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Evil Kakarot
  • Saiyan
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Aliases:
  • Son Goku
  • Prince Kakarot
  • Bio-Son Goku
  • Date Of Birth:
  • In 776 Age
  • Date of Death:
  • N/A (immortal)
  • Debut:
  • Fanfic: Dragon Ball Z BH saga 2
  • Family:
  • Bartek (adoptive younger brother)
  • Goku (cloned from)
  • Jackie (creator)
  • Bio-Chichi (wife)
  • Evil Bardock (father)
  • The Queen (adoptive mother)
  • Evil Turles (adoptive older brother)
  • Raditz (older brother)
  • Princess Chi-Chi (sister-in-law)
  • Princess Pan (sister-in-law/grandniece, alternative timeline)
  • Future Pan (grandniece, alternative timeline)
  • Pan (grandniece)
  • Pan Black (granddauther)
  • Bio-Krillin (best friend)
  • Bardock (source material's father/uncle)
  • Gine (source material's mother/aunt)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball Z BH saga 2
  • Dragon Ball Z TV Special 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Power Rangers Mystic menace
  • Dragon Ball BH game 3
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Dragon Ball GT New heroes
  • Likes:
  • His younger brother
  • His father
  • Being in his underwear
  • Flirting with Chi-Chi
  • Being childish
  • His older brother Raditz
  • Dislikes:
  • People who tease him
  • People calling him "Son" (his last name)
  • Bio-Vegeta
  • Needles
  • Jeice not obeying his orders
  • Android 16 going after his life
  • Piccolo jr trying to make his younger brother evil
  • Evil Turles
  • Working with Tambourine
  • "Hi there little brother, it's nice to meet you"
    — Kakarot to Bartek when he was created

    "It's nice to meet you Vegeta"
    — Kakarot to nearly created Bio-Vegeta

    "Wow what a grimface"
    — Kakarot to Bartek about Bio-Vegeta

    "OK Vegeta, I'm ready now"
    — Majin Kakarot to Bio-Vegeta

    "Bald headed friend?! You mean Krillin?! YOU MEAN KRILLIN?! (goes SSJ3)"
    — Majin Kakarot pissed off

    "Hehe better luck next time Vegeta"
    — Majin Kakarot and Bio-Vegeta, lying on the ring, Koed

    "Little brother, i do this for you, i hope you like me better then, take care"
    — Kakarot's sacrifise

    Evil Kakarotto (Dub name evil Kakarot) is the clone of Goku and the adoptive brother of Prince Bartek and Evil Turles, he's the son of Evil Bardock, unlike his normal self, he's in love with Chi-Chi. He's the last clone of the main saiyan characters. Also despite this being non canon, he also fears needles


    He's evil but not like his family, and a little cheerful, even thought he's used to calling him "Kakarot", he tolaretes when someone call him "Goku", but when someone calls him "Son", he goes mad. Due to the fact no one likes him from his family, he seems grimly


    He spots red t-shirt pink or dark blue pants and white arm bands, in the 100 years skip after GT he seems to wear a saiyan armor


    • Great ape - being cloned after Goku lost his tail, Kakarot can't go great ape, however at some point he can, due to either growing it back or using Kakarot's DNA
    • Super Saiyan 1 - from Goku's DNA, his personality is the same as Goku during the Freeza saga
    • Super Saiyan 2 - Only in Majin mode, despite his source material having it
    • (Majin) Super Saiyan 3 - first seen in the BH game 3 after Bio-Vegeta humiliated him, and treaten to kill his best friend - Krillin. Goku's clone can then later go into super saiyan 3 without becoming a majin
    • Super Saiyan 4 - after his tail grew back, he can turn into this form, unlike Goku's Super saiyan 4, he has golden hair, blue eyes and his fur takes on the more brown fur color


    In addition of his known skills via his source material, Evil "Goku" can also use these skills:

    • Galick gun - Kakarot's younger brother's fav skill, Evil Goku uses it very often
    • Demon ray - A move that he uses only in Majin form
    • Death Ball - The evil version of the Spirit bomb, Kakarot gathers energy from his victim to use againts him/her
    • Bros Kamehameha - The move he and his dear younger brother use againts enemies
    • Love Kamehameha - The move he uses with his girlfriend/wife Bio-Chi-Chi


    In some time after Bio-ChiChi was created, Kakarot and she got married, he invited everyone from his little brother's army, except for Bio Vegetto and Bio Vegeta

    Newly created Evil Kakarotto by Scarz

    Kakarot after being created teleports to Chi-Chi

    Future Goku

    Evil Kakarot spening time with his younger brother in the HTC

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