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Frieza (Final Form).png

  • Chilled's Race
  • Aliases
  • フリーザ
  • Prince Frieza
  • Lord Frieza
  • Emperor Frieza
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Date of Birth
  • Age 725
  • Date of Death
  • August, Age 764
  • Age 767
  • Age 779
  • Sometime before Age 790
  • Debut:
  • Manga: Dragon Ball Z Chapter 247 "Planet Namek, Cold and Dark"
  • Anime: Dragon Ball Z Episode 44 "Brood of Evil"
  • Allegiance
  • Cold Force (Formerly)
  • Frieza Force
  • Team Universe 7
  • Occupation
  • Prince
  • Emperor
  • Agent of Destruction
  • Family:
  • Chilled (ancestor)
  • King Cold (father)
  • Queen Hail (mother)
  • Cooler (older brother)

  • Frieza (フリーザ) is the emperor of Universe 7, who controlled his own imperial army and is feared for his ruthlessness and power. He is the descendant of Chilled, the second son of King Cold and Queen Hail and the younger brother of Cooler.


    According to Akira Toriyama, Frieza's design is an amalgamation of what he thought monsters looked like in his childhood. According to the Daizenshuu, Frieza was also inspired by Toriyama's second editor, Yū Kondō. According to Daizenshuu 2, Toriyama was also inspired to create Frieza due to the events of the Japanese economic bubble that had occurred at the time he was writing the Saiyan Saga, with Frieza specifically being based on real estate speculators, which Toriyama claimed were "the worst sort of people"

    Frieza is one of the villains in the series who possesses an entire range of transformations, each one being quite different than the others. It is implied by Vegeta and Frieza himself in the series that Frieza's fourth, most powerful form is actually his original form, with the other three being forms that suppress and conserve his enormous power. Frieza later confirms this while fighting the main protagonist, Goku. His forms seem to revolve around both western and Japanese concepts of demons.


    Unlike most primary antagonists, Frieza displays a civilized and refined demeanor, talking with a regal and eloquent nature. He tends to handle most situations with a methodical approach. He commonly utilizes dark humor, making twisted jokes and tasteless mockery of his foes before killing them. Frieza is fully aware of his reputation for brutality, and makes no effort to deny it, but rather revels in it as evidenced by his introduction to the Namekians. Likewise, he has shown great anger at the idea of his cruel deeds being undone, such as the revival of all his previous victims from the Dragon Balls. Frieza can be best summed up as an intelligent, composed (for the most part), yet extremely sadistic and completely heartless psychopath.

    Frieza is shown to be something of a perfectionist, expected nothing less from his soldiers as any failure in his eyes will be met with extreme punishment if not death. Even more, he has absolutely no qualms with slaughtering his own forces, no matter how loyal they were to him, simply just for being in his way, as seen from when he destroyed Planet Vegeta despite most of his men being within the trajectory, as well as his reason in the Japanese version for executing a soldier before deciding to personally deal with Future Trunks. He also reacts violently to criticism or if his plans either fail or if his pride is abashed.

    At his core, Frieza relishes glory, power, agony, dominance, control, and destruction, as he shows in his enjoyment of Planet Vegeta's annihilation, as well as his maniacal glee from destroying planets and making his enemies suffer before he kills them. He is noted as being one of the most sadistic, callous, brutal, selfish, short-tempered, dispicable and megalomaniacal person without any sympathetic or redeeming traits. Even more, he has an outspoken disdain for such joyful environments. During his imprisonment in Hell, he found his constant company of stuffed animals, fairies, and angels joyfully and cheerfully danced with playing music to be absolute torture, which ultimately turned out to be a fitting eternal punishment for the evil tyrant. Frieza holds a very deeply cynical view of others, believing everyone is as selfish and untrustworthy as himself. Ironically, Frieza is outspoken against any and all forms of nobility, finding it such a nauseating concept.


    Frieza meeting the Saiyans

    Frieza's father is a mutant with an abnormally high power level. Because of this, Frieza also possesses the mutant traits, making him and his father King Cold the only ones among the Frieza Race who possess the striking level of power and cruelty shown in the series. Even among his family and the rest of his race, Frieza was a prodigy, whose natural growth in power required him to never undergo any real training and still ultimately became recognized as the most powerful warrior in the universe. It is said that from the moment Frieza was born he was more powerful and cruel than his father, Frieza's overwhelming power and genius for evil led to Cold wanting to hand control over the universe to Frieza immediately.

    Thanks to his son's potential, Cold handed control over to him while he was still a child. He was introduced to the Saiyans - who were informed by Cold that Frieza was their new master.

    At one point, King Cold told Frieza that there were only two entities in the universe whom Frieza should never cross: Majin Buu and Beerus the Destroyer. Frieza annexed the Saiyans into his Frieza Force, and heard of the legends of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God. At some point in Frieza's past, he conquered at least 448 planets, taking control of 70% of Universe 7. Frieza eventually met Beerus himself. The two got along fairly well as they both enjoyed destroying things. However one time Frieza got carried away and caused Beerus to get angry, Beerus fought Frieza and easily defeated the tyrant. Unbeknownst to Frieza, his arrogant attitude annoyed Beerus. He thought about destroying Frieza once he saved Beerus the trouble of destroying Planet Vegeta himself, though never went through with it. At some point, Frieza encountered the Galactic Patrol and when they engaged him in combat he easily defeated them, thus the patrol decided that they should avoid Frieza at all costs. Frieza had fought his parents in the past, and it had not been since these fights that he had ever had to dust himself off after a fight.

    Dragon Ball Minus and Jaco The Galactic Patrolman[]

    Frieza in Jaco The Galactic Patrolman

    Frieza calls for the Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta. On his ship, he is told of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God legends by Kikono, who doesn't think the legends could be true. Frieza, however, doesn't think they should be overlooked, so he plans to destroy Planet Vegeta in one month's time since most of the Saiyans will not arrive until then. He then tells his subordinate to tell the remaining Saiyans that the planet has been destroyed by a meteor so the Saiyans won't suspect him.

    Frieza killed King Vegeta without having to transform into his second form. Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta after a month had passed, as he had planned. Bardock briefly attempted to resist Frieza as he was about to destroy Planet Vegeta, however Frieza wiped him, the planet and the rest of the Saiyans out with a Supernova.

    At one point prior to the battle on Namek, Frieza witnessed a conflict between Vegeta and the Ginyu Force member Guldo unfolding and blasted Guldo away with a weak Energy Wave as he wished to speak with Vegeta. Frieza then ordered Vegeta to come with him to conquer a planet that Frieza had taken a liking too.

    Dragon Ball Z[]

    Namek, Captain Ginyu and Frieza Saga[]

    Dodoria, Frieza and Zarbon on Namek

    Twenty-five years after Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, Frieza spies on Vegeta's scouter during the Vegeta Saga and in doing so, learns of the existence of the Dragon Balls on Namek. Planning to obtain them and make a wish for immortality, Frieza arrives on Namek with his longtime comrades and top two highest ranking henchmen, Zarbon and Dodoria, in order to try and obtain the Dragon Balls from the Namekians. After Cui, Dodoria, and Zarbon fall to Vegeta, who had betrayed Frieza to collect the fabled items for his own ends, the Ginyu Force is summoned by Frieza to retrieve the Dragon Balls and neutralize the Saiyan rogue so that he can be brought to him. Ultimately, they fail to do so when Goku arrives on Planet Namek and fights them, eventually defeating them.

    Frieza vs Nail on Namek

    Ginyu did bring Frieza the Dragon Balls while his comrades fought, with Frieza complimenting Ginyu on his job well done, and saying how he should have sent for them much earlier. Ginyu then attempts to commemorate the event by performing a dance, but Frieza tells him to do it another time. Frieza then attempts to summon Porunga, but had no success, coming to the conclusion that they needed some special password only a Namekian would know. While searching for the secret to unlock the power of the Dragon Balls, Frieza finds out that three Namekians are still alive by checking his scouters. Ginyu then offers to go, but Frieza tells him he will go himself, telling Ginyu to stay at his post, then he speeds towards Nail and Guru, passing by Dende at the same time, yet ignoring his presence, finally arriving at Grand Elder Guru's home where he is confronted by Nail, the strongest of the Namekian warriors on the planet. Nail leads Frieza away from Guru, and fights Frieza.

    Vegeta vs Frieza

    As the battle commences, Nail attempts to fight and lunges for his neck, but to no avail, as Frieza grabs onto Nails arm and violently rips it off his body. As Nail screams in pain, he quickly regenerates his arm, much to the surprise of Frieza. After a very long and tortuous battle, Frieza insists that Nail tells him how to summon Porunga, but Nail simply launches a powerful ki attack, to no success. Frieza then lands a blow to Nail's nose, while Frieza still demands Nail he tell him about the password. Nail begins laughing, telling Frieza his big mistake about letting Dende go and leaving the Dragon Balls. Frieza then leaves him to die after discovering the fight was a diversion for Dende to reveal the password to Krillin and Gohan as they take the Dragon Balls. While flying towards his ship, he attempts to find the energy of the Ginyu Force, realizing they are not showing up on the scouter. Enraged, he follows in pursuit of the heroes only to find that Porunga, the Namekian Dragon is gone due to Guru's death. He confronts Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, and Dende after Guru had passed away. He then loses his composure due to the loss of immortality and becomes even more enraged to the fact that he did not see this coming earlier. He then faces off with a much more powerful Vegeta, who is now capable of possibly holding his own for a bit against Frieza's strength.

    Gohan vs Frieza (second form)

    Spurred on by Vegeta, Frieza unveils his second form, to the complete shock of Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta and Dende, as the power not only increasing frightens them, but his appearance as well. With this newfound power, this allows him to defeat Vegeta. After Frieza uses the Death Storm attack, he takes his time to decide who should die first, and chooses Krillin. He injures Krillin by impaling him through the chest with his left horn and torturing him. He then throws him into the Namekian sea, taunting Gohan with his friend's limp body. Gohan responds in an incredible fury and proceeds to pound Frieza with punches, kicks and a barrage of ki blasts. Frieza then proceeds to pummel him as a response, and just before he can finish him off, Krillin, healed by Dende, shoots a Destructo Disc at his tail, chopping the tip of it off. Frieza chases Krillin in a diversion and returns to the others when Frieza decides to finish them off. Fortunately, Piccolo joins the battle and is able to go blow to blow with Frieza thanks to his fusion with Nail. Frieza and Piccolo are at even power, neither one of them being able to gain a significant upper hand. Piccolo then powers up further, but soon confused and shocked when he sees that Frieza is able to surpass his speed.

