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This article, Future Gohan (BH version), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.
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This article is about Future Gohan who was spared from his death, for the revived Future Gohan go here
Future Gohan


1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Earthling
  • Son Gohan
  • Date Of Birth:
    Age 757
    Date of Death:
    Age 820 (Old age)
  • Fanfic: History of Trunks (chapter 1)
  • Family:
  • Future Gohan (alternative unaltered timeline)
  • Great Saiyaman (alternative timeline)
  • Mystic Gohan (alternative timeline)
  • Ceri (alternative timeline)
  • Gohan (Demon) (alternative timeline)
  • Future Pan (dauther)
  • Future Goten (younger brother)
  • Future Videl (wife)
  • Future Goku (father)
  • Future Chi-Chi (mother)
  • Future Trunks (pupil)
  • Future Kakarota (aunt)
  • Prince Bartek (uncle/"stepfather")
  • Evil Kakarot (uncle/father's clone)
  • Evil Bardock (granduncle/paternal grandfather's clone)
  • Princess Pan (dauther, alternative timeline)
  • Future Mark (father-in-law) (dead)
  • Future Miguel (mother-in-law) (dead)
  • Future Gohan Black (clone)
  • Appears in:
  • History of Trunks
  • Dragon Ball Z Power Rangers Mystic menace
  • Dragon Ball BH game 3
  • Dragon Ball Z Future Universe: Buu attacks
  • Dragon Ball GT: 100 years later, new heroes
  • "Sorry Trunks, Goten, but I don't know if I can beat them. If I can't and die, stay alive for me"
    — Gohan after knocking out Trunks & Goten

    "Mom, this is my girlfriend Videl"
    — Gohan to Chi-Chi about Videl

    "Um, I (blush)"
    — Gohan when seeing Videl's training outfit

    — Gohan to Goku's clone

    "You have good in you, please give up your ways"
    — Gohan to Ceri

    "Um, no I will not die hehe"
    — Gohan lying to his daughter after Bardock's clone killed Gohan from Vegetto's universe

    "Damn this food's good"
    — Gohan eating broccoli pizza at the tournament

    "How dare you kill, my Viiiiiiiiiiidel?!"
    — Gohan after Dabra killed Videl and tortured Trunks and Pan

    "Bastard! I won't forgive you! (Goes SSJ3)"
    — Gohan after Dabra killed Videl and tortured Trunks and Pan

    "Play with you? No, I wanna kill you!"
    — Gohan to nearly hatched Innocent Buu

    Future Gohan (孫悟飯 (未来)) is the alternate Gohan from the future that appears alongside Trunks and Goten.

    In TV Special 2[]

    His role is the same as the original Future Gohan except with minor changes, in this universe, Tien and Piccolo were NOT killed by #17 & #18, Gohan went SSJ by watching Kurilin die brutally by #18, the cyborgs then took of the Dragon Balls. 13 years later, Piccolo tells Gohan about the room of spirit and time so he takes Trunks & Goten along with him for a day, once exiting it, they are attacked by revived Turles, Raditz, Cooler and Freeza, but they easily kills them off. Gohan later took off to kill #17 & #18, after doing so, he felt a KI dropping and a KI similar to his father! It's Cell, who was going to absorb some long haired girl with pigtails, Gohan, Goten and Trunks make Cell lose lock on and escape him, the girl tells them her name is Videl and that her dad was absorbed by Cell himself, her mother died at birth. She thanked Gohan for saving her and loving relationship was born between them. Some time later #16 appeared and asked Gohan, Goten and Trunks to help them stop Cell, Gohan hated the artificial humans so he didn't trust #16, but they eventually took off to kill Cell. After killing Cell and child voice appeared near them, telling that his plan worked! It was prince Bartek! He told Gohan his story in that he brainwashed #17 and #18 to spare Tenshinhan and Piccolo and that he removed the "gag force" from Videl's dad etc. He later told Gohan to join him to trash planets and eat as much food as he wants. But Gohan refuses so the prince had a plan, Gohan's tail grew back and he went oozaru! Luckily Trunks cut it off and Gohan went to normal. Bartek then admired this and said he will come soon, but congratures Gohan and Videl about theire future baby, embarising them. The child was born to them and it was a girl! They called her Pan. Years later the Future gang went to the past to warn Goku about the treat.

    Gohan and Videl making Pan by Scarz

    In Power Ranger Mystic Menace[]

    Gohan was called by prince Bartek to became a ranger to stop Mystic Gohan's rampage, he became the orange ranger and the second in command (and the second strongest) member of the team, during the training he reached SSJ2

    In BH game 3[]

    He fights Ceri, his evil self. Ceri mocks Gohan's kindness but Gohan sees his good self in him and tells him to give up his evil ways, he later fights his wife, althought she gave up. After the battle with Evil Bardock and Pan (strongest) his dauther worries about his life, so he lied to his daughter that he will not die, to which prince Bartek said that "there's no need to lie"


    Gohan goes SSJ3 after seeing his pupil and dauther KOed and seeing his wife get beat up by Dabra

    SSJ3 Future Gohan, art by momosexes

    • Great Ape - First transformed while training with Piccolo, as an adult, transformed when Prince Bartek apeared and magicly restored his tail
    • Super Saiyan - first reached while seeing Krillin getting brutally killed by #18
    • Super Saiyan 2 - reached as a power ranger, he used it to kill Broly when he went into his legendary SSJ form
    • Super Saiyan 3 - In order to stop Buu's menace, Gohan reaches this form by seeing Dabura kill his wife and KO-ing Trunks and Pan, used later when fighting Kakarot (Yin)


    • Due to the fact that Piccolo was not killed, this Gohan is nicer and calmer than all other Future Gohans
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