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Nappa: I Believe Now You Will be Destroyed!!!

Goku: Fat Chance!

King Vegeta: Actully Its Fact, Show Em What You Can Do!

Nappa: Hmph! GRAGH!!!! (Transforms Into A Advanced Demonic Saiyan) Now! Rapid Attack! (Launches 30 Ki Attacks)

Goten: (Dodges The Blast's) Grrrrrrrrrrgh.... (Transforms Into SSJ) NOW! Super Kamikaze Blast Attack!!!!! (Fire's A Red Blast Of Powerful Ki at nappa) HA!!!!

Nappa: (Gets Hit) Grrrrrgh....

Goku: Goten Ill Be Back In A Minute! (Teleports Out)

Goten: OK Lets Do This!!! (Transforms Into A SSJ2) Super Sonic Nitro Blast!!!!!!!!!!!! (Fires A Round Circular Blast That Pushes Nappa To A mountain )

Goku: VEGETA!!!

Vegeta: What The Heck Do You Want Kakarot?!!!

Goku: Nappa And Your Father Are About 150 Miles Away to the south west

Vegeta: WHAT?!!! There.....B-B-Back?!

Goku: Yes, And Me And My Son Need Some Help Against them

Vegeta: Sooooooo.... Not Even The Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Can Beat Him! Ill Help

Goku: Lets just Go! (Teleports The 2 To The Area Where Goten And Nappa Are Fighting)

Goten: Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha Where The hell Are You Dad?!

Goku: (Teleports) Where Here!

Vegeta: Hmph! I Guess The Dead Could Not Tame You 2!

Nappa: Correct, Vegeta!!!

King Vegeta: Son Is That You?!

Vegeta: Hmph! Dont Give Me that "Son" Talk, I Am One Of the Most Powerful Saiyans In The Known Universe!

King Vegeta: And Your With A Low-Class Saiyan Warrior?! ARE YOU MAD?!!!

Vegeta: No Im Not!, Im Just Know One Of the Most Powerful Saiyans In The Universe Second To me Of course

Goku: I HEARD THAT!!!!

Vegeta: Grrrrrr.....

Goten: Can You Two Just Stop Your Bickering And Fight Them Already?! Dad, You And Me Will Take On Nappa And Vegeta Gets His Dad!

Goku: Alright Then!

Vegeta: Grrrrragh!... (Transforms Into SSJ4) Dad I've been Waiting A Long Time For This Fight!!!!

King Vegeta: Me Too, Son!

Vegeta: Stop it with The "Son" Talk!!!

King Vegeta: Good! (Takes Out His Finger And Places it on Vegeta's Forehead)

Vegeta: What The heck?!

King Vegeta: (Turns The Finger Sideways) Seperation Attack!


Demonic Vegeta: Ha! Finally I AM FREE!!!

King Vegeta: Yes! Yes! It Is All Coming Full Circle!!!

Vegeta: Its Not Gonna Last For Long!!!

Goku: Goten! Im Going To Try And Get King Vegeta And Nappa's Good Sides On King kai's Planet!

Goten: Okay Dad!

Goku: (Trys To Teleport To The Halfway Point of Snake Way) Cya!

Goten: Cya!

Vegeta: Goten! Let Us Fight This Impostor Of Me And Nappa!

Goten: Alright!