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Future Pan

Future pan

1/4 Saiyan, 3/4 Earthling
Date of Birth:
799 Age (Alternate Timeline)
Dragon Ball SF Chapter #153
Appears in:
Dragon Ball SF
Pan (Alternative Timeline COunterpart)

Future Gohan (Father)

Future Videl (Mother)

Future Goku (Paternal Grandfather)

Future Chi-Chi (Paternal Grandmother)

Future Bardock (Paternal Great Grandfather)

Future Beta (Paternal Grandmother)

Future Raditz (Pateranl Uncle)

Bagge (Pateranl Great Great Grandfather)

Ox King (Maternal Great Grandfather)

Chi-Chi's Mother (Maternal Greatmother)

Future Grandpa Gohan (Adoptive Great Great Grandfather)

Future Hercule (Maternal Grnadfather)

Future Miguel (Maternal Grandmother)

Future Pan is the Daughter of Future Gohan and Future Videl , thus making her 1/4 Saiyan & 3/4 Earthling. she is first mentioned by the son of Future TrunksFuture Jin in Dragon Ball SF Chapter #97 , and later makes a appearance in Dragon Ball Chapter #153. she is one of the Future Counterpart Z Fighters.

Ealy Life:Edit

Some time after the battle against Future Majin Buu, several years later Pan is born to Future Gohan and Future Videl. 

Dragon Ball SFEdit

General Copper Saga Through Super Android 22 Saga:Edit

In Dragon Ball SF, she and Future Jin are the only survivoring members of the Future Counterpart of the Z Fighters after thet were attacked by the Androids created by Future Android 24 (Later revealed to be Future General Copper). her father, Future Gohan and her allies are later revived by the Namekian Drragon Balls. much later she fights against a Future M2 Commando and helps defeat Future Baby.

Techniques and Special Abilities:Edit

Ki Blast: the most basic form of Ki Blasts.

Flight: the ability to use ki in order to fly.

Masenko: like her counterpart, Future Pan can also use the Masenko. it was taught to her by her father, Future Gohan.

Super Masenko: a upgraded version of the Masenko.


Super Saiyan:Edit

Ss1 future pan
Unlike her Timeline Counterpart, Pan develops the ability to Transform into a Super Saiyan at a Young Age.

Voice Actresses:Edit

Japanese Dub: Yuko Minaguchi

FUNimation Dub: Elise Baughman

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