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Evil Bardock by victor0822 (color)

  • Saiyan
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Aliases:
  • King Bardock
  • Bio-Bardock
  • Date Of Birth:
  • 12 december Age 776
  • Date of Death:
  • N/A (immortal)
  • Debut:
  • Fanfic: Dragon Ball Z BH saga 2 (The strongest dad vs strongest dad)
  • Family:
  • Prince Bartek (adoptive son)
  • Prince Turles (adoptive son)
  • Raditz (son)
  • The Queen (wife)
  • Jackie (creator)
  • Bardock (cloned from)
  • Prince Kakarot (son)
  • Bio-ChiChi (dauther-in-law)
  • Princess Chi-Chi (dauther-in-law)
  • Princess Pan (dauther-in-law)
  • Sugesh (best friend)
  • Shich (source material's brother/cousin)
  • Gine (sister-in-law)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball Z BH saga 2
  • Dragon Ball Z TV Special 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Power Rangers Mystic menace
  • Dragon Ball BH game 3
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Dragon Ball GT New heroes
  • Likes:
  • His son Bartek
  • His son Turles
  • Being in his underwear
  • Pizza with broccolis and cheese
  • Having a moustache
  • Dislikes:
  • People calling him "Barduck"
  • Saving his son's girlfriends in underwear
  • His son Kakarot
  • Having a dauther who hates his moustache
  • Female Pokemon who flirt with him
  • His wife being angry at him

  • Evil Bardock (バーダック(悪)) or king Bardock and Bio-Bardock is the clone of Earth Bardock, he's the father of Evil Kakarot, and the adoptive father of Prince Bartek and Evil Turles, he appears for the first time in the chapter "strongest dad vs strongest dad", he was made on 12th of December and was given to prince Bartek as a present on 13th of December, he enjoys being naked (e.i. in his underwear) however as seen in "mystic pansy of the opera" he doesn't like it when he's naked while saving his son's girlfriends. He also hates when someone calls him "Barduck". He enjoys his "grandson" Future Gohan


    In his first design he wears pink t-shirt, pink bandana and white (later dark blue) pants, later that design was changed to him wearing Bardock's armor since it looks cooler, he also has red armbands


    Despite being a clone of Earth Bardock, he has the personality of the real Bardock, however he cares not only for his friends but his family as well, he's also a macho

    Bardock's clone is also a henpecked husband, fearing his own wife (the same thing can be said about his nephew thought)

    Title originEdit

    The title of him being "evil" is becuase he's the evil version of Bardock (who now became good), despite the title, Evil Bardock is neutral in personality (altough he likes killing)


    • Great ape - having a tail, Bardock can transform into an oozaru, unlike his source meterial/"brother", he can talk in this form (but only becuase his son was holding his tail a bit too much, so he trained it)
    • Super Saiyan 1 - from the original
    • ASSJ - to show his sexy body even more
    • SSJ2 (when majin)
    • Ultra Instinct Omen
    EBardock oozaru

    Bardock "training" Goku jr as an Oozaru


    Evil Bardock as a SSJ

    Ui evil bardock by reawakenz

    UI omen Evil Bardock, drawn by ReAwakenZ

    Power LevelEdit

    In his BASE form he has the power level of Super Saiyan 4 Goku, but he's still weaker than his son Bartek......and his wife

    In BH Game 3Edit

    He fights Pan from Vegito's universe, at the start the two were hugging but later he removed his armor because he looks "sexier", he fought one by one until Pan went mystic, but he later was also a match for her, later he creates the power ball to turn oozaru and grabs Pan, Future Pan and Princess Pan came to her rescue but ultimately fails, and Bardock leaves her in near dead state, Jeice state that Recoome done the same to her dad years by, however Bardock was not a brutal person. Then later Gohan attacked Bardock but was killed by him, before that, Bardock states that his power is ssj4 of Goku's to that Pan, Even thought our universe knew about it.

    He showed no interest when Evil Kakarot sarcificed his "life" to save him and his family from Future Cell, he also blames Kakarot when his son - Bartek feels sorry for Kakarot, stating that "Kakarot made him too soft"

    Evil bardock efs model by lutschgabriel
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