    Frieza (Assault Form) vs Piccolo (Nail Fusion) on Namek

    As the fight continues, Piccolo is revealed to be holding back because of his weighted clothing. Eager to demonstrate even more of his power to Piccolo, Frieza once again transforms, unlocking more of his seemingly endless power. Piccolo attempts to hold his own, but to no avail. He now tries to outrun Frieza, but Frieza's speed is simply too much for Piccolo. Frieza then brutally attacks Piccolo with his Crazy Finger Beam. Gohan again gets angry, and fires the Full Power Masenko, which Frieza struggles with, but eventually deflects back with ease. Piccolo protects Gohan by firing a blast at it, deflecting it away. Frieza notes Gohan's growing power, and realizes that he is a Saiyan, but doubts Vegeta is his father (he still believes that only Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta escaped Planet Vegeta's destruction), and finally he unveils his true form.

    Vegeta vs Frieza (True Form) on Namek

    In his new form, Frieza first kills Dende, who Frieza had found out had been healing the heroes when he saw Dende healing Piccolo just before transforming into his final form. Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan attack Frieza, but Frieza easily dodges their flurry of kicks and punches. After receiving another Saiyan Power at his request, Vegeta announces himself as a Super Saiyan and fights Frieza, attempting to hit Frieza with an intense flurry of punches. However, Frieza's speed is still far too much for Vegeta to handle, leaving Vegeta in a quiet state of fear. With all his power, Vegeta fires a Final Burst Cannon at Frieza directly, but the tyrant is still far his superior and easily kicks the beam away. After Vegeta loses his hope, Frieza proceeds to torture and punish him. Frieza wraps his tail around Vegeta's neck, lifts him up and begins torturing him by repeatedly punching Vegeta's spine while strangling him with his tail. As Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan watch in horror, Frieza sadistically reminds them that they can assist Vegeta if they want to, as part of some sick joke.

    Goku vs Frieza (True Form) on Namek

    Just as Frieza is about to slay Vegeta, the healed Goku arrives on the battlefield, ready to fight Frieza. The long and devastating fight begins, with Goku dodging Frieza's first melee attack and lands a hard kick to Frieza's cheek, sending him flying. Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo are shocked at Goku's intense power, remarking that they couldn't follow their movements at all. Frieza then tries to use the Barrage Death Beam to injure him, to no avail, as Goku simply deflects them away, even hitting them away from the others. Through a smoke cloud, Frieza believes he has already defeated Goku, however the saiyan remains standing unharmed after the smoke is cleared. Frieza is even shocked that he was able to move them away from his friends while deflecting the beams. Vegeta, believing that Goku has finally become a full-fledged Super Saiyan, taunts Frieza, even though he is too badly beaten to even stand. Frieza, proud of his past accomplishments and irritated, smirks before sending his Death Beam through the Saiyan Prince's heart. Teetering on the brink of death, Vegeta is able to tell the newly healed Goku of Frieza's genocide of the Saiyan race, imploring him to take revenge on behalf for all Saiyans. As Vegeta finishes his plea to Goku, he finally dies from his injury. Goku, saddened by Vegeta's death, buries him and vows to finish Frieza. Goku angrily reminds Frieza that he treats lives as disposable; he had taken the lives of many peaceful people, even children, for his own amusement. Goku then tells him that it's his turn to suffer this time. Frieza tells him that he believes the "Super Saiyan" is just a legend, however Goku doesn't care about the legend; he is going to stop Frieza once and for all. Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo leave the area so that Goku is not distracted in the battle.

    Goku and Frieza

    Goku and Frieza then engage each other again. In melee, they are proven to be equal in strength, with neither of them able to land any hits. Irritated by this even battle, Frieza fires an energy wave at Goku, causing him to dodge it by using a quick Kamehameha to push himself up into the air quickly. This causes a cloud of smoke, so Frieza then fires rays of death beams through it to blast Goku. Goku realizes that Frieza cannot sense him, but before he can come up with a plan Frieza flies above, spots him, and continues firing. Gohan is nearly hit by one of the beams, though Piccolo is able to get him and himself out of the way. Frieza manages to land a downward knuckle attack on Goku, and fires a wave at the falling Saiyan. Believing he has won again, Goku appears behind him, and they stand back-to-back. Frieza hides for a short time, and soon emerges from the water and attacks, firing a ball that Goku just barely throws away, after being pushed all the way into a rock formation. Suddenly, a huge spout of magma bursts out of the ground under him, and Frieza uses the dying planet's molten rock against Goku. Goku is hit by Frieza's tail and falls into the pool of exposed lava below. Piccolo flies over and declares Frieza tell him what happened to Goku, and Frieza responds with telling him that he has perished. He adds that he is creating a stew down there and asks Piccolo if he (a Namekian) wants to be added as seasoning.

    Frieza's Barrage Death Beam

    Before Piccolo and Frieza can fight once more, Goku bursts out of the ground. His butt catches on fire for a short time (albeit in humorous fashion), but no further damage is done and Goku pushes the lava back into the ground with a Kamehameha to hold off the explosion of the planet for some time. Frieza tries to get the jump on him, but Goku is saved by Piccolo, who gives him an early warning. Goku urges Frieza to leave the planet alone during the battle, and so Frieza listens to him. Frieza realizes that his opponent defeated the Ginyu Force, and not Vegeta. Frieza uses the hiding tactic again, and it works on Goku, who is kicked into the ocean. Thinking back to the smoke cloud where Frieza could not detect him without seeing him with his eyes, Goku comes up with a plan to hurt Frieza. Goku fires two Kamehameha torpedo balls and sets them in place underwater. Meanwhile, Frieza does not believe Goku to be dead this time, and waits for him to return to the surface. Goku, still underwater, fires the first torpedo. Frieza just barely moves out of the way, before Goku fires the second one. Frieza again dodges in the nick of time, and is enraged. Suddenly, Goku appears from above and lands a clean boot to Frieza's cheek (earlier, it was the right cheek, and this time it was the left). Frieza crashes into a rock formation upon hitting the ground, rendering the tactic a success. For a moment everyone believes the battle is over already, however Frieza bursts out of the ground, albeit now showing signs of minor damage. With this, Frieza admits that Goku is the first person other than his parents to cause him pain in his true form. Frieza decides to have some fun with him for causing him this "sensation". Frieza soon realizes that his opponent is the son of the Saiyan that gave him such trouble years before.

    Frieza and Goku on Namek

    Frieza gives Goku a break and asks him whether they should fight on the ground or in the air. Goku chooses the ground, lying that he's a ground kind of guy, but he is actually trying to remove the danger of Frieza's devastating power in the air. Piccolo notices this very strategy when they pick their battle site. Frieza picks a small, flat island for the final battle to take place, and they both fly over to it. Goku removes his orange shirt while Frieza taunts him, asking if Goku would rather be buried or cremated when he is killed. Immediately after, Frieza gives Goku another break - he allows Goku to battle him without the tyrant using his hands. Jokingly, he says that he won't break his nails this way. A cocky and confident Goku asks Frieza if he's sure he doesn't want to use his hands in battle, but Frieza still agrees not to. After another stare-down, Goku lunges forward, and both fight in melee. Though Frieza cannot punch Goku, he easily dodges each of his attacks. After a lot of dodging between each combatants Frieza whacks Goku in the face with his tail. He then proceeds to slap him multiple times with the powerful tail. Frieza hits him hard one last time, sending Goku crashing to the ground.

    Goku vs Frieza on Namek

    After Goku recovers, both pause for a short time and Goku finds the battle exciting to him, yet Frieza asks him if he still believes he can somehow beat the tyrant. He lunges at Frieza and they go at it again, but Frieza still easily dodges Goku's attacks. For a short time Frieza resorts to blocking before breaking off. Goku attacks again but is wrapped around on the leg by Frieza's tail. Frieza throws him towards the ground but Goku lands on his hands, and pulls Frieza down with the force of the leg the tyrant gripped with his tail. Frieza lands but Goku grabs onto his tail, rendering Frieza unable to get away. Goku jokes about Frieza's poor hygiene, pouring him on. Frieza urges him to let go - and Goku does just that, and flings him into the air. As Goku flies in front to score a hit, Frieza disappears again. Using more rocks to distract Goku, he lands another hit with his tail to Goku's stomach, however Goku manages to grab Frieza's tail again. Goku jokes around again, saying that he's feeling a little deja vu, enraging Frieza even more. Frieza fights him off and goes on the offense, attempting to land kicks. After some more back-to-back even brawling, both land a kick on one another before dodging and blocking again. Frieza finally ends the scuffle by wrapping his tail around Goku's head. Frieza holds his tight grip, bringing Goku to his knees. Resorting to desperate measures, Goku bites Frieza's tail, releasing the tyrant's grip and causing Frieza sudden (though comedic) pain. This gives Goku his chance, kicking Frieza in the face and lands many punches to the tyrant's stomach. Frieza tries to dodge more but is punched in the face by Goku. He is then kicked in the groin and uppercutted. Frieza finally gets the upper hand with a strong right hand breaking the "no hands" rule and knocking Goku down. The aftermath leaves Frieza winded and Goku back on his feet.

    Frieza vs Goku

    Frieza soon reveals that he has been holding back this whole time, and could easily destroy Goku if he so desired. But before Frieza does, he asks Goku one question: if he would join him; it would suck if all of his power went to waste. Goku quickly refuses, but Frieza continues on, telling him that he can have anything he ever wanted - he could live like a god. Or, he could choose to suffer and die now. Goku tells him that he already has everything he wanted, and Frieza finishes by telling him he is going to die. He then tells Goku that he has only been using 1% of his power, and Goku believes this to be a bluff. Frieza then states that with 50% of his power, he could easily defeat Goku. Frieza then increases his power to 50% of his maximum, and Goku teleports behind him. Frieza prepares for battle, and elbows Goku in the face at immense speed. Frieza elbows Goku a second time, causing blood to fly out of Goku's nose, but the Saiyan stays on his feet. Goku is wrapped around the head by Frieza's tail again and is elbowed in the stomach. This time Goku struggles to stay up, and then falls to his knees. Goku is astonished at Frieza's incredible speed.

