s younger self. This attachment deeply frightens Panisa and incites her to push the now very irritated Rugula away even further. Eventually Rugula finally snaps at Panisa for how terribly she’s treated everyone around her. An emotional battle ensues, ending with Rugula finally turning Super Saiyan, but seriously injuring herself in the process. The two later have an emotional conversation over their shared loneliness, where Panisa finally begins to let down her guard and opens up to her mentor’s younger self. It was during this conversation that Panisa begins taking the first steps to learning to love others and fight for their sake, and not revenge. Gradually, Panisa begins to truly appreciate and care for the other Z-Fighters

After finally saving her world from the Androids, Panisa finds it difficult to adjust to a normal life. Having been through numerous traumatic events, Panisa suffers from serious PTSD, and constantly relives her worst memories threw flashbacks and nightmares, Trunks' death haunting her the most. She becomes full of regret over her obsession with revenge, and feels terrible guilt over how she treated the Z-Fighters. With her family’s help, however, Panisa slowly begins to focus on helping rebuild her world rather than dwell on the past. Overtime she lets go of her bitterness against the Androids, though she is never able to forgive them for what they did. Though staying a rather closed off person, she gradually becomes more friendly and polite to others, while still being playfully rude.

Alternate Timeline[]

In an alternate timeline, the Androids were powered down using a remote control built by Bulma, and were subsequently killed by Trunks and Panisa. In this timeline, Panisa never befriended Rugula or the other Z-Fighters, thus she never learned to value the lives of others over her own revenge. Rather than kill them immediately, Panisa chose to violently beat and borderline torture 17 and 18 to death, to the point Trunks had to physically drag her away from their bodies. Despite getting her revenge, Panisa still feels incredibly bitter, angry, and now empty. With no one to focus her negativity on, Panisa gradually becomes more cold and antisocial, typically brooding over the Androids and her still burning hatred for them. She feels that, with her revenge complete but unfulfilling, she has lost her purpose in life. Her emptiness and anger slowly warps into insanity and intense paranoia, to the point she thinks the Androids are still alive and out to kill her. At one point, she nearly kills her mother by accident, thinking she was 18.

Her insanity finally comes to a head when she overhears Trunks discuss with their mother about how dangerous Panisa has become, to the point he considers taking her to the past timeline so she can get much needed psychological help their own future can’t give her. Feeling abandoned and unloved by her own brother, Panisa accuses him of working with the long dead Androids to kill her, and attempts to kill him before her mother intervenes and manages to calm her down. Horrified over what she's done, Panisa breaks down and falls into complete madness. This breakdown was a culmination of her intense guilt over killing the Androids so violently, her lack of fulfillment over her revenge, Trunks’ cold treatment of her, and finally, her terror that her family feared and even hated her. She agrees to go back in time to receive help, but just before leaving, she and Trunks are attacked by Cell, who intends on stealing their time machine. Because of her crippled health, Panisa isn’t able to fight back, and Trunks is quickly killed. Losing her brother and best friend causes Panisa to completely give up on her life, and full of regret, she willingly lets Cell kill her.


Future Trunks[]

Trunks is Panisa’s older twin brother. As children, the twins were exceptionally close, having only each other for company. Growing up in the dangerous world around them, Trunks was very protective over his sister, to the point he would refuse to let strangers talk to her. They frequently played in the ruined city outside their home together, despite how dangerous the area was, and were generally very close friends. The two were nearly identical as well, and enjoyed playing tricks on others using their similar appearances.

As they grew older, however, the twins began to grow apart. After the death of Rugula, Panisa’s teacher, Panisa went from a shy kind girl to a much colder revenge thirsty teenager with no interest in connecting with others. Due to her mentor's death Panisa was forced to train with Gohan and Trunks. She initially starts off as very cold to them, far too upset over the loss of Rugula to properly train with them. After witnessing Android 18 attack her brother and nearly kill him, however, Panisa completely forgot about their issues and became Super Saiyan for the first time to protect him. After Gohan's death, the two slowly bond again over their mutual grief.

As adults, Panisa and Trunks have a sometimes fragile relationship. During battle, the two keep a constant eye on each other, and are now skilled enough to coordinate battle tactics with a few simple glances. When alone together, the siblings are much more open and enjoy bantering together. Out of the two, Panisa is the calmer level headed fighter, while Trunks is the more open friendlier person. However, their different morals often causes disputes between the twins, an example being when they find blueprints detailing the Androids bodies. The twins get in a fight over whether or not to go back to their own time to kill the Androids, with Panisa arguing that their world is defenseless without them. Despite commonly arguing, the two still care deeply for each other. During their time in the Time Chamber, Panisa often talks about Trunks with Rugula, usually bringing up their childhood and their relationship. She tells the younger Saiyan that while the two of them often fight, Panisa still thinks of Trunks as the most important person in her life.

