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Frieza final form

Freeza (Known as his mocked name Frieza by some people) is a prince and Cooler's younger brother, in BH fanfics he was brouth back to life to serve Prince Bartek

Role as Bartek's servantEdit

Bartek mocks Freeza by calling him "Frieza" and Bardock's clone does the same

5th formEdit

Majin 6th Formfysd Frieza

5th form Freeza

Prince Bartek gave Freeza the 5th form, even thought he beat the 2 of saiyans, he (along with his brother) lost to a mysterius boy

Majin FreezaEdit

Majin Frieza

Majin Freeza is the form Freeza uses in BH game 3, he later turns into his 5th Majin form

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