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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Unknwon
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male or Female
Height: the hosts height
Hair Color: the hosts hair color
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information


In the early years of the Saiyans, Fedual Saiyans stated to appear. They would give up most of their ki, and ability to launch special ki blasts such as Galick Gun. But they can launch energyballs/ki balls. They appeared during the early stages of the universe. There is an Unnamed Fedual Saiyan, whcih started the trend but was killed in a Great War, years unknown. And they continued to die out, until Genstu was born. He was able to absorb to a Fedual Demon, and is known as the Last Surviving Fedual Saiyan. Though it's unclear if any has survived the years, since as stated on Genstu's profile, they can never be killed, but its possible they died because an unknwon sorce of extracting the demon from the host.

Known Fedual Saiyans:


Unnamed Fedual Saiyan


  • Note: The Unnamed Feudal Saiyan is possibly either Genstu's mother or father.