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Faerin Empire



Before Age 23,589


Sometime Before Age 600




Emperor Myogi (†) – Former Leader
Emperor Yagei (†)
Emperor Jokair (†)
Admiral Bael

Main Members:

Emperor Myogi (†)
Emperor Yagei (†)
Emperor Jokair (†)
Admiral Bael
Empress Lapsi (†)
Prince Mahsutic (†)
Princess Neire (†)
Lady Wugi (†)
Prince Keuli (†)
Grand Ministers (†)
Master Ckaro-Ckaro (†)
Governor Andulen-Knargo (†)
Oracle of Kal Unnei (†)




The Faerin Empire was the intergalactic empire formed by the Faereth species more than 24,000 years before the events of Dragon Ball. The empire ruled primarily from Faeri, though they had taken over numerous other worlds, including Uoto and Leqii. After Cooler's Empire emerged, the Faereth were soon conquered, bringing an end to their empire. During the Planet Trade Organization civil war, Admiral Bael reformed the Faerin Empire and rebelled against the Planet Trade Organization.

The original Faerin Empire spoke a language known as G'liac Ain. This language was replaced by galactic basic after they were conquered by Cooler's Empire. Members of this empire practiced a polytheistic religion. Two prominent gods that they worshiped were Kal Nanna, the goddess of the sun, and Kal Unnei, the goddess of the moon. The Mehyr Vehki, the Faeric Phoenix associated with the emperor, was considered to be a harbinger of Kal Nanna.

History[edit | edit source]

In Age 229, Bojack and Zangya left their baby girl Audacci in the Faerin court of Emperor Yagei, promising to return for her shortly. However, they were attacked on Nyare and imprisoned by the Kais, forcing Audacci to grow up on Faeri. She lived there for twenty years, becoming intimate with Prince Jokair until Jokair's older brother was killed and he was made the heir to the empire. Because he was unable to produce an heir with Audacci, Audacci decided to leave the planet as Emperor Yagei's health declined, for she did not want to be responsible for the demise of the Faerin Empire. Leaving the only man she ever loved was Audacci's greatest regret.

Known members[edit | edit source]

Original Empire[edit | edit source]

Reformed Empire[edit | edit source]

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