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From Bad To Worse is the story that fills the seven-year gap between the Cell and Buu saga as young Gohan must take on the lead of the heroes since his father is gone, and Vegeta is not spiritually stable enough to fulfill the role. But Gohan at only age 11, how much responsibility can he take? Will Piccolo once again have to take on the role of mentor? Find out now on DragonBall Z!

This is Bad![]

This is bad, Goku is gone. This takes place right after Gohan defeats Cell.

"Kakarooooooooooot! How dare you die before I can kill you? You will pay!!!!" said Vegeta, losing his mental state.

"Dad, daddy no!" Gohan cried. Piccolo then walked over to him and rubbed his head.

"Gohan, I know you, and I know your father, and I know he's proud of you," said Piccolo trying to cheer his student up. Just then. Vegeta turned Super Saiyan and flew off.

"Uh-oh, he's up to no good, and I have a feeling we're going to have to go after him," said Krillin.

"Let him go Krillin, he's not worth it," said Tien.

"Ok, I will, but I have a bad feeling about this Yamcha," said Krillin. 

Tien then flew off, and Yamcha soon after. 

"Father is gone, Goku is dead, but so is Cell and the androids, finally the world can return to peace, I can go home now," said Future Trunks.