After Trunks is shot by Cell, Panisa immediately rushes to his side to try and save him, though he quickly dies in front of her. Trunks’ death horrifies Panisa, leaving the normally calm collected warrior an emotional wreck. She briefly gives up on her life, blaming herself for her twin’s death, until her father of all people convinces her to keep fighting her brother’s sake. After Trunks' revival, the two have an emotional reunion, and the twins become closer than ever. Now strong enough to handle the Androids, together they defeat the cyborg duo, and years later, Cell as well. With their world now free from the terror of the Androids, Panisa and Trunks are finally able to rest easy for the first time in years, and the two look forward to rebuilding the world together.


"Mom always told me how hard you worked to prove yourself, even when the odds were stacked against you! I really respected that, y’know! I thought you were just like me, some stupid lonely fighter taking on the world alone! How crazy is it, huh, to know there was someone who actually looked up to you instead of absolutely loathing you?! But you can forget about any of that, because one of the only people in the world who ever loved you is dead, and the other one hates you for letting her brother her brother die and dooming this world!"
— Panisa shouting at her father after Trunks' death

Vegeta is Panisa’s father. As a little girl, Panisa was fascinated by her late father and often asked questions about who he was, though her mother rarely answered them to keep her in the dark about who Vegeta really was. Panisa and Trunks liked to make up stories about what their father was like as children. As she grew up, she would go on to ask Future Rugula about him, though again her questions were ignored. It wasn’t until she was much older that Bulma finally told Panisa about her arrogant but lonely father, leaving out many of the darker details. Panisa quickly latched onto the idea of her father being a lone fighter like her, and before traveling back in time, told her mother how excited she was to meet him. 

Upon meeting him, Panisa’s hopes are quickly dashed as she realizes her father was nothing like the hero she thought he was. Panisa quickly becomes frustrated by her father’s arrogant condescending personality, though she still had some hope he may yet be a good person. 

After realizing he did nothing when his family (including Panisa’s younger self) nearly died in a plane crash, however, Panisa completely abandons the idea of her father being a good person, and her admiration turns to hatred. His cold treatment of her and Trunks, including hitting Trunks, only further upsets Panisa. She quickly goes from referring to him as "father" to only by his first name. After losing miserably to the Androids, Vegeta storms off, and Panisa spends much of her time brooding about what a terrible person her father is. She also tries to convince her brother that their father isn’t worth trying to love. Whenever Panisa is compared to her father, she fervently denies it, angrily declaring she wants to be nothing like him.

Panisa protests against Vegeta and Trunks spending a year together in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber out of fear that Vegeta would end up killing Trunks. Once the two emerge from the Chamber to fight Cell, Panisa decides to accompany them to the fight with Cell to get an idea of how strong the two have become.  During the battle, Panisa is envious of her father’s new power, quickly realizing he could easily kill her if he wanted. After Vegeta let's Cell absorb 18 and become Perfect, Panisa cathartically watches as Cell proceeds to brutally beat down her father. She even suggests letting Cell kill him to keep the stubborn prince from causing anymore trouble. 

Their relationship hits an all time low during the announcement of the Cell Games, when Panisa calls out her father for his arrogance and foolishness, eventually breaking into a heated argument with him in front of everyone where both father and daughter throw insults at each other. Before things can get physical, however, they are stopped by Bulma's arrival. Bitter and angry, the only communication the two share until the end of Cell Games is angry stares and passive aggressive insults. During their time in the Time Chamber, Panisa tells Rugula she’s certain her father hates her, and though she acts unconcerned with it, his mistreatment of her and Trunks deeply upset her. Once she realizes she’s treated the Z-Fighters the same way Vegeta has, Panisa feels incredibly guilty for her actions and works to become a better person, partially due to wanting to be nothing like her father.

Their difficult relationship comes to a turning point, however, after the death of Trunks. Panisa completely breaks down over the loss of her brother, and is about to be killed by Cell before Vegeta intervenes by launching a massive attack against the monster. Once Vegeta’s attack proves fruitless and incapacitates Gohan, Panisa realizes her father is to blame for her and everyone else’s inevitable deaths. and begins to truly hate him more than she’s ever hated the Androids.

