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Featured in Across the Universe
Pronunciation foo-bon
Adjective Fubonese
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 492.2 d
Satellites 1
Satellite names Khaang
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 5903.1 km
Polar radius 5883.4 km
Surface area 29.4% land
70.6% water
Mass 5.12041×1025 kg
0.86 M
Equatorial surface gravity 9.807 m/s2
1.0 g
Axial tilt 16.01°
Surface temperature
Minimum -94.6°
Mean 12.5°
Maximum 74.2°
Composition 79.54% nitrogen (N2)
19.39% oxygen (O2)
0.73% argon
0.18% xenon
0.14% water vapor (H2O)
0.02% trace elements
Sentient Species Yardrats
Sentient species 1 population 0
Number of major cities 0
Technology level Tier 2

Fubon is a world owned by Udon until his death in Age 758. It was the location of Udon's Exotically Extravagant Menagerie. Nowadays, the planet, owned by Linessi, serves as a preserve for various exotic species.


In Age 742, Udon purchased this planet. In the following years, he traveled across Universe 7, collecting exotic animals of all types. Land animals were stored in zoospheres, which were large, spherical habitats that Udon could move about with his wristpad. He owned a large reef that was populated by many different aquatic pets. After he acquired a large amount of these animals, he opened the planet to the public. Aliens could visit, for a fee, and view his animals. He called his zoo "Udon's Exotically Extravagant Menagerie".

During the first chapter of Across the Universe, Udon and Soba visited Fubon to place a recently-captured nexu predator in a zoosphere. Afterwards, the pair toured Udon's reef. When a sea monster spooked Soba, the Yardrat shot a ki blast at it. The blast did more damage than he expected, for moments later, the reef exploded violently. Udon never forgave Soba for destroying his reef.

In Age 758, after Udon's death, Soba sold the planet to Linessi.

Notable facts[]

  • Issue #567 of the Genoa Journal contained a very positive review of Udon's Exotically Extravagant Menagerie.


  • Fubon's population:
    • At height: 1.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Fubon is still around.

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