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Featured in The Monster and the Maiden
Pronunciation yoo-et
Adjective Euyetian
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 395.7 d
Satellites 1
Satellite names Cabugul
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 6152.3 km
Polar radius 6131.8 km
Surface area 39.4% land
60.6% water
Mass 2.1135×1025 kg
3.54 M
Equatorial surface gravity 37.2666 m/s2
3.8 g
Axial tilt 3.02°
Surface temperature
Minimum -85.2°
Mean 14.3°
Maximum 78.7°
Composition 72.22% nitrogen (N2)
24.73% oxygen (O2)
1.65% argon
0.89% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.46% neon
0.05% trace elements
Sentient Species Saiyans
Sentient species 1 population 0
Number of major cities 24
Technology level Tier 3

Euyet was a military outpost of the Saiyan Empire located in the solar system closest to the one harboring Planet Vegeta.


Roughly 3000 Before Age, Euyet was an outpost of the Saiyan Empire. It was located in the nearest solar system to Planet Vegeta. The world was a fortified military outpost. After Majin Jaduu was awakened from hibernation, he began to rampage through the Saiyan Empire. Len, that era's Legendary Super Saiyan, resolved to meet Jaduu on Euyet before he could reach Planet Vegeta.

Before he arrived, King Akres sent an army to aid her. However, when they showed up, they attacked Len instead, transforming into Great Apes (likely with a technique similar to a Power Ball). She too transformed and battled them, though very few of them (including Len) were conscious in their Great Ape forms.

Only when Jaduu arrived, shortly afterwards, did Len become conscious in her primal state. The other Great Apes fled the Majin while she battled him. She was too slow in that form, though, so she ended up cutting off her tail and battling him in her regular body. Len ascended to her Legendary Super Saiyan transformation to fight him.

The battle was long and bloody, but eventually, Len was able to incinerate Jaduu, thus ending his terror. The planet, however, had been damaged beyond repair by their fight. She was able to escape in a ship, but she did not alert anyone else on Euyet about what was about to happen, due to Akres' treachery. The planet blew up moments after she escaped from its surface.

Notable facts[]

  • It was on this planet that the nearly four-million-year-old Majin Jaduu met his end.
  • Cyleria thought it was too convenient that a full moon occurred right when Len and Akres' army showed up to the planet, which is why she told Ledas that it was more likely that the soldiers had used a technique similar to a Power Ball to induce their Great Ape transformations.


  • Euyet's Saiyan population:
    • At height: 168,392.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Euyet blew up as a result of the fight between Len and Majin Jaduu.

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