During Cell and Gohan’s final beam struggle, Panisa gives up on her life, until her father of all people approaches her to ask for help in ending the fight. Full of rage over Trunks’s death and all of his previous actions, Panisa violently lashes out at her father for all the awful things he’s done to her and Trunks. Her ramblings about her hatred and her acceptance of dying continue until Vegeta literally slaps some sense into her. He calls Panisa pathetic and tells her that if she was a true warrior, she would fight to the very end no matter what. He also reminds her that, should Cell win, she would lose any chance she had at saving her world and bringing back her brother. After finally coming to her senses and realizing her father’s plan could really be their last chance at winning, Panisa puts her hatred aside and agrees to help out of love for her brother. Together, the two launch an attack at Cell that briefly distracts him, allowing Gohan to finish the monster off once and for all. 

After Cell’s death, Panisa reluctantly thanks her father for his encouragement. Later that night, she and Trunks share a long discussion about their time in the past, during which Panisa reveals she’s found some respect for their father, though she hasn’t forgiven him for his mistakes. Before heading back to her timeline, Panisa bids farewell to Vegeta and finally calls him “father”.

Future Rugula[]

"Sure, she may have been at peace, but what about me? How could I ever be ok with her dying the way she did? It was awful. During the last days of her life, she was practically a corpse. She could barely speak, barely move. It got to the point where I had to lie to her about killing the Androids to help her die in peace...and I’m supposed to be ok with that?"
— Panisa discussing her pain over her mentor's death

Future Rugula was Panisa’s mentor, and one of her closest friends. As a little girl, Panisa looked up to Rugula and Gohan as older siblings, at times even calling Rugula “big sis”. This close relationship continued well into Panisa’s teen years, as Rugula took time to teach Panisa’s basic martial arts, while also supporting her decision to focus more on helping survivors over fighting. After a traumatic experience while working in the hospital, Panisa decided to focus all her attention on training, with Rugula taking the younger girl under her wing. For the next few months Rugula taught Panisa everything she knew, from flying to launching full on Ki blasts. She praised Panisa every opportunity she could, while still never going easy on her. Though these months were tough, Panisa and Rugula became closer than ever.

All that changed after Rugula learned she was terminally ill. Crushed by her quickly approaching death, Rugula fell into a deep depression fueled by self loathing and knowing she would never live in a world free from the Androids. Despite this, Rugula put on a strong front and continued training Panisa. Panisa always knew Rugula was depressed over her illness, but had no idea of how to really help her, and became full of guilt for her inability to take care of her dear mentor. Overtime Rugula’s body gradually deteriorated, and though she wanted to train, Rugula eventually became bedridden just a few months after becoming ill.

During the last weeks of Rugula’s life, Panisa is constantly by her side tending to her every need, ignoring almost everyone else in her life. Watching Rugula suffer so much left Panisa deeply angry and depressed, a pain she would use to further her hatred for the Androids. At one point, Panisa woke up hoping Rugula was dead so she would no longer be in pain, a thought Panisa felt terrible guilt over for years to come. Before finally passing, Panisa lied to the delirious Rugula and told her the Androids were defeated and that Bulma found a cure for her illness, granting her friend some much needed peace before her death.

Rugula’s slow and painful death left a profound effect on Panisa, who never fully got over her teacher’s death and changed from a girl who wanted to protect humanity to one who wanted to murder the Androids in cold blood. She also felt extremely conflicted about lying to Rugula about the Androids before she died. To shield herself from any further emotional torment, Panisa became much more closed off emotionally. As an adult, Panisa bitterly misses Rugula, but refuses to think back on the good times they shared due to the pain it causes her. She wasn’t able to properly grief and accept Rugula’s death and learn to open up to others until becoming friends with her teacher’s younger self. Despite all the pain her death brought, Panisa loved every second she spent with her teacher and truly appreciated all the things she taught her.


Initially, Panisa forced herself not to become close with her mentor’s younger self to shield herself from the potential anguish of losing her again. When meeting her mentor’s younger self, Panisa considered Rugula somewhat annoying due to her loud personality, though she still kept an eye on her when the Androids were first released. Meanwhile, Rugula admired Panisa for her tough attitude, and even after Panisa showed little interest in her, Rugula still tried becoming her friend.