    Frieza holding back a Spirit Bomb

    The battle continues, and Frieza easily beats Goku, with Goku completely unable to keep up. Goku attempts to use his Kaio-ken x10 during this battle, but Frieza stills beats him using less than half of his maximum power. Goku then goes desperate and attempts to use x20 Kaio-ken and a Kamehameha, but to no significant avail (the best he could do was slightly char Frieza's hands), as Frieza manages to diffuse the blast with 50% of his power. However, he does become alarmingly aware of his opponent's remarkable abilities. After taking another beating, a severely battered Goku attempts to create a Large Spirit Bomb by calling on the energies of Namek's solar system as a final resort, as Namek did not have enough life on the planet to make the Spirit Bomb powerful. Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan are able to distract the tyrant long enough, with Piccolo kicking him into the ocean and later Krillin and Gohan firing energy balls at him. Just before Frieza can vaporize Krillin and Gohan, Goku fires the large Spirit Bomb, heavily wounding Frieza.

    Injured Frieza

    With everyone believing the warlord to be dead, the heroes take the time to relax, until Krillin notices that Frieza has emerged from the blast's crater. Frieza retaliates by mortally wounding Piccolo with a Death Beam (in the manga, Frieza intentionally fired at Piccolo, while in the anime, Frieza fired at Goku and then Piccolo pushed him out of the way and took the blast instead). Frieza then uses his telekinetic powers to make Krillin fly into the air and, despite Goku's pleas, he murders Krillin. In the Japanese version as well as Kai, Frieza also proceeded to threaten to murder Gohan in a similar manner. Already bordering on the edge of his rage, Goku is pushed over the edge, his rage exploding, causing Frieza to inadvertently create what he had always feared: a Super Saiyan. At a loss of words, Frieza could only stare at Goku unable to believe that Super Saiyans do exist. In the ensuing battle, Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza trade blows, but as the fight progresses, Frieza's 50% power clearly proves to be less than adequate against the Super Saiyan; even his Barrage Death Beam have little effect on the newly empowered Saiyan. Frieza attempts to remind Goku that the Saiyans were as ruthless as Frieza himself is in their barbarism, to which Goku replies that the Saiyans have "paid for their mistakes" now, causing Frieza to ask whether that was the reason he killed them easily. Frieza fires a Death Beam in anger, however it simply hits Goku's chin and pushes his head upwards. He lowers his head with just a minor scratch.

    Super Saiyan Goku vs Frieza (True Form)

    In frustration, Frieza sends a Death Ball into the core of the planet, starting a chain reaction that will destroy Namek in five minutes (revealing immediately afterwards that he held back too much of his power for the Death Ball to be a complete success). Frieza unleashes 70% and then 100% of his power, which Goku requested, wanting to fight him using all his strength. Goku also notes that Frieza wanted it this way as well, because if he had not, he would have fired at the planet again and destroyed it. At this point, Frieza launches a terrific assault against Super Saiyan Goku, who had not expected Frieza's power to be as high as it is, with Frieza notably landing a high knee to the face, giving Goku a bloody nose. In the anime, he also proceeded to give Goku a challenging enough fight that the latter was forced to fake his death to buy enough time to recover, with Frieza also briefly fighting Gohan until Goku arrived to continue the fight. In addition, after Goku let slip that Porunga was now active, Frieza then attempted to make his wish for immortality. Unfortunately for him, wishes to the Dragon required speaking in the Namekian tongue, with Dende instead managing to give the wish to evacuate everyone but Frieza and Goku, with Frieza also briefly witnessing a revived Vegeta. Frieza also ended up learning that Goku partly had the wish given in such a manner in order to ensure there aren't any more innocents nearby and thus not hold back.

    Frieza vs Goku on Namek

    Super Saiyan Goku soon realized that after sustaining so much damage in his 50% state, Frieza's body will no longer be able to handle his 100% power for very long. Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza face off and eventually, after a very long battle, Super Saiyan Goku gets the battle under his control, delivering a final momentous blow to the tyrant that symbolically ends Frieza's reign. Seeing Frieza's power slipping fast now, Super Saiyan Goku decides to call off the fight, claiming it would be pointless to continue, as Frieza is losing strength rapidly and Super Saiyan Goku had already humbled the tyrant. Super Saiyan Goku soon realized that after sustaining so much damage in his 50% state, Frieza's body will no longer be able to handle his 100% power for very long. Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza face off and eventually, after a very long battle, Super Saiyan Goku gets the battle under his control, delivering a final momentous blow to the tyrant that symbolically ends Frieza's reign. Seeing Frieza's power slipping fast now, Super Saiyan Goku decides to call off the fight, claiming it would be pointless to continue, as Frieza is losing strength rapidly and Super Saiyan Goku had already humbled the tyrant.


    Humiliated, Frieza refuses to relent, attacking Super Saiyan Goku with two of his Death Saucers. As Super Saiyan Goku dodges the attacks, Frieza ironically becomes distracted long enough to be bifurcated by his own attack. Barely clinging to life, but desperate to survive, Frieza begs for mercy, which Super Saiyan Goku hesitantly provides, giving him a little of his ki. Frieza's pride refuses to allow him to be beaten and saved by a Saiyan "monkey", and he expends what little energy he has left to attack Goku. Overcome with anger, Super Saiyan Goku fires an Angry Kamehameha that consumes both Frieza's attack and what remains of him in the process, seemingly killing him and avenging countless people across the universe.

    Trunks Saga[]

    King Cold and Frieza

    Unbeknownst to Goku and everyone else, Frieza was not killed on Namek. Frieza's shredded body floated in the planet's debris, kept company only by his thoughts of how the universe's conqueror had been thoroughly beaten by a lowly Saiyan. His father King Cold had crews search the area, not believing his son to have been destroyed by something as insignificant as the explosion of a planet. What could be found of Frieza is salvaged and reconstructed with cybernetic enhancements, leaving him scarred and bitter. Knowing he is now stronger than ever before, Frieza's first thought upon rehabilitation is revenge on those who defeated him on Namek.

    Mecha Frieza and King Cold

    Frieza beats Goku to Earth (despite his ill intentions towards Earth and all who lived there, Frieza notes It's a good planet on first viewing) and orders his henchmen to find and slaughter its inhabitants, with Frieza keen on killing his enemy's friends himself. However, his army is torn apart by a mysterious youth. Frieza dismisses his challenger as an insolent child, and pays him almost no heed until the boy reveals himself as another Super Saiyan. Even then, Frieza initially dismisses the boy's claim as a bluff and laughs it off, only to express shock when the boy proves his claim valid by transforming right in front of him and his father.


    Dumbstruck, Frieza makes several different efforts to kill the youth, such as energy blasts, each of which is parried easily (this occurs only in the anime while the youth wasted no time and killed Frieza after a single attack in the manga. Also, Gohan implies that Frieza was holding back 50% of his power in the manga whereas the anime has Frieza going all out). He then plays his trump card in the form of a Supernova (a Death Ball ten times the size of the one that destroyed Planet Namek). Even this is nonchalantly brushed away, until a mortified Frieza causes it to detonate with another shot of ki. Thinking him dead, both father and son are stunned when the youth fires a Burning Attack out of nowhere. Fuming, Frieza becomes oblivious to his opponent's position, and is surprised and sliced in half by the Saiyan youth before being cut to pieces and then vaporized with an energy blast, King Cold meets a similar fate, with the youth obliterating him with the God Breaker when the tyrant tries to attack him. Despite this, the common myth throughout the universe remains that Goku defeated Frieza on Namek. In the alternate future timelines of Future Trunks and Cell, it is implied that Future Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport to Earth and killed Frieza and his father King Cold instead of Trunks.

    Other World and Kid Buu Saga[]

    King Cold and Frieza (True Form)

    Frieza makes numerous cameo appearances throughout the remainder of the series from Hell. His first (and most major) role was teaming up with Cell and causing trouble in Hell, along with King Cold and the dead members of the Ginyu Force. Frieza and King Cold were the only two villains in this scene to not be thrown onto the Mountain of Needles by Pikkon; Pikkon knocked Frieza out with a single punch to the face after elbowing King Cold in the stomach. Then all seven were locked up in a prison cell. This was one of the rare times Frieza and Cell (two of the three main villains of the show) are seen talking to each other. Frieza and Cell would occasionally train together in Hell.

    Frieza in Hell

    Later, Frieza is shown observing Goku's fight with Kid Buu alongside other defeated villains from the series, even saying "I could have done the same thing if I hadn't lost both my legs!" For obvious reasons, he frequently rooted for Kid Buu to beat Goku. When Goku managed to gain his power back and obliterate Kid Buu, Frieza could only watch in silent irritation that Goku managed to win.

    Dragon Ball Super[]

    God of Destruction Beerus and Golden Frieza Saga[]

    Frieza vs Goku in Dragon Ball Super manga

    In the manga, while Goku is image training on his radish field, he closes his eyes and pictures that he is fighting Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu. The mental thought of Frieza attacks Super Saiyan Goku from behind, but Goku senses him and hits him in the face, defeating him. After Whis reveals Frieza's defeat when Beerus asks as to how Frieza is doing, Whis peers back in time to Frieza's fight with Goku on Namek, showing Beerus part of the fight between him and Super Saiyan Goku.

    Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

    Contained in a cocoon in Earth's Hell, Frieza dreamed of his defeats at the hands of the Super Saiyans, Goku and Future Trunks, but soon woke up to the sight of the Angels of Hell. However, over fourteen years after Frieza's demise, two of his men, Sorbet (commander of Frieza's army) and Tagoma (elite soldier), collect all of the Dragon Balls with the aid of the Pilaf Gang and resurrect him, and he is revived as he was just before his death, as Mecha Frieza and in pieces. Sorbet and Tagoma collect all of the pieces save for his right eye which is found by Pilaf, who hands it to Sorbet just as he and Tagoma are about to leave.

    Frieza revived in Dragon Ball Super

    On Sorbet's Spaceship they put the organic parts in a Medical Machine, Frieza's body is regenerated and he reverts himself back into his first form completely free of his cybernetics. As he recovers inside the chamber Frieza dreams of his first defeat by Super Saiyan Goku, and angrily wakes up, shaking the entire ship. He was then introduced to Sorbet and Tagoma while they explained to him how they brought him back to life and they could bring King Cold back to life as well, but Frieza suggested that there was no need for that, and suggested he would need to wait for his vengeance against the Saiyans. Afterward, he announces to his soldiers that he will not be satisfied until the Super Saiyans (Goku and Future Trunks) have both been killed. Tagoma then suggests that Frieza put his grudge against the Saiyans behind him and focus on reconstituting his empire. angry at Tagoma's suggestion to leave the Saiyans alone, Frieza shot Tagoma with ki blasts instead of killing him, because he considered it boring to kill him quickly. Frieza is then informed by Sorbet that Goku's power has surpassed that of even Majin Buu, which is far more than Frieza could have imagined. But due to him being a prodigy, Frieza believes that through four months of serious training, he will be able to reach a level of power high enough to wipe out the Saiyans in the blink of an eye.

