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Evil Goku

Aku Gokū
Manga name Evil Goku
Alternate names Evil Kakarot
Evil Kakarotto
Debut Dragon Ball AF
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 797
Date of death Age 797
  • Goku (Good Counterpart)
  • Evil Vegeta (Permanent fusee/Spawn)
  • Evil Gohan (Son/Spawn)
  • Evil Goten (Son/Spawn)
  • Evil Krillin (Spawn)
  • Evil Trunks (Spawn)
  • Evil Tiencha (Spawn)
  • Evil Yajirobe (Spawn)
  • Evil Korin (Spawn)
  • Vegeta Jr. (Reincarnation)
  • Evil Goku is one of antagonists in season 2. He was spawned when he separated from Goku, and used wishing powers to force the same on some of Goku's friends. He is defeated when Evil Gogeta is defeated.


    • Wish Granting
    • Evil Kamehameha
    • Instant Transmission
    • Evil Dragon Fist
    • Fusion Dance
    • Tail regeneration - Evil Goku is able to create and regenerate his tail as many times as he want's


    Evil Super Saiyan[]

    Evil Goku is able to transform into an Evil Super Saiyan. It his Blue-coloured and his eyes are is tan in stead of the tradition blond hair and blue eyes. Evil Super Saiyan is stronger then Super Saiyan 3

    Evil Super Saiyan 2[]

    It's the next level of Evil Super Saiyan and its more darker blue then first.

    Evil Super Saiyan 3[]

    Evil goku essj3

    Evil Super Saiyan 3

    Evil Super Saiyan 3 increases to new level surpassing Super Saiyan 4. In this level he's massive power increase gives him the advantage over everyone but he doesn't maintain this form for long as he ascends to Evil Super Saiyan 4

    Evil Super Saiyan 4[]

    Evil goku ess4

    Evil Super Saiyan 4

    Evil Goku quickly ascends to Evil Super Saiyan 4 surpassing Super Saiyan 5. He easily outclasses the good Z-Fighters and manages to make fools of them. It is not long after he merges into Evil Gogeta after he and Evil Vegeta are the only ones left.


    Evil Gogeta[]

    Evil gogeta

    Evil Gogeta

    Evil Gogeta is the permanent fusion that Evil Goku and Evil Vegeta endure. In this level he is far best any of the Z-Fighters and is able to make them look like they are doing nothing. Even Super Saiyan 5 Jamie was unable to faze him with full force punch to the face.