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Family Trees


Appears in:
  • Jaco: The Galactic Patrolman
  • Dragon Ball
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Pre-Dragon Ball
  • Dragon Ball SF
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    The main families in the Dragon Ball Series.

    Bardock's Family TreeEdit

    King Vegeta's Family TreeEdit

    • King Trama and his spouse gave birth to King Vegeta.
    • King Vegeta and Queen Able gave birth to Vegeta & Tarble.
    • Dr. Briefs married Mrs. Briefs.
    • Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs gave birth to TightsBulma.  
    • Vegeta married Bulma.
    • Vegeta and Bulma gave birth to Trunks & Bulla
    • Trunks married Mai
    • Trunks & Marron gave birth to Bokk
    • Bokk and his spouse give birth to Bulma Leigh.
    • Bokk and his spouse give birth to Kira.
    • Bulma Leigh and her spouse give birth to Vegeta Jr.
    • Colm married Bulla.
    • Kin and Bulla gave birth to Jin.
    • Tarble married Gure.
    • Tarble and Gure give birth to a son named, Sunto.

    Arale Norimaki's Family TreeEdit

    • Senbi Norimaki and Midori Norimaki had Turbo Norimaki.
    • God creates Gadzilla 1 & 2.
    • Gadzilla 1 & 2 land on Earth, and were reanamed Gatchan 1 & 2 by Senbi Norimaki.
    • Senbi Norimaki creates Arale Norimaki.
    • Dr. Mashirito created Obotochaman.
    • Arale married Obotchaman
    • Arale and Obotochaman had a child.

    Akane Kimoridi's Family TreeEdit

    • Murasaki Kimidori and Mame are sisters.
    • Kon Kimioridi and Murasaki Kimidori had Aoi Kimidori & Akane Kimoridi. 
    • Kurikinton Soramame Mame Soramame had Taro Soramame and Peasuke Soramame.
    • Tsuruten Tsun and Tsuntusunodanegoteiyo Tsun had Tsukutsun Tsun and Tsuruin Tsun.
    • Tsukutsun Tsun married Akane Kimoridi
    • Tsururin Tsun married Taro Soramame.
    • Hiyako and Sparrow are sisters.
    • Peasuke Soramame married Hiyiko.
    • Peasuke Soramame and Hiyoko had Poosuke.

    Namekian Family TreeEdit

    • The Original Elder Namek creates Porunga.
    • a Namek gives birth to Kata.
    • a Namek gives birth to Slug.
    • a Namek gives birth to Guru.
    • a Namek gives birth to Vardo.
    • Vardo recreates Ultimate Porunga and the Gold Star Dragon Balls.
    • Guru creates Porunga and the Namekian Dragon Balls.
    • Katas had the Nameless Namek, later known as Kami.
    • Kami becomes the Guardian of Earth.
    • Kami creates Ultimate Shenron and the Black Star Dragon Balls.
    • Kami spilts into two beings and creates King Piccolo.
    • Kami creates Shenron and the Dragon Balls.
    • Guru give birth Nail, Cargo, Dende and 105 other Nameks.
    • King Piccolo give birth to Tambourine and other Mutant Namekians.
    • King Piccolo is resurrected as Piccolo.
    • Piccolo and Nail fuse.
    • Rangea gives birth to Tsumuri.
    • Morri resurrect Porunga
    • Piccolo and Kami fuse creating a Super Namekian.
    • Dende resurrects Shenron.
    • the Black Star Dragon Balls are resurrected, until Piccolo dies a third time.
    • Morri gives birth to Kagyu .
    • Vardo gives birth to Kola.
    • King Piccolo is resurected by the Namekian Dragon Balls.
    • Piccolo and King Piccolo fuse creating a Super Namek God.
    • Kagyu becomes a Super Namek God.

    Chilled's Family TreeEdit

    Dr. Gero's Family TreeEdit

    • Dr. Gero creates Android 1 through Android 7, and deem them unfit for combat and destroys them.
    • Dr. Gero and Flappe creates Android 8.
    • Dr. Gero creates Android 9 through Android 12, and deem them unfit for cobat and destroys them. 
    • Dr. Gero created Android 13.
    • Dr. Gero created Android 14.
    • Dr. Gero created Android 15.
    • Android 13 fuses with Android 14 & Android 15 to create Super Android 13.
    • Dr. Gero created Android 16.
    • Dr. Gero created Android 17.
    • Dr. Gero created Android 18.
    • Android 17 and Android 18 are twins.
    • Dr. Gero created Android 19.
    • Dr. Gero reconstruct himself into Android 20.
    • Dr. Gero creates Cell.
    • Cell absorbs Android 17 & Android 18 in order to reach his prefect form.
    • Cell created the Cell Jr's.
    • Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu creates Hell Fighter 17.
    • Android 17 fused with Hell Fighter 17 to create Super Android 17.