    Frieza and Tagoma training

    For the next four months, Frieza trained vigorously, sometimes using Tagoma as a training partner. During training sessions with Tagoma, Frieza would beat him within an inch of his life and then have him go heal up for the next days of training, allowing Frieza to both get stronger and master his torturing-type fighting style in order to allow him to fight Goku for as long as possible without killing him, in order to cause the Saiyan as much pain as possible.


    After all that time passed, Frieza and his forces eventually reach Earth, and he gets excited about exacting his revenge on the Saiyans. As they are about to land, Frieza begins laughing gleefully at his chance at revenge. After landing on Earth, he fires a Death Beam at North City, completely wiping it out. Frieza then encounters the Z Fighters, who have gathered to try and resist him. Frieza becomes irritated upon realizing that Goku has yet to arrive when he recognizes Krillin as the person he killed on Namek. The tyrant scornfully remarks that the Dragon Balls can revive the powerful and the pathetic before receiving some scathing remarks from Bulma, who had never seen him in person until now. Bulma pleads for some time so that Goku to arrive, but he gives them only ten seconds. Not interested in fighting without his nemesis, Frieza has his army of 1,000 soldiers engage the Z Fighters. When Sorbet attempts to give orders to the soldiers, Frieza flicks him away and instead has the soldiers all aim for Krillin as a joke - offering a planet to whomever kills him.

    Frieza, Tagoma and Sorbet

    Frieza comments on Gohan's abilities as a fighter, noting with disgust that the boy shares his father's morals. As the fight draws on, Frieza dismisses his troops as a disgrace to his name and threatens to kill Sorbet as punishment for his poor leadership, prompting the diminutive commander to send Shisami into battle. The hulking warrior quickly pulls Gohan into a bear hug in attempt to crush him, but Tagoma blasts the duo from behind in an attempt to kill the enemy's strongest warrior. Intrigued, the tyrant then agrees to appoint Tagoma as supreme commander of his forces if he wipes out the Z Fighters. He then proceeds to watch the battle unfold until Gotenks arrives and injures Tagoma. Gotenks prepares to fight Frieza, only to defuse shortly thereafter. Frieza notes Goten's resemblance to Goku, and Trunks resemblance to Future Trunks, who had sliced him in half. He grows angry at how the Saiyans have multiplied and orders Tagoma to wipe them out.


    Shortly afterwards, Frieza is approached by Captain Ginyu, who has switched bodies with Tagoma while he was feeling pain on the ground. The captain explains his hardships throughout the years from being swapped into the body of a frog to arriving on Earth to Frieza's return. Frieza is happy that Ginyu is alive and once more in his service, but is unimpressed by Ginyu's fighting pose and asks him to be useful and wipe out the Z Fighters. Frieza watches with glee as his faithful servant decimates the Z Fighters, noting that he is stronger than Tagoma was. However, Ginyu is defeated when Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan, with Frieza expressing surprise that Goku's son was capable of obtaining the form. Though Gohan decides to spare his opponent, Frieza recalls that this scenario is identical to the last part of his battle with Goku on Namek and snaps, flying down to the battlefield in his hover chair. Enraged, he dismisses Captain Ginyu and attacks Gohan with Death Beams while telling him to scream, beg for mercy, and run. After Gohan succumbs to his injuries and falls to the ground, Frieza attacks with a finishing Death Beam. Suddenly, Piccolo jumps in the way of Frieza's attack, taking the full brunt of the and protecting Gohan.

    Frieza transforming

    Frieza finds it very amusing when Gohan cries for Piccolo. When Bulma finally talks to Whis, he disallows Sorbet to kill her at the moment in hopes that she might bring Goku to Earth. When he does not come right away, Frieza allows Ginyu to fight and kill Goku's friends so that he can be entertained at the least, but then Gohan stands up to Frieza and powers up into his Super Saiyan form once more as a way to both protect everyone and raise his energy high enough to be detected by Goku. The power-up eventually tires him out completely, and Frieza once again decides to end his life. Shortly thereafter, Goku and Vegeta appear on the battlefield, the former having used Instant Transmission to return to Earth. Goku quickly blocks the Death Beam before rounding on Frieza, the latter explaining how he returned to life whilst describing his excruciating experiences in Hell. He blames Goku for the suffering he had endured since their battle on Namek and states his desire for vengeance. Vegeta then kills Captain Ginyu, causing Frieza to recognizes the Saiyan Prince's increased strength, though he promises to kill him once Goku is dead. After talking about their recent training, Frieza decides to transform into his final form from the start to avoid making mistakes again and prepares himself to fight, his transformation vaporizing the rest of his soldiers in the process, leaving Sorbet as the sole survivor.

    Goku vs Frieza (True Forn)

    They start their fight on the ground after powering up and then power up again during close combat. Frieza actually thanks Goku for making himself train to fight him at this level, but then gets angry again after remembering the pain he's been through. He plans to kill Krillin and Bulma with Ki blasts, but Goku and Vegeta show up at the last minute and deflect them (Vegeta did this because Goku was pinned to the ground by Frieza at the time). They then resume their fight and take it all the way above the clouds. Frieza told Goku he attacked his friends so he can fight Goku at his angriest. After being beat around, Frieza fires a Golden Death Ball at Goku and he uses a Kamehameha to collide, causing an explosion. After a Ki blast barrage conflict, Vegeta shows up and fights Goku, which impresses Frieza and he questions his loyalty to him, though Frieza fires a blast at the two and tells Vegeta that he wants to fight Goku first. After he became irritated by Vegeta's continuous clapping, the Saiyan decides to take on the tyrant himself, only for the two of them to negotiate for them to fight each other after Frieza kills Goku. In the manga, the two fight and Goku has the advantage. He then goes on to blast Frieza with a Kamehameha, prompting the tyrant to announce that he is going to reveal his further evolution. Frieza then witnesses Goku transform into his Super Saiyan Blue form.


    Frieza tries to knock out Goku from behind to gauge his power, but Goku catches this attack with his fist, prompting Frieza into finally transforming himself into Golden Frieza, despite his own warnings. After saying goodbye in advance, Frieza re-proceeds to fight Goku and he had the upper hand at first but Goku blocked all of Frieza's upcoming energy attacks which results in an energy clash that lasts a while and results in a blinding explosion. As Beerus and Whis show up for their dessert, thanks to his new exceedingly high power, Frieza once again gains the upper hand against Goku and after comparing how long it took to reach their new forms, Frieza decides to kill Goku immediately and his friends too so that he won't be lonely in Hell. When he spots Beerus, however, he becomes frightened and frustrated that he might interfere, but Beerus told Frieza to do as he pleases. Frieza then decides to continue his revenge and kept pushing him further and further, leaving Goku exhausted.


    Frieza then strangles Goku with his tail and punches him in the gut and head repeatedly until Goku bit his tail forcing him to let go, yet Frieza still had the upper hand and knocked him down again. He then explains again why he hates Goku for his actions back on Planet Namek and tries to kill him with his energy attacks but for some reason Goku kept surviving them all. They were almost interrupted by Vegeta, who wanted to kill Frieza for Goku but he insisted that he almost has him. Goku also warns Frieza about his form's downside but he ignores his warnings and decides to wrap things up, with both combatants using every last bit of power they have left. At first, Frieza seemed to be dominating again, not even allowing Goku to drown to death, until Goku's prediction started to come true: he burns more power and stamina than his body can supply and didn't regulate it before he decided to exact his revenge. Due to his massive drop in power and stamina, Goku then suggests that Frieza leave so that they can have a rematch later, however Frieza signaled to have Sorbet shoot Goku straight in the chest with his ring. He then repeatedly kicks Goku and explains his weaknesses while doing so: his strength makes him careless.

    Frieza dies

    After Goku is strucked sown by a sneak attack, Vegeta tells Krillin to give Goku a Senzu Bean, Frieza tries to kill him with a Death Beam but Vegeta blocks it and it ends up killing Sorbet. Frieza hardly believes that Vegeta could kill him now, but he too, turns into a Super Saiyan Blue, which frightens Frieza at first. Frieza tries to hit Vegeta with a lot of Ki blasts but he was never fazed by any of them due to Frieza having lost most of his power. After a bit of big talk, Vegeta beats up Frieza and the tyrant then reverts into his Final form. Before Vegeta could kill Frieza, however, Frieza blows up the Earth which kills Vegeta and everyone on it. Stated by Beerus and Whis, they stated that Frieza survived the destruction thus is floating in space, preparing his next move. However, the event was undone by Whis' Temporal Do-Over and Goku turned into his Super Saiyan Blue form and charged and launched a Kamehameha strong enough to destroy Frieza and sent him back to Hell before he can destroy the Earth, although not before Frieza yells a curse at Goku. Once back in Earth's Hell, he was forced to watch the Angels of Hell dance and sing while strapping a cocoon again, much to Frieza's chagrin.

    Universe 6 and Future Trunks Saga[]

    Frieza during Universe 6 Saga in Dragon Ball Super Manga

    In a manga extra featured in Warriors from Universe 6!, Frieza is shown in Hell with Sorbet and Shisami. Frieza's Universe 6 counterpart Frost plays a major role in this saga, and in the manga Frost's battle with Goku is referred to at the end of the chapter as "Goku vs. Frieza Round 3".

    A Illusion of Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

    When Goku and Krillin are training together and sent by Master Roshi to find a medicine called "Paradise Herb" they enter a strange forest to look for it, however they encounter a manifestation of Frieza, this is due to the forest being on the edge between this world and the next, and thus the memories of past battles can manifest, and Frieza manifests as he was on Namek through Krillin's memory. Seeing Frieza terrifies Krillin as Frieza was one of the three villains that killed him. Goku is able to destroy the Frieza illusion, but it keeps coming back until Goku makes it and the other illusions disintegrate by not reacting to them at all. Krillin was later surrounded by multiple illusions of Frieza that eventually morphed into Nappa.

    Universal Surival Saga[]

    Frieza in Hell

    After 9 members of the 10 member Team Universe 7 gather they realize that Buu has fallen asleep and will not wake up for at least two months. Goku, in a desperate state, suggests making Frieza the 10th member after Beerus rages at the group for destroying all of Frieza's army. Everyone protests because Frieza is as likely to destroy them rather than help them. Nevertheless, Goku insists he and Vegeta can stop Frieza should he get out of control. Goku convinces King Yemma to have him escorted to Hell where he finds Frieza strung up in his cocoon. Frieza wonders why Goku is there and figures out that he is planning something when Goku asks Frieza how he would like to get out of Hell for a bit. After telling Frieza about the Tournament of Power, he cuts the cocoon down, liberating Frieza. After a few disagreements, Frieza agrees.

