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Experimental Vanguard

Age 619


Age 695


Universe 6


Dr. Tau (†)

Main Members:

Dr. Tau (†)
Specimen #0217
Specimen #1099 (†)
Specimen #1653 (†)
Specimen #1835 (†)
Specimen #2067 (†)
15 additional second generation specimens (†)
Specimen #3118 (†)
Specimen #4217 (†)
Specimen #4683 (†)
194 additional third generation specimens (†)
322 additional fourth generation specimens (†)




The Experimental Vanguard was a group of genetically-created specimens led by Dr. Tau. They worked for him to secure resources and do research across the multiverse. Only trusted specimens were allowed into other universes, where they had to observe extragalactic containment protocol (essentially not interfering with native life whatsoever) at all times. The group was in operation until Age 695, when an unknown person put a bounty on Tau's head. Hit collected that bounty, killing all specimens except for Vizzer.

History[edit | edit source]

In Age 695, four specimens, Specimen #0217, Specimen #3118, Specimen #4217, and Specimen #4683, went to Aban in Universe 2 to track down a defector, Specimen #1099. They successfully killed him but at the cost of all of their lives sans Specimen #0217. Afterwards, #0217 was sent to Kheriedu in Universe 12 to pick up research tapes from Specimen #1835. While there, he unintentionally loosed Myaku upon the multiverse again (after the cambion had been locked away in a temple on that planet for millennia). Following that, he met with #1835 and received her research. He accidentally killed her with his Telepathic Domination and then returned to Tau's research station, thinking the doctor would execute him for his misdeed.

When he returned, he found the place in a state of chaos, as Hit had come to collect the bounty on Tau's head. Only a few specimens were still alive. When Hit came rushing at Vizzer, the specimen threw himself into the portal to Universe 7, leaving behind an energy attack that destroyed the portal as soon as he went through it, which saved him from Hit's wrath. Afterwards, the assassin killed the remaining specimens and Tau, thus ending this faction's existence.

Known members[edit | edit source]

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