    General Copper's Family TreeEdit

    • General Copper creates Android 22.
    • General Copper creates Android 23.
    • General Copper reconstrcts himself into Android 24.
    • General Copper creates Android 25.
    • General Copper creates Android 26.
    • General Copper creates Android 27.
    • Android 22 absorbs Android 25, Android 26 & Android 27 to create Super 22.

    Krillin's Family TreeEdit

    Yamcha's Family TreeEdit

    • Yamcha married Yoko
    • Yamcha find a infant boy in the mushroom forest in diablo desert.
    • Yamach and Yoko make the infant boy their adoptive son, and name him Yincha .

    Tien Shinhan's Family TreeEdit

    Yajirobe's Family TreeEdit

    Bibidi's Family TreeEdit

    • Bibidi is the father of Babidi.
    • Bibidi creates Majin Buu.
    • Babidi resurects Majin Buu.
    • the Evil Majin Buu is reincarnated into the Human, Uub.
    • Uub and Majin Buu fuse to create Majuub.

    Korin's Family Tree

    • Kroin - is the good twin brother of Chocolay. Korin resides on Earth in Universe 7 at Korin Tower cultivating the Senzu Beans and the Ultra Divine Water.
    • Chocolay - is the evil twin brothe rof Korin. he resides in the Demon Realm in Universe 7 at Chocolat Tower cultivating the Dark Senzu Beans and Fruits from the Tree of Might.
    • Chocolay along with Mechikabura, Bibidi ,Babidi and the  Kashvarsto create the Demon God Ark.

    Nappa's Family TreeEdit

    • Rola and his Spouse gave birth to their son, Nappa.
    • Nappa and his spouse gave birth to their son, Mass.

    Paragus Family TreeEdit

    • Paragus and Peppa gave birth to their sons, Nori and Broly.
    • Nori is the father of Pearu.

    Tora's Family TreeEdit

    • Tora is married to Fasha
    • Tora and Fasha have a daughte ranmed Kale.

    Mechikabura's Family TreeEdit

    • Mechikabura is the grandfather of Dabura and Towa.
    • Dabura and Towa are born to their parents
    • Towa creates Mira and late rmarries him.
    • Mira and Towa's son, Fu is born.

    King Cobra's Family TreeEdit

    Dr. Myuu's Family TreeEdit

    • Tuffle scientist created Baby, and later Dr. Myuu recreates him.
    • Genetic Material of the Tuffle King was fused with Baby.
    • Baby created Dr. Myuu.
    • Dr. Myuu creates Giru.
    • Dr. Myuu creates Mutchy.
    • Dr. Myuu creates Luud.
    • Dr. Myuu creates creates Commander Nezi.
    • Dr. Myuu creates creates Bezill.
    • Dr. Myuu creates Ribet.
    • Dr. Myuu creates Natt.
    • Dr. Myuu creates General Rilldo. 
    • Dr Myuu  and Dr. Gero creates Hell Fighter 17.
    • Hell Fighter 17 and Android 17 fuse and create Super Android 17.

    Shadow Dragon's Family TreeEdit

    • Ultimate Porunga creates negative energy and creates Black Smoke Shenron.
    • Black Smoke Shenron splits into seven evil Shadow Dragons.
    • Haze Shenron was created from the wish that revived Bora.
    • Rage Shenron was created from the wish that revived Goku after the battle with Raditz.
    • Oceanus Shenron was created from the wish Oolong made getting women's panties.
    • Naturon Shenron was created from the wish to revive Majin Vegeta's victims.
    • Nuova Shenron was created from the wish to restore King Piccolo's Eternal Youth.
    • Eis Shenron was created from the wish from Mr. Popo of all Frieza and his minion's victims on Namek to be revived.
    • After absorbing the Dragon Balls, Syn Shenron transforms into Omega Shenron.
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