Writer note : This is the Gohan that was revived after his death by Future Lapis, for the alternative future Gohan that was saved from his death, go here
Future Gohan

Future Gohan render

1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Earthling
  • Son Gohan
  • Date Of Birth:
    Age 757
    Date of Death:
    Age 780 (Revived)
  • Fanfic: Dragon Ball Z BH saga 2 (chapter 1)
  • Family:
  • Future Gohan (alternative alternate timeline)
  • Gohan (alternative timeline couterpart)
  • Future Goku (father) (dead)
  • Future Chichi (mother)
  • Future Trunks (pupil)
  • Appears in:
  • DBZ BH Saga

  • Future Gohan is the alternate form of Gohan from the future that appears alongside Trunks.

    BH SagaEdit

    In the BH saga Future Trunks joins the battle versus Bio-Vegito along side Bardock, Gine, Turles, Goku, Raditz and Broly, along with him is Future Gohan, after the battle, they are not seen again, but they most likely went back to their time.

    TV Special 2Edit

    This version of FGohan (or at least a version similar to him) is mentioned by Prince Bartek when talking about the death of Gohan in the Other Future Gohan universe.

    Future Gohan (Super Saiyan)
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