    Golden Frieza and Goku

    Frieza tells Goku to use the Dragon Balls to revive him, enticing Goku by claiming he can become stronger. Disgusted by the offer, Goku nonetheless tells him that the Super Dragon Balls would become the prize for the winner of this Tournament, but Frieza doubts it, preferring the Earth's Dragon Balls to resurrect him. Goku promises to revive Frieza, and so Frieza agrees to join Team Universe 7. Goku goes to see Fortuneteller Baba, and asks her to bring Frieza to Earth for 24 hours. Baba is reluctant to do this, but does as Goku asks since the fate of their Universe is at stake. Frieza arrives, and he and Goku greet each other by punching each other in the guts. Assassins from Universe 9 arrive to assassinate Goku and Frieza, who powers up to Golden Frieza and begins killing the assassins. Frieza reveals that he learned to maintain his stamina by mental concentration via imagining killing Goku. Frieza is hit by Energy of Destruction but quickly gains control of it and hits Goku with it. He uses a communicator device from one of the assassins to talk to Sidra and Ro. Frieza offers them a bargain: they make him a member of their team and he will perform well, as he doesn't want to be collateral damage if Universe 7 is erased and offers to kill Goku to ensure his team doesn't win. As the two gods argue over this, Beerus and Whis show up causing Frieza to destroy the communicator. Beerus suspects Frieza is plotting against them, though Whis thinks he may simply have been trying to get intel on other universes.


    Frieza notes to himself that this tournament is the perfect opportunity to manipulate the gods of the many universes, and threatening Beerus silently. After Beerus frees him, Goku asks for a quick spar with Frieza on the condition that whoever lands one punch wins. Both punch each other in the face and knock each other out cold and Beerus declares they are evenly matched. Frieza is taken to the rest of the team. As soon as he arrives, all the other members look at him suspiciously while Beerus prevents him from doing anything stupid to which Frieza tells him he knows. Vegeta then makes a comment about his halo, Frieza jokes about giving him one. As the team leaves and Whis tells everyone to join hands so he can transport them to the arena, Beerus butts in and grabs Frieza's arm instead of Vegeta to avoid an escalating grudge between the two.

    Freezaintournament (71).png

    Frieza and his teammates are transported by Whis to the Null Realm. There he meets the fighters from other universes, and is surprised to see Frost, another member of his race. Before the tournament begins, Frieza and Frost meet in secret near the far edge of the ring. The two agree yo work together as kindred spirits. Like Goku, Vegeta, 17 and 18, Frieza ignores Gohan's strategy and runs off to fight on his own; ki blasting Catopesra from Universe 3 at point blank. Frieza easily defeats Napapa and incapacitates Roselle, and had caused the latter to accidentally jump out of bounds after some torture. Frieza then witnesses Universe 9 being erased by the two Zenos and swears to reign over them one day. When Kale transformed, and started going on a rampage, Frieza just calmly smiled, seemingly unfazed. Later, when Gohan talked about reuniting their team, Frieza showed up while clutching Mulithim by his head. Vegeta approaches Frieza and accuses him of stalking his prey. Frieza blithely just kicks Mulithim off the ring.

    Frieza defeats Jimzu

    Frieza appears again, watching the spectating crowd from above a ledge, and deciding who will be his next victim. He then notices Gohan struggling against Jimizu, and comes to his aid. But, to Gohan, Jimizu, and the spectating Universe 7's surprise, he allows for the fight between Gohan and Jimizu to continue. However, after Gohan is overpowered, Frieza smugly intervenes between Jimizu and Gohan. To his bafflement, Frieza simply gets over his Instant Transmission and knocks him over with his tail, dismissing his technique as mere child's play. Jimizu attempts it again, but once again, Frieza easily attacks him. Using his tail to lift him from his throat, Frieza proceeds to torture Jimizu, and with a final ki blast, claims his victory over him. With both Universe 2 and 7 in shock, Frieza throws him out of the ring, where the members of Universe 2 proceed to give their fallen comrade aid.

    Frost and Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

    As Frieza berates Gohan for not using his full power against Jimizu, Frost comes in on the scene, complimenting Frieza for the exhilarating battle. Champa yells at Frost to get away from Frieza, as he knows he is no match for him, but then Frost reveals that his only enemy is Gohan. Frieza then walks over to his side, and everyone realizes they had already formed an alliance. With everything out on the table, Frost insists that Frieza does battle against Gohan, to which Frieza accepts. Before they begin, Frost warns Frieza if he should be lying to him, he would suffer the consequences, and forms a Death Beam at his fingertips. Frieza and Gohan then do battle, with Frieza holding an upper hand for the majority of the battle. As the battle goes on, Gohan powers up to his Ultimate form and manages to get a good punch on Frieza. Realizing the full extent of his power, Frieza proceeds to power up to his Golden Form, and after a very short bout, Frieza defeats Gohan. Frost then comes on from the sidelines, marveling at the amazing power Frieza possesses. Frieza states to him that he can also attain this power from training, or at the very least, his maximum power form, to which Frieza proceeds to transform into.

    Frieza giving energy

    Frost follows suit, and Frieza gives him an important lesson about the form, which is to use it early on to make sure the body's stamina doesn't run out. Frieza gives him one final lesson, which is to not trust anyone, and proceeds to knock him out of the ring. After Frost is knocked out, Gohan pushes himself off of the ground, revealing himself to still be conscious. Utterly shocked by this betrayal, Frieza reveals to Frost that he never intended to work with him, as he considers Frost an amateur in comparison to himself. Enraged by the fact that Frieza would dare call him an amateur, Frost prepares a ki blast, but before he can fire, he is erased by Zeno, who restates that nobody can attack from outside the arena and warning Champa they would erase Universe 6 if they did it again. With the fight finally over, Frieza states to Gohan that they should continue to work together to attain victory, and leaves with a smile on his face.

    Frieza vs Cabba

    After observing Goku's battle with Jiren and overhearing the gods' fear of a mortal using the form, Frieza gives chase to Goku who flees after his loss to recover. Frieza is able to catch Goku and prepares charging a blast stating that no one can actually see them behind the pillar. Goku, fearing for his life screams, as Frieza fires his attack; however, to Goku's shock, he is alive and Frieza laughs and reveals he gave him some of his energy. Frieza said that even though he didn't give him much, knowing that Goku has more than enough to get back on his feet and begin recovering. Frieza continues by telling Goku now all debts are paid, stated fighting Jiren is something he wanted to avoid. He also told Goku that the gods were actually scared of Goku when he was using his new found power and told him the gods called it Ultra Instinct. He also informs Goku he is doing well out there as expected and Universe 7 needs him to keep doing well, as Frieza takes his leave to find his next victim. After watching Vegeta save Cabba and learning of their relationship, Frieza became disgusted at the thought and challenges Cabba to a fight after he barely beats Monna. Despite his best efforts, Cabba is incapable of handling Frieza in his base form and powers up to Super Saiyan 2 after Frieza backs him into a corner. Once Frieza reveals his hatred of Saiyans, Cabba fires a Galick Cannon at him, who rather than blocking the move, powers up to his Golden Frieza form and defeats Cabba with Emperor's Death Beams. Uncharacteristically, Frieza asks Cabba to give up and when Cabba refuses, Frieza blasts him out of the ring with a basic ki blast. Afterwards, Frieza says that he regrets using more stamina than required to take out trash.

    Golden Frieza

    Frieza fires several Death Beams, looking for a fighter to entertain him, (Dyspo opted not to deal with him and flees while hiding behind a boulder). Suddenly, Katopesla appears and transforms into his Whirlwind Speed Mode form and asks Frieza if he's fast enough to even catch him before running off (Frieza simply ignores this). Frieza then appears before Goku, Caulifla, and Kale and expressed interest in eliminating the two female Saiyans and was about to counter Caulifla's Crush Cannon with his Death Ball, but stops when Goku insisted on taking them both on. He continues to observe the battle between Goku (whom re-awoken his Ultra Instinct) and Kefla, and stated that he needs Goku to continue working for him after he emerged victorious. Frieza watches on as Universe's 2 and 6 were erased, simply stating that Goku didn't tap into "Ultra Instinct" this time. Later when Anilaza is created, Frieza gets asked by Goku to help in the battle. Frieza helps Goku, Vegeta, 17, and Gohan to defeat Anilaza.

    FriezaTournPower (10).png

    During the fight against the remaining three members Team Universe 11, Dyspo used his Light Bullet to try and attack Frieza from behind, but Frieza grabbed Dyspo’s attacking arm with his tail. Frieza said it was handy to have a tail. Dyspo smiled and said it was handy for him too, and then dragged Frieza by the tail, slammed him face first into a rock formation, and dragged his face through it. But Frieza proved completely unscathed, which shocked the Pride Troopers eliminated and then told Dyspo he was bored before throwing a Death Beam, forcing the pride trooper to flee. They continued their fight, this time, Dyspo used his Light Bullet against Frieza. Frieza still manages to block Dyspo's attacks with some difficulty until his enemy uses his Circle Flash on him. When the attack explodes on him, Frieza falls on his knees and Dyspo is ready to attack him again but Frieza blocks him again with his tail and throws him to the ground. Amused by his opponent, he offers him a deal similar to the one he did with the universe 9 but Dyspo refuses, calming Frieza badly. Exasperated, Frieza decides to finish with him and transforms into Golden Frieza, and attacks Dyspo first. After having cashed his attack, Frieza asks him if it's all that he has and begins to attack mercilessly, becoming faster than him and still beating him.


    After having landed again, Frieza began to make fun of Dyspo until he showed his latest asset: Super Maximum Light Speed Mode. Undaunted, Frieza charged Dyspo, but the pride trooper managed to push him a long distance, thanks to speed now superior to that of Golden Frieza's, although Frieza still managed to block some of his blows, but with difficulty. While Dyspo was going to deal the final blow to Frieza, Gohan intervenes, which surprises Frieza, who asks him why he came to help him. Gohan just said that he was in the same team, which Frieza asked him if he was not afraid he would betray him for real this time, and Gohan warned him that if it was happening like that he will make Frieza fall from the arena. Frieza not impressed, agreed to team up with Gohan and they attacked Dyspo with Ki Blasts, but he easily dodges them. Frieza then created a Cage of Light to prevent Dyspo from having enough space to go fast enough, which allows Gohan to gain the upper hand, but this quickly drains his stamina, which forces Frieza to eventually let go. Dyspo is about to attack again, but Gohan manages to catch him from behind, immobilizing him completely. Gohan then shouts at Frieza to knock them down, which he does without hesitation, eliminating both Dyspo and Gohan.


