Future Boxers

Bokusā: Mirai
Manga name Boxers Briefs
Alternate names Boxers Briefs
Debut Manga: "Dabura and Psidevilman"
Game: "Dragon Ball Fusions"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/4 Saiyan-3/4 Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 797
Date of death Age 950 (faded from history; history restored)
Status Alive
  • Future Trunks (Father/fusee)
  • Future Mai (Mother)
  • Future Bulla (aunt)
  • Future Bulma (Grandmother)
  • Future Vegeta (Grandfather)
  • Future Tights (Grandaunt)
  • Future Tarble (Granduncle)
  • Future Gure (Grandaunt)
  • Pend (ally)
  • Vegeta (grandfather, present timeline/fusee)
  • Future Boxers is the son of Future Trunks, and Future Mai. Due to residing in the Time Nest he has biologically been 1 years old for several years.

    Overview Edit

    Name Edit

    Like all members of Bulma's family, Boxers' name reference an undergarment.

    Appearance Edit

    Future Boxers is rather small due to being a premature baby. He was 23 months before going to go live at the Time Nest. He has inherited his mother's eyes, but his father's eyebrow colours. As Baby; he wears a red onesie with Future Boxers on it.

    At age 23; Future Boxers hair has grown to same length his mother's while retains his fathers natural lavender hair colour and eyebrows. He wears a Capsule Corp outfit similar to Future Trunks' first outfit, but with colours inverted.

    Biography Edit

    Future Boxers appears as minor character in several of the Sagas, and eventually an older version of him appears in the Tale of Two Coolers Saga after being called by Chronoa. He teams up with his father, and Time Patrol to take down Future Cooler.

    After returning to Age 820; Future Boxers goes onto live few months in peace before Chronoa arrives in, and asks for their help again.

    Techniques Edit

    • Buster Cannon
    • Ki Sense
    • Flight - His older self is capable of flight like his father
    • Galick Gun
    • Final Flash
    • Big Bang Attack
    • Sword Attack

    Fusions Edit

    Boxeta Edit

    Main article: Boxeta

    Boxeta (ボクジータ; Bokujīta) is an EX-Fusion of Future Boxers, and Vegeta.

    Future Trunxers Edit

    Main article: Trunxers

    Future Trunxers (トランサー; Toransā) is the EX-Fusion of Future Trunks, and Future Boxers.

    Future Boxhan Edit

    Main article: Future Boxhan

    Future Boxhan (ボク飯; Bokuhan) is the Potara Fusion of Future Boxers and Future Gohan. After both Boxeta and Future Trunxers was defeated in battle, and the others fighters were incapacitated. Future Boxers, and Future Gohan fuse into Future Boxhan, despite Future Gohan only having 1 arm again.

    EX Boxers Edit

    Main article: EX Boxers

    EX Boxers is the EX-Fusion of Adult Future Boxers, and Baby Future Boxers. As means to mock him; Chamel forced his baby self, and adult self to fuse as an insult. Create merely as a means to insult Future Boxers. His power is severely crippled, but was able to hold off Chamel's attack.

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