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Frieza's Empire



December 24, Age 762 (unofficially)


Northern territories


Frieza (†)

Main Members:

Frieza (†)
Zarbon (†)
Dodoria (†)
Ginyu Force (†)
Cui (†)
The Benefactor (until defection in Age 737)


King Cold's Empire
Cooler's Empire
Nitro's Empire
Arcterial's Empire
Icer's Empire


Frieza's Empire is the territory of the Planet Trade Organization which is overseen by Frieza. During the imperial maximum (before Frieza and King Cold's deaths), his was the second largest territory in the Planet Trade Organization, being only about five percent smaller than Cooler's Empire. When it fractured upon Cooler's death, the territory was split between Kuriza's Empire, Arcterial's Empire, Icer's Empire, and Nitro's Empire with the majority of Frieza's worlds eventually coming under the control of his son Kuriza following the Pax Arcosia.


Frieza's Empire began when King Cold gifted his son Frieza Planet Frieza 001. For many years, Frieza conquered planets on his own until he had built up a large enough force of minions to aid him in his expansion. Frieza's Empire did not consist of many trade worlds, nor very many mining worlds, as the emperor's focus was more on finding strong warrior-species to supplement his army. Thus, Frieza founded more military outposts than either of his brothers. allowed him to press a high border against Nitro for the duration of his rule as emperor.

In Age 731, Frieza annexed the Saiyan race. He used their incredible strength to conquer many planets for him for 6 years before destroying their homeworld in Age 737 after fears about the legend of a Super Saiyan rising up to crush him made him paranoid of the species. This left only a few Saiyans in the entire universe alive.

In Age 737, Frieza's ship went to Planet Frieza 062 to acquire a new rejuvenation tank, for the old one was out-of-date. Appule was brought on as the tank's operator after it was installed.

During the Genocide of the Saiyans in Age 737, Zarbon sent a team led by Captain Ajisa to kill Kolhrai, Cyleria, Araegon, and Nazumi, who were off conquering a planet for Frieza at the time. They succeeded in killing all by Cyleria, who Zarbon was forced to kill himself.

By Age 741, Naemi's bounty grew to ₩90,000,000, due to her murdering and feeding on thousands of Planet Trade Organization soldiers across Cooler and Frieza's regions.

On September 14, Age 762, Zarbon visited Planet Frieza 319 and was treated for a perforated bowel. He vaporized Biko, a half-mad soldier who had destroyed two of the installation's rejuvenation tanks, before leaving.

Known members[]

Subjugated species[]

Planets controlled[]

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