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Fused Piccolo

Gattai Pikkoro
Manga name Fused Piccolo
Alternate names Fusion Piccolo
Merged Piccolo
Debut Fanga: "Tale of Two Coolers Saga
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/2 Saiyan-1/2 Namekian
Gender Male/Genderless
Allegiance Time Patrol
  • Future Piccolo (fusee)
  • Vegito Black (fusee)
  • Future Kami (permanent fusee of fusee)
  • Future Nail (permanent fusee of fusee)
  • Kami (permanent fusee of fusee)
  • Nail (permanent fusee of fusee)
  • New Future Kami (permanent fusee of fusee)
  • New Future Piccolo (permanent fusee of fusee)
  • Fused Piccolo is the Potara Fusion of Future Piccolo and Vegito Black (Piccolo in Vegito's Body) created during the Time Fragment Crisis of the Time Crusade and only exists within Parallel Quest 273.

    Appearance Edit

    The fusion of Future Piccolo and Vegito Black is almost a complete mix of the two. He has a black spiky similar to Future Gohan's style, Vegito's jaw line, Piccolo's ears, his skin colour and pale yellow patches, Vegito Black's eye shapes and dark lines, Piccolo's antennae, and Piccolo's brow ridges.

    He clothing is a mixture of his fusees clothing as his cape is dark grey while his purple outfit his black, and has Vegito Black's white gloves and boots.

    Personality Edit

    As result of being a fusion of essentially the same person; Fused Piccolo's grumpiness is amplified along with his distant and sternness. However is observation skills are also amplified allowing him to spot the fault to Tamasu's fusion before anyone else could. Fused Piccolo also holds a grudge against Vegeta Black for using him as a result of Vegito Black being control by him.

    Biography Edit

    Fused Piccolo is a result of Piccolo and Vegito Black fusing after Vegito fails to stop Tamasu. Fused Piccolo is capable of holding his own against Tamasu far better than Vegito or Vegito Black could do as separate beings. Due to Vegito Black being generated by Time Fragment; as soon as he travelled to Conton City after being called back by Chronoa due to the emergence of Infinite Tamasu - all traces of Vegito Black was removed from Future Piccolo.

    Techniques Edit

    • Flight
    • Ki Blast
    • Agelessness
    • Telepathy
    • Telekinesis
    • Regeneration
    • Chasing Bullet
      • Hellzone Grenade
        • Namekian Light - Combination of Light Grenade Barrage and Hellzone Grenade
    • Explosive Demon Wave
      • Makosen
      • Hyper Explosive Demon Wave
    • Black Final Kamehameha
      • Combined Final Kamehameha - A team attack of Vegito's Final Kamehameha and Fused Piccolo's Black Final Kamehameha.

    Forms Edit

    Super Saiyan Edit

    Fused Piccolo is capable of accessing most of Vegito Black's forms and use Super Saiyan. However his appearance is different as his hair is medium orange colour and his eyes become purple.

    Semi-Fused State Edit

    Like Fused Zamasu; as soon as he defuses - he enters a Semi-Fused State and as result Future Piccolo combines with Vegito Black at molecular level due to being the same person. However, unlike Fused Zamasu due to Future Piccolo's regeneration being linked to his head - he can't be cut in two.

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