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Future Android 16 (Nikon23)


Future Artificial Human No. 16
Appears in:
Dragon Ball SF
Manga Debut:
Dragon Ball SF Chapter #153
  • Future Dr. Gero (creator)
  • Android 16 (alternate counterpart)
  • Future Trunks (comrade)
  • Android 19 (comrade)
  • Future Jin (comrade)
  • Future Gohan (comrade)
  • Future Pan (comrade)
  • Future Uub (comrade)
  • Future Majin Buu (comrade)
  • Appears in:
    Dragon Ball SF
    Date of Birth:
    788 Age (Alternate Timeline)
    Date of Death:
    790 Age (Alternate Timeline) 807 Age (Alternate Timeline)

    Future Android 16 is the future timeline counterpart of Android 16 and the sixteenth Android creation maded by Dr. Gero. Like his present counterpart he was designed to serve Dr. Gero's vendetta against Goku for defeating the Red Ribbon Army, however he is deemed unfit for activation. He is found by Future Trunks and becomes a member of the new generation of Z Fighters in this timeline appearing in Dragon Ball SF.

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    Another RoadEdit

    Shortly after the defeat of Future Cell, Future Trunks finds Dr. Gero's secret lab and finds Future Android 16 and Future Android 19 and enlist them as allies to Earth, thus creating the this alternative version of the Z Fighters.

    Prior to the debut of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, Future Android 16 decides to compete along with his friends. However, after Future Supreme Kai reveals Future Babidi's plot to revive the Future Majin Buu, Android 16 prepare himself against this threat with them and he and Future Android 19 merge into a Super Android, resulting in the creation of Super Android 16.

    General Copper Saga through Super Android SagaEdit

    In Dragon Ball SF during the General Copper Saga it is revealed that Super Android 16 was defeated by Android 23. Much later in the Super Android 22 Saga, after the defeat of Super Android 22, he is later revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls. In the last chapter of the Super Android 22 Saga, Super Android 16 fights and defeats the Future Sigma Force Cannon, and helps defeat Future Baby along with the future counterparts of the Z Fighters.


    Super Android 16Edit

    Super 16
    Super Android 16 is the result of merger of Future Android 16 and Future Android 19. While in their Super Android transformation, their appearance resembles Android 19, but however his attire is similar to Android 16. 

    Voice Actors:Edit

    Japanese Dub: Hikaru Midorikawa, Hikaru Midorikawa & Yukitoshi Hori (Super Android 16)

    FUNimation Dub: Jeremy Inman, Jeremy Inman & Phillip Wilburn (Super Android 16)

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