    Frieza observes the fight between Toppo and Android 17. Both opponents launch powerful energy attacks and Toppo easily pushes back to 17 limit, but Frieza launches a Death Beam at Toppo's back. Frieza mocks Toppo and proceeds to fire a barrage of Death Beams, greatly injuring the Pride Trooper. Frieza then finishes with a Death Cannon that completely consumes Toppo, also allowing Android 17's energy beam to defeat his. However, Toppo proves not to be out, although he is heavily injured. Frieza appears in front of him, then mocks the futile resistance of the leader of the Pride Troopers, deeming him trash that he will be happy to throw in the trash bin. Suddenly, Toppo declares that justice and evil are irrelevant, saying survival is the only thing that matters, and it is because of this that Toppo powers up to his God of Destruction Mode. The transformation does not impress Frieza, too confident of its power says that Toppo can not do anything against Golden Frieza. Toppo then fires an Energy of Destruction at Frieza, who confidently believes such an attack won't work on him, and stops it with only one hand. His belief is quickly proven wrong, however, and in mere moments, Frieza is consumed by the Energy of Destruction.


    Later in the battle, Frieza reappears, albeit out of his Golden Form and with many injuries scathing him. Enraged that Toppo did so much damage, Frieza declares that a God of Destruction is nothing compared to him, and fires Destroy The Planet!. Alas, Toppo merely flicks a tiny ball of destructive energy which manages to destroy the Death Ball, completely stupefying Frieza. Toppo proceeds to hammer Frieza with several powerful punches, and in mere moments, Frieza is knocked unconscious. But from the sidelines, Android 17 kicks a rock that changes Frieza's trajectory, thus saving him from a ring-out. Later on, Frieza returns to save Android 17 from Toppo's attack before using an Imprisonment Ball to temporarily paralyze Toppo. However, his subsequent Psychic Rock Throw failed to affect Toppo and he ended up tossed around again. Frieza and 17 went for a barrage of ki blasts but they both failed to harm Toppo as well. The fight was interrupted by Goku and Vegeta's fight against Jiren, who sent a Power Impact towards 17 and Frieza, which hit both of them.

    Jiren vs Golden Frieza

    Frieza survived the attack, and angered by Jiren's beating of him, attacks him ferociously, but is fended off and hopelessly overpowered by the mighty Pride Trooper. Even in his golden form, Frieza is effortlessly beaten down by Jiren, who stopped his attack with a glare and delivered a blow on the emperor, before punching him with enough force to knock him out of his golden form, leaving Frieza unconscious yet again. Frieza bides his time during Goku and Jiren's fight, then saves Goku from being knocked out with a kiai. He powers up alongside a still-alive Android 17 to face off against Jiren. Frieza attacks Jiren head on and is able to keep up with him in his Golden Form, with Frieza mocking him for losing his power. During the fight, Frieza is knocked back and 17 flies in and tackles Jiren and charges up the same sneak attack. Jiren attempts to block it this time but 17 locks them inside his barrier and detonates it, hitting Jiren with the entire blast. Jiren vomits and drops to his knee's beaten once again, this time by Frieza and 17.

    Jiren vs Frieza and Goku

    After 17 tells him to finish Jiren, Frieza charges a Death Beam and points it between Jiren's eyes, demanding the former titan to stare him in the eyes as he eliminates him. With some motivation from Toppo, Jiren powers back up with what he has left and attacks, forcing Frieza and 17 to set up a barrier. The effort of setting up the barrier causes Frieza to revert to his final form. Seeing this, Goku pulls himself up and joins them. Frieza asks Goku if he remembers his promise about ressurecting him. Goku says yes and Frieza insults Goku's naïve attitude towards him but nonetheless expresses his gratitude to Goku and after stopping the attack, Goku and Frieza charge Jiren with 17 providing long range support with ki attacks.

    Frieza and Goku knocking out Jiren

    The trio is able to beat Jiren into what remains of the time pilliar. Jiren throws them off and goes for 17. Frieza demands Goku to throw him to Jiren. Goku obliges and Frieza flies to Jiren and hits him with his Nova Strike, willing to sacrifice himself to eliminate Jiren. Jiren manages to redirect them into a near by rock formation to save himself only to be caught by Goku, who is struggling to hold his Super Saiyan form due to not having energy. With their team cheering them on, Goku fully powers up in his Super Saiyan form as Frieza fully powers up his Final Form and drive Jiren through the ring to eliminate the titan.

    Frieza's life restored by Whis

    After 17 brings back everyone who was erased in the Tournament Frieza is annoyed at a notion of a happy ending being worse than damnation in hell. Whis resurrects Frieza at the request of Beerus, with Whis telling a shocked Frieza that it is a personal gift from Beerus as gratitude for his efforts. However, while grateful that he was revived, Frieza makes it very clear that he has no intention of changing his evil ways, with Goku in turn stating that should Frieza even attempt to cause any more trouble, he will make sure Frieza is defeated again.

    Frieza New Army.png

    Sometime later, Frieza resumes his position as leader of the Frieza Force. He apologizes to his soldiers for making them wait so long and re-introduces himself, while announcing that the "Emperor of the Universe" has returned.

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Movie)[]

    Frieza and King Cold's meeting with the Saiyans

    King Cold appears on Planet Vegeta in Age 732 and announces to King Vegeta and the Saiyans that he is retiring. He presents his son, Frieza, as their new ruler and that the Cold Force shall from that day onward be known as the Frieza Force. In Age 737, Frieza destorys most of the Saiyan including Planet Vegeta.

    Frieza in Dragon Ball Super: Broly

    Back to the present in Age 780, Frieza sends his forces to steal the Dragon Balls from Capsule Corporation so he can become 5cm taller. When Berryblue asked why 5cm, Frieza says anymore would be noticeable. Frieza also refuses to go to Earth himself until all seven Dragon Balls are located as despite his ki control gained from training in Hell, Frieza is unable to conceal his large ki signature which he notes the Dragon Team would be able to sense before his ship even entered Earth's atmosphere and that he sent weak soldiers to covertly steal the Dragon Radar from Bulma's lab. The soldier were successful at stealing the Radar and six Dragon Balls that Bulma had been collecting to make herself five years younger but Trunks informed his mother and father about the burglary and the soldiers were caught on video alerting Bulma, Vegeta, and Goku to the theft and Bulma decided to go after the last Dragon Ball on the Ice Continent which Bulma had held off on collecting due to the coldness of the region.

    Paragus and Frieza

    Meanwhile Frieza's soldiers find the Saiyan survivors Broly and his Paragus stranded on Vampa and Frieza learns Paragus hates the House of Vegeta and wants revenge after King Vegeta III banished Broly to Vampa (in the same year Frieza took over command of King Cold's empire following his father's retirement) due to King Vegeta's jealousy over Broly's power level being higher than his eldest son Vegeta IV. Paragus also was given the Frieza Force's cover story that Planet Vegeta was destroyed by collision from a celestial object though did not mourn for its destruction as he had abandoned it years before in an attempt to rescue Broly from Vampa. As a result Frieza viewed the two Saiyan survivors as valuable soldiers, Broly due to his untapped potential and Paragus due to his hatred of Vegeta's family and ability to control Broly who was loyal to his father. Frieza made a deal with Paragus that he and Broly could take their revenge out on Vegeta but killing the Saiyan named Goku would be reserved for Frieza himself noting his own desire for revenge against the Saiyan who humiliated him.


    Eventually his men located the final ball and the Frieza Force headed to Earth. However Goku and Vegeta attacked the soldiers' ship, though they were saved when Frieza announced his arrival with a Petite Supernova that created a hole in the clouds as his ship descended to the Ice Continent. Frieza, Broly, and Paragus exited the ship flanked by Frieza's Honor Guard. Frieza uses Telekinesis to retrieve the Dragon Balls for safe keeping while he and his new Saiyan subordinates deal with Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta cares little about how his father's exile of Broly lead to Paragus and Broly becoming stranded and notes it has nothing to do with him which is true as Vegeta was still an infant around the time and the decision was his father's not his. Vegeta however has no real sympathy for Paragus or Broly recognizing they want revenge on his whole family and are willing to side with the likes of Frieza to get it. Frieza notices Broly's anger flaring up after seeing Vegeta's dismissive attitude and hearing his father's desire for revenge, causing Frieza to have Paragus order Broly to attack Vegeta.

    Golden Frieza

    Frieza watches Broly fights Vegeta and asks Paragus if this is Broly's first real fight. Paragus says he has fought Broly a number of times but Frieza laughs at him and says that would be a no compared to Vegeta then. As the battle progresses, Frieza learns Broly can't turn into a Super Saiyan and kills Paragus to help him by framing Vegeta. Frieza is then forced to fight Broly when Goku and Vegeta fly past him. He transforms into his Golden form but is still no match for Broly's power, receiving a one-sided beating during the hour he fought him. Left in terror of Broly's unprecedented might, Frieza nevertheless maliciously grins at Broly's level of strength.

    Frieza and Gogeta Blue

    When Gogeta appears, Frieza is left confused as to who the heck he is and is left shocked when he reveals he is a fusion of Goku and Vegeta and watches with absolute awe as Gogeta's power proves to be substantially greater than his and Broly's, easily overpowering Broly repeatedly and would have killed him were it not for Frieza's soldiers turning on him to use the Dragon Balls to whisk Broly away. Frieza attempts to kill them but is stopped by Gogeta. Knowing he is vastly outclassed by his foe, Frieza leaves. Three days later, Frieza believes that if Broly can control his power he would be a great asset to the Frieza Force and trusts his henchmen who betrayed him to tame Broly. Frieza says that Goku and Vegeta are becoming a formidable team and by himself, he can't beat them especially since they're now able to do fusion, so now he needs a partner to win.

    ==  Dragon Ball GT==

    Super 17 and Shadow Dragon Saga[]

    Frieza and Cell vs Goku in Dragon Ball GT

    Sometime before the events of Dragon Ball GT, Frieza is killed again. In Age 790,  Frieza teams up with Cell to act as a distraction for Goku while a horde of villains from the Z Fighter's past escape Hell, thanks to Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu's portal. Even when Frieza and Cell combine their forces to combat Goku, they both fall under Goku's might, with each of their most significant attacks failing after another. Eventually, after much bickering, Cell and Frieza use their newly made combination technique, the Hell's Buster, to launch Goku downwards into the darker realms of Hell where their opponent has to endure the Terrible Torture Tour. Frieza and Cell come to see Goku frozen after the final stage of the tour, but due to Goku being alive, his living energy heats the ice encasing his body. He then uses the snow machine of the Torture Tour to freeze Cell and Frieza, finally defeating them. Frieza was last seen with Cell being arrested by the ogres.