Panisa was very against training with Rugula in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber due to all the memories the young Rugula brought up of Panisa's dead mentor, though she’s eventually convinced by her brother to give it a shot. Initially, Panisa first presents herself as a strict mentor who refuses to see Rugula as more than a sparring partner. In reality, Panisa was desperately fighting to keep herself from becoming too attached to Rugula, terrified of the idea of losing her again. During these first weeks Panisa has nightmares about Rugula dying, causing Panisa to push her away even further. Several months into training, Panisa reveals that she blames the other Z-Fighters for the terrible state of her world, causing Rugula to finally snap at the future warrior and call her out for how terribly she’s treated everyone.This leads to an emotional battle between the two, ending with Rugula finally becoming a Super Saiyan but injuring herself in the process. During a heated argument, Panisa accidentally reveals the reasons why she’s been so cold to Rugula. This slip up allows Rugula to finally start breaking down Panisa’s walls, and after a long emotional talk over Panisa’s past, Panisa finally decides to give Rugula’s friendship a chance. Over the next few months, the two slowly go from bitter allies to close friends. Rugula gradually helps Panisa move past her mentor’s death, which had haunted her for years, while also teaching her how to accept kindness from others. Though Panisa tries to keep herself from becoming too attached, she slowly grows to sincerely care for and appreciate her new friend.

Thanks to Rugula’s influence, Panisa is able to open up more to the Z-Fighters, and treats them with significantly more kindness than previously. In the days leading up to the Cell Games, Panisa and Rugula spend much of their free time together, either sparring or simply enjoying each other’s presence. During the Cell Games, Panisa comforts Rugula after she becomes frightened by Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 transformation, and later holds her as she cries over Goku’s sacrifice. Similarly, Rugula consoles Panisa after she goes into shock over Trunks' death. Before going their separate ways, Rugula and Panisa share one last emotional hug, and the two promise to meet again.

Future Gohan[]

"Gohan, no, please don’t do this! If you’re gone, who's gonna take care of my brother, huh?! I can’t take care of him myself, I can’t take care of anyone myself! We need you Gohan, I need you, and more importantly, Trunks needs you! Super Saiyan or not, he needs you!"
— Panisa's last words to Gohan

As a little girl, Panisa was good friends with Future Gohan, who played with her and Trunks when he wasn’t training. Much like Rugula and Bulma, Future Gohan did not tell her or Trunks much about the Androids, hoping that the twins would never have to experience them head on. As they grew older, however, Future Gohan became worried that they were too sheltered. Though he trained her after Future Rugula’s death, Future Gohan and Panisa did not share the same close mentor-student relationship Gohan and Trunks had. Too bitter over Rugula’s death, Panisa didn’t open up to Gohan the same she did with Rugula. She was also somewhat jealous of his closeness with Trunks, wishing she had the same loving relationship with her twin.

Despite their sometimes difficult relationship, Gohan was extremely proud of Panisa when she became a Super Saiyan, and she was later crushed by his death. She blamed herself for not being able to stop him, and wishes she appreciated him more. Future Gohan's death also caused Panisa to distance herself from present day Gohan, though to a lesser extent than Rugula. After Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation, Panisa wonders if all his trauma was why Future Gohan was never able to become as powerful as his younger self.


"“All my life I’ve been told what an incredibly strong warrior he was, how he was such a fan-fucking-tastic person. But if he was so damn amazing like everyone says, then how did a stupid disease killed him, huh? How could someone so powerful, so freaking strong die like that? If he really was the greatest then he would have killed the Androids the day they showed up and saved us all the trouble of dealing with them!”"
— Panisa venting about her anger towards Goku

Unlike her family and the other Z-Fighters, Panisa did not like Goku in the slightest. As a little girl, she didn’t think much of him, only knowing him as Gohan’s late father and the man who killed Freeza. After learning of the circumstances of his death and how it affected the other fighters, Panisa began questioning how strong he really was. After some time, she slowly began blaming him and the other Z-Fighters for the state of her world, believing that if he never died, the Androids would have never taken over.

When meeting Goku in the past, she became annoyed by his carefree attitude, though managed to hide it with indifference. Despite her resentment towards him, she still considered him an important part of the Z-Fighters, and wanted to keep him alive to further her own goals. The more desperate their situation became, however, the more impatient Panisa becomes with everyone, Goku in particular. His overly carefree attitude and seeming indifference to other’s feelings and the Cell situation only further upset her.

During the Cell Games, Panisa was furious when Goku sends Gohan out to kill Cell, and continues to be even after Gohan’s transformation. After his sacrifice, however, Panisa looked back on their relationship with regret, wishing she had been kinder to him. Regardless, she still has mixed feelings about him.

