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Y'know. The Dragon Ball franchise is one the strongest and most popular manga/anime franchises out there and it's still staying strong after all these years and its fandom is no different. We've all wanted to make cool characters so that we too, can join in the great adventures and epic battles. We pick a species and then let loose.

Now before anyone gets outta line and blows into a rage, I'm not here to offend anyone at all.

Of course...there is are some bulging problems with the way most fanon characters are made, and none too noticing than the name. In all my experiences I have not seen a single Saiyan (since that's the most popular species) that followed the naming condition. All Saiyans not growing up on Earth were named after vegetables. You've Raditz (radish), Nappa (napa cabbage), Turles (Lettuce) and of course, Kakarott (carrot) and even Tarble (-table, which goes in tandem with Vegeta). When's the last time you've seen a fan-made Saiyan that was named after a vegetable and not a lame human Earth name like Todd or some shiz. Where are the names, guys? It's a known fact that every character in Dragon Ball is named after a pun on something if the character isn't human. Whether it be the vegetables with the Saiyans or the fairy tales associated with Majins, why is it that you cannot follow suite?

I'd like to go on another tangent with other problems associated with most characters, I'd rather stay on topic. Kaihedgie 20:44, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

Well, I felt the same way and so for the Saiyan villain in my fan-fic Dragon Ball ST, I chose a vegetable not done before. The Saiyan's name is Serroli which is an obvious pun on Celery so that I could be in keeping with the name puns. SSWerty
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