The First Battle[edit | edit source]

The Z-Warriors, minus Vegeta, met on a peak about 20 miles from the island. Al had adopted Goku's mode of dress while Ed, never one to blend in, just wore his regular shirt and pants. Hawkeye, who just went by Riza now, had started wearing a black tank top and cargo pants, with boots and wrist bands, all of which was made from Kami's special weighted material. "Well, well, Fullmetal, you've grown almost half an inch." Ed grinned. "Nice try, Riza. I don't let that get to me anymore." Riza smiled. "So, Al, how's the body treating you?" "Well, It's actually tougher than the armor was. Once I got over the pain of getting my tail grabbed, I didn't have anymore problems." "Well," Ed corrected him, "we do have that problem with full moons." Al laughed and said "Oh, yeah. I'd forgotten about that." Riza didn't know what they meant and was about to ask, when Bulma and Yajirobe showed up. Bulma greeted them warmly. "Hey, everybody! I just came to wish you all good luck." The bundle in her arms began to move. "Oh, yeah. I also want to introduce you to this little guy! Everyone, meet Trunks!" She pulled away the blanket to reveal a miniature version of the young man who had given them the warning about the androids. Goku walked over and said, "Hey there! I'll bet your daddy is Vegeta, huh?" Bulma was surprised. "How did you know, Goku? I wanted it to be a surprise." Goku laughed nervously. "He looks like Vegeta. He has that focused look." Bulma didn't look satisfied with that answer, but let it drop. Yamcha started getting agitated. "Where are they? Shouldn't we be sensing them?" Ed answered. "Not necessarily. If these are artificial beings, then they may not use Ki. That would make them undetectable." Goku thought for a moment, then said "Well, I guess we should search the island then. We'll split up. Whoever finds them, push your energy up and wait for the others. No one fights alone." "Wait a minute guys." It was Yajirobe who had spoken. "Korin told me to give you these." He handed Krillin a small bag of Senzu bean. "And that's it for me. I'll be at the tower." Yajirobe climbed into his air car, took off, made it about 500 feet, and was shot down by an energy blast. Goku jumped into action. "Alright, that proves they're here. Gohan, go rescue Yajirobe. He should be fine. We're going to start searching, and you should join us when you get Yajirobe back up here." Gohan nodded, and everyone went to there appointed tasks.

After about half an hour of searching, everyone felt Yamcha's energy level almost vanish. They all rushed to him, only to see an android with his fist through Yamcha's chest. "This one had a pitiful amount of energy, 19." The one who spoke had long white hair, strange clothes, and a hat with this symbol, [R><R], on it. The one he spoke to wore similar clothes, except his hat was smaller. The big difference between them was that the first one looked and sounded more or less normal. 19 had pure white skin, and a voice that sounded like a bad recording. "The others are here, 20." 20 nodded. "You're right, 19. Perhaps they will be more satisfying." He threw Yamcha to the group. Krillin caught him and gave him a Senzu bean.

Piccolo smirked. "These are the androids we've been so worried about? Look kind of funny if you ask me." 20's eyes flashed at this comment. "How do you know we are androids? Better yet, how did you know we would be on this island?" Ed spoke. "If you're so tough, make us tell you." 20 and 19, not bothering to speak, assumed fighting positions. Gohan arrived from rescuing Yajirobe at this point. "What's going on? Are these them?" Goku nodded, not taking his eyes of the androids. "We can't fight here. There are too many people." 20 smirked. "I agree. Too many people and buildings would get in our way. I'll remove them." 20's eyes began to glow. He fired eye beams all around him but, to his surprise, nothing exploded. Ed and Al, who had dealt with terrorists in their own world, had expected the move, and blocked every single blast. Al took a step towards the androids. "We won't let you hurt innocent people. If you want to fight, we do it somewhere else." Not seeing another choice, 20 nodded. Goku took off, his friends and enemies both following him.

Goku didn't really have a place in mind, he was just heading for the most remote area possible. 20 sensed this and landed. Goku and the others landed. "This is far enough." 20 declared. Goku, knowing he wouldn't be able to change the machine's mind, nodded. He motioned for the others to stay back. Once they were clear, 20 spoke to Goku. "I'm not sure how you knew about us, but we know about you as well." Goku was clearly surprised by this statement. "You do? Why?" "Do you remember the Red Ribbon Army?" Goku nodded. "After you defeated them, Dr. Gero, who created the machines used by the army, escaped to create new machines. Machines with the sole purpose of killing you. For years he had his spy-bots watch you, learning your fighting style, and even learning the secrets of your Kamehameha Wave. And now, you are going to die!" Goku just smirked, obviously unafraid. "I'm curious. Did you manage to watch my fights on Namek?" 20 shook his head. "By the time you left, we had all the information we needed." Goku, still smirking, said "Then you missed quite a show. Let me show you what I learned to do while I was in space." Goku began powering up, and in seconds had transformed into a Super Saiyan. Neither of the androids gave a visible reaction. They were scanning him. "20, his energy level has increased exponentially, but I do not believe we are in danger." "I think you're right, 19. Kill him."

19 did as he was told. He took a swing at Goku, who dodged it easily. Goku and 19 continued to fight, and at first Goku was dominating the machine. After a few minutes, however, Goku weakened visibly. He began to clutch his chest, and fell out of his Super Saiyan form. 19, giggling slightly, moved towards his opponent, hands outstretched. Yamcha cried out. "Goku, don't let him touch you! They can absorb energy through their hands!" No one was sure if Goku was even able to hear Yamcha, or if he was to weak to move, because he made no attempt to defend himself. 19 was about to grab Goku, when someone kicked him in the face. He looked up and saw... Ed! "Keep your filthy hands of my teacher." 19 stood up, and was about to attack, when someone punched the back of his head. "Stay down and we won't have to destroy you." It was Al who had struck this time. Android 20 protested. "Two against one is hardly fair." Ed turned to him with a smirk on his face. "Are you saying your android can't take it, Dr. Gero?" 20's, or rather Dr. Gero's, face went slack. "After we were warned about androids, Al and I researched everything we could about them. The only scientist who could have created androids of this caliber is Dr. Gero, and you look just like him." Gero chuckled. "I must admit, I'm impressed. But it doesn't matter. You'll soon be dead." Ed continued to smirk. He walked over to android 19 (who wasn't sure what to do. His master's secret had just been revealed), clapped his hands, and transmuted the mechanical monster. When the smoke cleared, where the android had been, there stood on it's place a statue of a large, muscular, almost bald except for a single piece of hair, man. Ed turned to Riza. "What do you think? Did I capture Major Armstrong?" Riza, who was barely containing her laughter, just smiled and nodded.

Gero, who had never researched the Elric brothers (he thought them inconsequential), started to run. When he turned around, he found Piccolo waiting for him. "Nice try." was all the Namekian said before he attacked. To the casual observer, the two of them might have seemed evenly matched, unless one looked at the confident smile on Piccolo's face. He blocked every one of the android's blows. Finally, he caught Gero's right arm and, using a chop, cut it of at the elbow. Gero had never imagined he could be so easily defeated, especially by Piccolo. He had only one option left. With his remaining arm, he charged up a ki blast and fired it at Piccolo. It was easily evaded, but Gero had been counting on that. The intended target was the mountain range behind Piccolo. Gero ran into the new canyon he had just made.

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