Future Androids[]

"Her face was contorted into horror, a steady stream of tears pouring out of the lifeless cyan eyes Panisa always dreamed about filling with pain. It was the most human she had ever looked. No, she had always been human. Underneath thousands of wires and layers of programming, there was still a small bit of humanity inside 18 that had been sealed away by a mad scientist and his seething hatred for the world. Now that humanity had risen to the surface and screamed over the loss of her brother, her only friend in the world. The overwhelming grief of losing a twin was very familiar to Panisa. "
— Panisa finally seeing the human side to Android 18

As a little girl, Panisa knew the Androids existed, but wasn’t totally aware of what they were, only knowing them as “the bad guys”.Too young to fully understand the things they did and not knowing what a peaceful world was like, Panisa grew up with no real understanding of how dire life was because of them, instead focusing more on taking care of her friends and family.

It wasn’t until she began working in the hospital that she began understanding just how terrible the Androids made the world and began training to defeat them. As time passes, and she grows to understand the Androids more, she slowly grows to resent them for all the pain they’ve caused. After Rugula’s death, she becomes determined to kill them out of vengeance. For many years afterwards, Panisa became hyper focused on training and killing them as violently as possible, to the point she overworked herself and almost crippled her body, Even after learning to control her anger and take better care of herself, Panisa’s training still revolves around killing the Android over protecting others. Despite her seething hatred, Panisa knows well not to doubt how strong the two are, especially when they fight together. During the few times she fights them head on, Panisa acts as cool and collected as she can, only showing her anger when taking time to hurt them as much as possible. Whenever Trunks is involved, however, Panisa is willing to put her anger aside to protect him.

Going back in time doesn’t waver Panisa’s intense desire to kill the Androids, as seen when she immediately suggests using the blueprints from Gero’s lab to shut down the duo. It was only when she discovered that they were once humans that Panisa began questioning her motives. Her intense craving for revenge gradually begins weakening after spending time with Rugula in the Time Chamber, as she begins focusing her energy more on protecting her friends rather than killing her enemies. This resolve is later further shaken when she learns that the Androids are twins, just like her and Trunks.

After the Cell Games, Panisa and her revived brother head to their own timeline to destroy the Androids. During the fight, Panisa tries desperately to hold back her violent impulses, and nearly gives into them until Trunks kills 17. Enveloped by grief, 18 launches a violent attack against Trunks, culminating in a mental breakdown over the death of her twin. Remembering how terrible her own brother’s death was and finally seeing the human side to her worst enemy, Panisa abandons her dreams of revenge and instead gives 18 a quick merciful death.

In an alternate timeline where Panisa and Trunks immediately went back to their future after finding the Android's blueprints, Panisa killed the Androids by violently torturing them to death like she dreamed she would. Once she realizes the Androids were once human after killing them, Panisa becomes deeply conflicted over her actions and gradually falls into an intense downward spiral of depression, regret, and paranoia, ultimately resulting in her and Trunks' deaths by Cell.


Dango was one of the first people Panisa saved while working in a survivor hospital. A red head boy around Panisa’s age, his family was killed and he was severely injured after the Androids attacked his home. Once he was brought into the hospital, Panisa managed to keep him alive until more experienced doctors could take care of him, and she is credited with saving his life. While recovering, he thanked Panisa by giving her a necklace with a small butterfly shaped charm, and the two became fast friends. When not working, Panisa spent much of her time with Dango, and the two often talked about starting their own hospital after the Androids are defeated. Though she insists they're just friends, both Rugula and Bulma teased Panisa about possibly having a crush on him. Unfortunately, Dango’s recovery suddenly went downhill due to an illness, and though Panisa works her hardest to save him, he quickly died.

Panisa felt extremely guilty over not being able to save her friend, and ultimately began training to protect people like Dango. After his death, Panisa continues wearing his necklace as a reminder of him, and as motivation to keep fighting for her loved ones. As she grows older and colder, however, she locks the necklace away in an old box, since it keeps getting in her way physically and emotionally. Despite trying to forget him, Dango is one of the first people Panisa thinks about when she thinks about the innocent people the Androids have killed. After finally killing the Androids and coming to peace with her life, Panisa begins wearing the necklace once again, and helps build a hospital in memory of him.




  • Panisa's favorite food is Tonkatsu, a type of fried pork cutlet.
  • Like the rest of her family, her name is a pun off a type of underwear. In her case, panties.
  • Future Panisa was inspired by numerous other characters from different media, including Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe), Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson), Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), and Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) to name a few.
  • She claims to get motion sick very easily, and that using the time machine gives her bad headaches.
  • Her favorite color is light lavender.
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