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Future Gohan (DBGS)

Future Gohan is from a fanmanga series called Dragon Ball GS

After being killed by Android 17 & Android 18, Gohan trains in the afterlife and goes ultimate, he returns to Earth for one day (thanks to Baba) to help his pupil Trunks


Future VidelEdit

Main article: Future Videl (PGV)

Gohan met Videl upon seeing her father's death by Future Lazuli, she then is seen training with Gohan

She is last seen giving a kiss for her lover

FGohan and FVidel kissing each other by pgv

Gohan and Videl share a kiss

Future PanEdit

Main article: Future Pan (PGV)

Sometime before his death, Pan is born to Videl and Gohan


After the Buu treat, Baby and Buu somehow posses Gohan (who traveled to the GT universe)

Super SaiyanEdit

First transformed when Lapis and Lazuli killed the Z gang, his power awakened Laila


In PGV's story FGohan is actually a reicarnation of a supreme kai - Nahog

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