    Frieza in Dragon Ball GT

    Frieza briefly appears in the first episode of the Saga, when its shown the wishes made to Shenron that brought the Shadow Dragons to life, as Syn Shenron, the saga's main antagonist, was born from the wish made by Mr. Popo to revive everyone on Namek that was killed at the hands of Frieza and his soldiers. Later, Frieza appears in the flashbacks of the final episode that shows him killing Krillin and then Goku becoming a Super Saiyan for the first time at their battle on Namek.

    Dragon Ball SF[]

    Azure Saga[]

    Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta flashback in Dragon Ball SF

    In the first chapter of Dragon Ball SF, Frieza makes appearance after King Cold retires and Frieza takes his place and renames the Cold Force the Frieza Force instead. During Age 737, the Genocide of the Saiyans take space with most of the Saiyans being destroyed along with Planet Vegeta.

    Frieza in Dragon Ball SF

    In the Six Chapter of Dragon Ball SF during Age 790 after the defeat of the Shadow Dragons, Frieza is seen in his Cacoon along with many other villians in Earth's Hell.


    • Flight – The ability to fly through the use of ki.
    • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
    • Telekinesis – A technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.
    • Survival – Frieza can survive in a vacuum, enabling him to survive in space.
    • Explosive Wave - a burst of ki emitted from the entire body capble of causing minor damage.
    • Kiai – It is a technique where the user affects the air currents around him

    with ki to produce powerful shockwaves in order to strike the opponent.

    • Tail Attack – A technique used by those who have tail in order to attack their opponents. They can use it to whip or constrict the opponent.
    • Psycho Blast – The performer uses telekinesis to lift a medium-sized to large boulder from the ground nearby, and then throws it at the opponent, inflicting moderate damage.
    • Invisible Eye Blast – A Kiai shot from the eyes.
    • Psycho Barrier - A technique used to generate an energy shield around the user to protect them from attacks.
    • Emperor's Sign - A Fighting Pose used to inspire ones allies.
    • Long awaited-for 100% – Frieza powers up even further beyond his 100% power.
    • Pressure Point Attack - By touching or hitting weakly certain pressure points on an opponent's body, can incite effects such as paralysis or knock the opponent out. Enough prolonged pressure on the pressure points can also kill the opponent.
    • Death Comet

      Frieza's Death Comet

      Frieza fires several energy waves coming out of the aura around his body.

    • Whirlwind Blow

      Frieza's Whirlwind Blow

      By lightly blowing, the user produce strong winds that formed a tornado. Then, the tornado lifts the opponent into the air and throws them a great distance away.

    • Destructtive Ray

      Frieza's Destructive Ray

      The user shoots laser-like beams from both eyes. The potency of the Eye Laser technique varies, but most of them are very fast and able to nullify weak attacks and small projectiles, as well as cripple opponents and damage other objects.

    • Death Beam

      Frieza's Death Beam

      The Death Beam is a piercing beam of energy fired from the finger, it is Frieza's signature and most heavily used technique. If the technique is not able to pierce a target it instead creates a huge city sized explosion. To perform the technique, the user extends his right arm and fires a small, thin, very fast and concentrated laser-like beam of ki from his index finger, which barrels down and pierces through the opponent. The user is able to fire the attack very quickly, while maintaining precise aim.

    • Punishing Rush

      Frieza's Punishing Rush

      Frieza shouts "Here I go!" as he elbows the opponent in the stomach and hits them on their legs with his tail, turning them around. He then double slaps the opponent on their back, knocking them away and teleporting in front to backhand punch them in the face, inflicting a high amount of damage.

    • Death Storm

      Frieza's Death Storm

      Frieza raises his hand and opens it to release a giant Exploding Wave.

    • Death Fork
      Frieza charges at the opponent to impale them in the chest with one of his horns. Next, he shifts his head up and down, further injuring the opponent and causing more blood to leak out of them. Finally, Frieza throws the opponent off his horn down to the ground.

    • Punishing Blaster
      Punishing Blaster 1.png
      Frieza gathers pink energy in his hand and thrusts it forward to fire a large energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage.

    • It's Just Getting Exciting!
      First, as he asks "How would you like it?", Frieza knees the opponent in their stomach and kicks them up into the air. Then, he appears above the opponent to fly down and punch them down into the ground, inflicting a high amount of damage.

    • You Thought That Was It?
      Before the opponent attacks him, Frieza says "Watch what I can really do!" and dashes across the opponent with a punch to their face. Then, he flies back and elbows the opponent in the face. Finally, he punches them down into the ground, inflicting a high amount of damage.

    • Punishing Counter
      Punishing Counter.png
      When the opponent attempts to attack, Frieza turns around and back kicks them in the face. He then moves behind the opponent and blasts them away with a Death Cannon, inflicting a high amount of damage.

    • Death Bullet
      Two Death Beam Charge.jpg
      The first method has the user prepare his index and middle fingers on both of his hands, and then he fires a Death Beam at the opponent at a very rapid rate, inflicting a great deal of damage. The second method has the user simply flicking his finger with deadly force.

    • Crazy Finger Beam
      Crazy finger beam.JPG.jpg
      An incredibly fast burst which explodes at a location Frieza points to.

    • Death Cannon -
      Last Emperor2.png
      The Death Cannon is Frieza's primary Full Power Energy Wave technique. It is a high powered blast of energy and has different variants depending on the form Frieza is utilizing. A version of it that uses up most of Frieza's energy is a last resort technique of the tyrant.

    • Killer Ball

      Killer Ball

      First, Frieza holds one of his hand outstretched in front of him sometimes with the other supporting it. Then, he fires many energy blasts at the opponent, inflicting a great deal of damage.

    • Barrage Death Beam
      First, the user extends his index finger at the target as if he were to fire the Death Beam. Then, he fires multiple Death Beams at a very fast rate, inflicting a great deal of damage.

    • Imprisonment Ball -
      Imprisonment Ball.png
      Frieza appears behind the opponent and holds his hand out, ensnaring them in an inescapable golden sphere of energy. He then toys around with this containment like a soccer ball. When Frieza is finished beating the victim around, he kicks the ball away, where it detonates on contact with anything other than Frieza himself. The resulting implosion is so immense it creates a vacuum that sucks in anybody near by.

    • Death Wave
      To use it, Frieza puts his middle and index fingers together and charges an energy sphere on the tips. He then swings the energy sphere around, creating a large Death Beam in the form of a giant, razor-sharp energy blade that can slice through anything.

    • Nova Strike -
      Nova Strike.png
      An attack where Frieza wraps himself in energy and flies straight at his foe to tackle them. Used against Goku on Namek, and also to eliminate Jiren during the Tournament of Power.

    • 50% Power
      50 Percent Power.png
      First, Frieza snickers as he elbows the opponent in their face. Then, he teleports behind the opponent and knocks them up off the ground with a low roundhouse kick. Next, he catches the opponent by their neck with his tail and brings them closer to elbow them in the ribs. Finally, Frieza says "I enjoyed that" as he tosses the opponent away with his tail, inflicting a great deal of damage.

    • Death Raid
      Death Raid.png
      Frieza surrounds his body with aura and dashes straight at the opponent, hitting them in the stomach with a powerful punch. Or Frieza jets into the air and fires a powerful orange ki blast at his opponent.

    • Death Ball -
      Death Ball.png
      Frieza lights a spark of energy on his index finger. Once enough energy is gathered, this spark may grow to the size of a small moon and is thrown towards the target. Typically, this attack is used to destroy planets or as a last-ditch effort to kill an opponent.

    • Destroy The Planet!
      Destroy This Planet.png
      Frieza puts the palms of his hands together in front of his chest and brings them apart as he forms a pink energy sphere. Then, he raises it upward and charges it with more power, changing it into a red and orange energy sphere and making it bigger and more powerful with additional streaks of black electricity. Finally, he fires the attack at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage. When thrown into a planet, it is shown that it tunnels into the ground until it destroys the planet's core.

    • 100% Death Ball
      100 Percent Death Ball.png
      An enormous pink energy sphere covered with electricity.

    • Death Saucer -
      After witnessing Krillin's Destructo Disc, Frieza quickly created his own upgraded version named the Death Saucer. This technique is the same as the Destructo Disc, however it is much faster and it homes in on its target, following them even if it initially misses. Frieza can also manually control the Death Saucers.

    • Ruthless Blow
      The attack starts off with Frieza saying "Out of my way!", he charges towards the opponent at high speed, then he uses Rapid Movement (disappearing from the opponent's line of sight). The opponent suddenly feels a stabbing pain, and discovers to their shock and horror that Frieza has thrust his hand/palm into their back. Frieza ends the attack by pulling his hand out of the opponent's back and letting them fall helplessly to the ground.

    • Death Blaster
      Frieza Death Blaster.png
      Frieza raises his hand upward and gathers yellow energy into his hand. He then aims his arm at the desired target and emits an energy wave at the target, inflicting a large amount of damage.

    • Supernova
      Frieza destroys Vegeta.png
      The user raises his finger and gathers their energy in the form of a giant yellow-orange, sun-like energy sphere. Once it is ready, the user launches the attack against the target. Like the normal Death Ball, it is mostly used to destroy planets, or as a last ditch-effort to kill an enemy.

    • Ki Sense – At the time of the Battle on Namek, like the rest of his minions, who use scouters as a compromise, Frieza seems to be unable to sense the ki of other people. However in Dragon Ball Super after training Frieza learns this ability.
    • Godly ki sense – Frieza is able to sense godly ki after his four months of training in the Golden Frieza Saga, as he notes that he can sense Super Saiyan Blue Goku's power, and feels that it is less than his.
    • Emperor's Death Beam
      Emperor's Death Beam RF2.png
      Golden Frieza blasts the opponent with a Chaotic Dead End, then provides to rapid fire Death Beams in a Gatling Gun fashion, inflicting massive damage

    • Emperor's Edge -
      Emperor's Edge RF.png
      The user fires a fiery gold and red slashing energy wave at the opponent. As soon as it hits the opponent, a large explosion in the shape of a blade appears, knocking away the opponent.

    • Golden Death Beam
      Kamehameha v Frieza's new attack RoF.PNG.png
      The most powerful version of the Death Beam.

    • Earth Breaker
      Earth Breaker 1.png
      Frieza presses his palms into the earth of the planet he is on and then detonates the entire planet with his ki, causing the ground to rupture and beams of fire to spew from the Earth, soon resulting in the planet being destroyed.

