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Freya (フレイヤ, Fureiya) is the daughter of Frieza and Amamiya Ranou. Also the little sister of Kuriza. She is the princess of notorious Frieza Force and she lead her own squad inside the army. She is known to have a laugh exactly like her father but more in elegant way.


Freya is a beautiful young woman who has long blond hair with blue eyes. She is seen using a blue and white long dress along with metal gloves.She uses armor that different from the rest of members of Frieza army.

Noted from Rena, She mostly resemble her maternal grandmother, Cecillia the former Demon Queen.


Freya is kindhearted woman who values quality over quantity that's proves the squad she lead inside Frieza's army. Unlike her father, Frieza she is not bear grudging person she will respect and accept any kind races that she met.

She is also proves being a strong and serious leader when the time comes and will not as lenient as her appearance made her to be. She is also humble and intelligent while she is kindhearted, she mostly changes the way how Galactic Frieza Army operates in galaxy.