Friecell is the fusion of Frieza and Cell. It is attained by using an ancient technique that Frieza and Cell learn in Hell named Hell Fusion. In this form, they have power comparable to a Super Saiyan 4.


  • This Planet Will Be Destroyed! – raises hands as if praying, then opens them – forming a ball of energy - and puts them to the side, charging the energy, says “This Planet will be destroyed!” and fires the beam. It is a combination of Destroy the Planet! and Solar Kamehameha.
  • Spirit Nova – raises hands up with ring fingers pointing upwards and says “I'll gather all the energy… Into a Supernova!” then throws the blue/orange/red ball at the opponent. It is a combination of Supernova and Spirit Bomb.
  • Double Death Saucer – raises hands to sides and prepares two Death Saucers, then fires them, then follows up with another two.
  • Death Beam x2 – raises finger, charges and aims, then fires a huge Death Beam at the opponent, followed by another charged on the other hand.
  • Long awaited-for Perfection - shouts "taste my perfection at 100%", increasing his power.
  • Ultimate Death Kamehameha – smashes the opponent into the air, then throws them to the ground, followed by a huge barrage of Ki Blasts, a Supernova, a Solar Kamehameha, and then finishes by saying “You Will Be Killed By Me!” and fires Frieza’s ultimate Death Cannon with both hands.
  • Friecell can also use any of Frieza and Cell's other techniques and natural abilities.
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