    • Grudgeless Strike -
      The user moves around rapidly before powering up and charge the opponent at full speed to punch them in the face.

    • Miracle of Universe 7 -

      Frieza and Goku knocking out Jiren

      Frieza and Goku (who is flashing between his base form and Super Saiyan) - who have both gone well beyond their limits - utilize a powered up Nova Strike to ram into their opponent in order to create a massive explosion.

    • Petite Supernova -
      Petite Supernova.png
      A smaller variant of the Supernova used by Frieza in his final form, Frieza uses it in Broly to announce his arrival on Earth.

    • Hell's Buster
      A technique that Cell and Frieza developed together while in Hell. Both Cell and Frieza begin to glow, then a yellow ki emits from both of their bodies, which then envelops their opponent, trapping him/her in an inescapable ki orb. Then, both the users throws the orb prison down into the deepest part of Hell, with the prisoner in it.

    While most beings in the Dragon Ball franchise usually transform to increase their power, Frieza's power is naturally so great that originally his body could not properly control it, and so Frieza developed series of physical transformations to instead limit his actual strength. He originally had four forms, with his fourth being his true form and first three designed to restrict and conceal his power from his enemies. Frieza says even upon transforming to his second form has a hard time controlling himself due to the immensity of his current strength. That would suggest that the second and third forms are mere physical augmentations that allow Frieza to build enough strength to revert to his true form. This also serves to torment his opponents by giving them a false sense of hope. Transforming to a new form appears to fully rejuvenate him and even repair any damage sustained in previous forms. His fourth form even appears to regenerate any previously lost anatomy as his severed tail in second form was completely restored once entering his fourth form.

    Later on, after a 4-month period of intense training, Frieza became able to instantly transform from his first form straight to his true form. To which, he obtained proper control of his true form's power, allowing him to access it unhindered. He also attained a new transformation which greatly increased his power instead. It is stated in the Dragon Book that King Cold appears to be the type who increases his abilities by transforming. However, King Cold never utilizes any forms other than his regular horned one so it is unknown what his transformation is.


    Frieza as a Child in his Base form

    In his first form, Frieza is at his shortest, child-like in statue and likewise youthful face. He has a large chestnut-shaped skull with two straight horns that protrude at near 45 degree angles. He also has a tail with a spiked end, which is relatively thick in width, as well as having three talon-like possible toes for feet. When Frieza was a child his first form appeared different, being much pinker, lacking lines on his arms and legs and not possessing shoulder pads.

    Frieza in his Base form.

    In his first form he has purple sections on his head, shoulders, and abdomen. He has pink parts with lines appear on his arms, legs, and cheeks as well as his lilac skin on his face, feet, and hands. He has wristbands and ankle bands with brown sections with lines on the front. He also has a white natural armor covering his chest and shoulders. He has red eye pupils and large dark red lips. He wears a standard armor of his army, consisting of a purple body suit with yellow shoulder guards. He also appears to wear black shorts. He also occasionally wears a red scouter.

    Second Form[]

    Frieza in his Second Form

    His second form is similar in appearance to the first, except much larger, reaching height that towers over Piccolo and likewise has a more mature-looking face with a more angled jaw-line and sharper nose. His muscle mass likewise grows equally large, sporting a bulkier and more defined built. His horns grow longer and curve sharply upwards into near right angles. His voice grows noticeably deeper, further giving the illusion of being more mature. His armor cannot contain his form and shatters, leaving his body fully exposed.

    Despite the height he gains in this form as noted by Kikono in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Frieza refuses his suggestion to revert back to it just to increase his height to satisfy his vanit

    Assault Form[]

    Frieza in his Assault Form

    Frieza's third form is the most brutish, with an extremely elongated skull. His facial features contort and change, with his nose melding into his mouth to form a crude beak. His original horns recede and are now white in color, erupting in pairs along the length of his head. Two pairs of spikes grow out of his back and curve upward, and the armor on his shoulders fling themselves outward like shoulder pads. He stands upright with a slight hunch, giving a more feral demeanor to him. Frieza stated that no one had ever seen this form before. It's unknown what the exact increase of power in this form is, but he is able to completely dominate the Nail-merged Piccolo, who previously overwhelmed Frieza's second form. In the original Funimation dub, Frieza's voices becomes a synchronized duo of his first and second forms' respective voices. This effect was removed in the remastered version, making this form sound like his second form.

    True Form[]

    Frieza in his True Form

    It is the form that Frieza was born in, thus being his "true" or "base" form. This is the form that allows him to reach his full potential. Drastically differing from his previous transformations, in his fourth form, Frieza instead regresses, with his former form cracking and shattering like a shell, becoming a sleek and only somewhat taller than his first form and his voice becoming higher-pitched again. He overall appears as a white lizard-like, almost harmless-looking creature; his horns and spikes disappear and his physique becomes streamlined. His skin becomes pure, solid-white with purple sections on his head, shoulders, forearms, abdomen and shins with the lines on his cheeks remained intact. His arms, legs, cheeks, and tail is longer and white the lilac skin on his face, neck, hands, and feet. At only a mere 1% of this form's true power, he is noted to dwarf the power shown from his previous forms.

    Because of his initial difficulty controlling his true power, Frieza's body is strained when unleashing too much power. As such, he would normally refrain from using this form, and even then would rely on only a small fraction of his true power. Once unleashing his true power, he proved able to hold his own against Super Saiyan Goku for a period. By the time of his second invasion of Earth, Frieza trained for four months to draw out an extraordinary amount of his latent potential. In addition to vastly increasing in power compared to his fight on Planet Namek and gaining complete control of his final form capacities, he can with no apparent problems maintain this form for as long as he desires and even access the full force of this form power for extended periods as calmly. Even more, his mastery allows him to access this form immediately This mastered state of Frieza's final form has been referred to as Full Power.

    In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Berryblue reveals that Frieza is sensitive about the height of his True form to the point that Frieza Force soldiers have been executed in the past for daring to call Final Form Frieza short and she guesses correctly that Frieza plans to steal the Earth's Dragon Balls to increase his height which Frieza confirms and explains to both Berryblue and Kikono that he plans to wish to increase his True form's height by five centimeters as anymore would be too noticeable. Unfortunately for Frieza, Cheelai and Lemo use the Dragon Balls to save Broly from Gogeta resulting in Frieza's height remaining the same

    100% Full Power[]

    Frieza in his 100% Full Power state

    To access his full power, his body becomes noticeably affected by it. Once charging himself to at least 85% strength, the strain of containing this untamed and immense power causes his muscle mass to increase. At 100%, his body becomes broader and his built engorged compared to his previously sleek frame. This also causes his body to grow noticeably taller, nearly equal to Goku in height. With his power pushed to the absolute limit, giving him strength and durability far greater than normal, able to fight nearly on par with Super Saiyan Goku during their final confrontation on Planet Namek. Despite his hulking frame in this state, he shows no apparent decrease in his endurance, speed, or agility. However, due to the strain on his body, he cannot maintain the maximum capacity of it for long, slowly weakening.

    During the Tournament of Power, Frieza showed that even massively increasing his might and mastering his final form's power, Frieza can still charge and focus his energy into pure might by bulking up his muscles if he wishes, further increasing his power well-beyond his normal limits. He is shown able to instantly obtain this state and to do so with no visible exhaustion or strain from doing so. This implies his control of this state has been refined to reduce the rate of stamina decline. However, he notes that it will only be useful for a short period and best used early in the fight due to the strain still depleting his stamina faster than in his normal state.

    Mecha Frieza[]

    Mecha Frieza

    Mecha Frieza (メカフリーザ) is Frieza rebuilt with cybernetic enhancements by scientists after what remained of the still-living Frieza was salvaged after being physically ruined while caught in Planet Namek's explosion. The whole of the lower half of his body, entire left arm, and right side of his face was replaced with scarring and metal accouterments covering what little was left of his organic self. These enhancements allowed him to exceed the limits imposed by his fully organic form, though by how much or in what way is unknown. It also was capable of generating bio-electricity, as red electrical bolts were seen emanating from him upon arrival at Earth. In the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai, this form has a slight mechanical sound to his voice. Despite being outfitted with cybernetics, he is still susceptible to ki-sense unlike the Red Ribbon Army-created cyborgs/androids. In the anime it is said by King Kai that Mecha Frieza's Supernova is ten times stronger than the Death Ball Frieza used to destroy Namek.

    Golden Frieza[]

    Golden Frieza

    During his training for a rematch against Goku, Frieza obtained this Ultimate Evolution, becoming Golden Frieza. While similar in appearance to his base form, his skin turns dark purple, gains pronounced eye ridges, and is encased in a biological armor covering all but his face, hands, and feet. It is glimmering gold in color but with a darker covering his arms and midsection down. He retains his purple plates but loses the ones on his shoulders and the ones on his forearms and shins become oval-shaped. He also grows noticeably taller and gains a slight increase in muscle mass. His aura also becomes a blaze of fire-like orange.

    Unlike his first three forms, this one increases his power beyond his Final Form. The increase in power is so great that Vegeta was initially too fearful to face him, with his power being massively superior to Super Saiyan Blue Goku even while holding back in an attempt to torture Goku.[22][23] The form gained open acknowledgement by even God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis from Frieza's tremendous growth in power, and in the anime Goku notes that if Frieza were to fight seriously he could potentially kill Goku in an instant.

    Despite the immense increase of power, Frieza's lack of preparation due to impatiently wanting revenge originally left the form incomplete and with a crippling flaw. After only a few minutes of usage, the intense energy this form generates burns through Frieza's to draining him of large amounts of stamina, affecting his performance in battle before ultimately reverting to his fourth form. In the anime, Frieza also displays the ability to hold back and control his power to an extent, allowing him to last somewhat longer. True Golden Frieza

    Golden Frieza powering up

    Acknowledging that the key flaw of his Golden form was an extreme disadvantage, Frieza spent his time trapped in Hell continuing his training through constant image training; he endured the constant annoyances he was subjected to and learned to completely refine his energy control despite being bound the entire time, focusing endlessly on his goal of killing Goku and how he would do it. This ultimately allowed him to master the Golden Frieza transformation and proportionately further increasing his power.

    • Frieza's Spaceship -
      A large, round ship used for transportation.

    • Frieza's Spaceship -
      Sorbet's Spaceship about to enter the Earth by the end of DBS Episode 20 01.png
      A large, round ship used for transportation.

    • Frieza's Spaceship -
      Frieza's spaceship (present).PNG.png
      A large, round ship used for transportation.

    • Scouter -
      A wearable, all-purpose computer.

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