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Future Pan

Mirai no Pan
Manga name Future Pan
Alternate names Pan
Debut Fanga: "Demon Realm Invasion Saga"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/2 Angel-1/4 Saiyan-1/4 Human-type Earthling Hybrid
Gender Female
Date of birth Age 801
Date of death Age 950
Status Alive
Allegiance Dragon Team
  • Pan (main timeline counterpart)
  • Future Gohan (father)
  • Cus (mother)
  • Original Future Goten (paternal uncle)
  • Future Goku (paternal grandfather)
  • Future Chi-Chi (paternal grandfather)
  • Grand Priest (maternal grandfather)
  • Bella (first cousin)
  • Vados (maternal aunt)
  • Dial (maternal uncle by marriage)
  • Martinu (maternal aunt)
  • Marcarita (aunt)
  • Whis (maternal uncle)
  • Korn (maternal uncle)
  • Future Bulla (fusee)
  • Naraku (mentor)
  • Future Pan is the daughter of Future Gohan and Cus.

    Appearance Edit

    As an 18 year old; Future Pan wears a grey sleeves top with black jeans and dark brown boots. She teal skin with long wavy black hair, has violet eyes, muscular, and has a "Go" symbol on the back of her top.

    Personality Edit

    Future Pan is flamboyant, kind-hearted, energetic, and has rather showy attitude. She has been known to be intelligent and willing to both train and study rather picking one or the other. A trait possibly inherited from her grandmother, but Future Pan is known to become impatient when left out of a battle.

    Biography Edit

    Future Pan was born to Future Gohan and Cus following the defeat of Paradox Cell-X and restoration of Future Trunks' timeline. She is taught by her mother in both Martial Arts and other fields. She's the Dragon Team in their fight against the Demon Realm, and manages to deal serious damage to Demon Realm Army's infrastructure.

    Techniques Edit

    • Flight
    • Ki Blast and Sensing
    • Masenko
      • Inferno Neon Super Masenko - A Super Masenko combined with the power Fire and Neon
    • Strike of Revelation
    • Sonic Rush
    • Magic
      • Vacuum Barrier - Future Pan is able to create a special barrier enables Future Vegeta to fight in the vacuum of space.

    Forms and Transformations Edit

    Mage Transformation Edit

    At Future Vegeta's request; she views But's Grimoire and gains the access to the Mage Transformation. She gains hair similar to Chronoa's Time God Unleashed form. She gains an red and black motorcycle leather suit complete with gloves and is made a material similar to kevlar.

    Power of Inferno Neon Edit

    Using her magic; Future Pan powers up to a new form that turns her into a Neon Red colour with clothes covered in fire while her eyes a blank neon purple colour. She gains a Neon Cyan aura with electric streaks through it.

    Fusions Edit

    Future Bulpan Edit

    Future Bulpan is the EX-Fusion of Future Bulla and Future Pan

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