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Future Goku

Goku png by lumus115-d6btlt6 (1).png

  • Kakarot
  • Yang Son Goku
  • Date Of Birth:
  • Age 737
  • Date of Death:
  • Age 766 (revived)
  • Debut:
  • TV Special 2 - Chapter 1 "Prologue"
  • Family:
  • Future Bardock (father) (dead)
  • Future Gine (mother) (dead)
  • Future Kakarota (twin sister)
  • Future Raditz (older brother) (dead)
  • Future Pinruta (older sister)
  • Future Chi-Chi (wife)
  • Future Gohan (son)
  • Future Goten (son)
  • Future Pan (grandauther)
  • Future Videl (dauther-in-law)
  • Future Valese (dauther-in-law)
  • Evil Kakarot (clone, alternate timeline)
  • Goku Black (Yin side)
  • Future Gohan Black (Son's clone)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball Z: TV Special 2
  • Dragon Ball GT: new heroes
  • "Goten, you don't have to worry about me, i'm happy here with your material grandpa, let's meet once you die"
    — Goku to Goten after the latter learned how he died

    "You did great Gohan, Goten & Pan i'm so proud of you"
    — Goku to his family after they killed Broly and his father

    Future Goku is the father of Gohan, Goten and grandpa of Pan, he was killed by the heart problem


    Over 100 years later after his death, Prince Bartek brings him back to life so he can fight Black (His alt self's Yin side) and Pan Black, he reached SS3 by the time in heaven

    SSJ1 Future Goku

    SSJ2 Future Goku

    SSJ3 Future Goku