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Freddy 14
Alternate names Android Freddy
Fazbear 14
Race Android/Animatronic
Gender Male
  • Android 14 (Fusee)
  • Freddy Fazbear (Fusee)
  • Freddy 14 is the EX-Fusion of DBZ's Android 14, and FNAF's Freddy.

    Overview Edit

    Appearance Edit

    Freddy 14 has silver skin tone, black hair styled like Android 14's, and Android 14's clothes. He has the hands, and feet of Android 14, and most of his upper-body is over Freddy Fazbear's appearance, while he has the lower-body of Android 14. He has muscular appearance of Android 14, and the head similar but smaller too that of Freddy's.

    Techniques Edit

    • Jump Scare Ball - Freddy 14 teleport in front of his opponent, and uses a Jump Scare to frighten his opponent, and uses the Murder Ball used by Android 14 to blast his opponents.
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