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The Expansion Wave was developed by Baracuss and soon became his signature technique. The main blast is fired from the user's main hand (The one he/she uses the most), then gains a boost from the other hand causeing the beam to Expand. When Baracuss uses the Expansion Wave in his normal form, the blast apears in a light blue color. But in Super Saiyan or Higher forms the blast becomes blood red.

Different Versions[]


The normal expansion wave has enough power to obliterate an entire city before it expands.


The Super Expansion wave starts off at the size of a normal expansion wave after it has expanded, then grows over 4x larger.


The Final Expansion wave is a planet destroyer. Unless it is aimed straight up when fired, the expansion will catch the Earth and rip it apart.

Expansion Wave
Inventor Baracuss
Users Baracuss
Class Energy Beam/Wave
Color Blue or Red