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Debut Mortal Rivalry
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Inventor Cuber
Users Cuber
Class Exploding Wave
Color       &       (charging)
      &       (explosion)
Similar techniques Volcano Explosion
Death Storm

Eruption is an exploding wave technique used by Cuber.


Cuber waves his hands in a wide circular motion, each hand leaving a trail of blue ki. When both trails touch each other to form a large circle, Cuber cups his hands in front of himself. The ki circle-trail then shrinks into a sphere within Cuber's palms. As Cuber continues charging, he rotates his cupped hands 180 degrees. After the charging is finished, Cuber shoots the sphere into the ground, creating a massive exploding wave around himself.


Cuber uses this technique in his last fight against Sheliv in order to stop his opponent's Afterimage Strike.