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Goten: Where Are They Coming From?!!!

Goku: To The South-West, On That Mountain!

Goten: Ok Then

Goku: There Coming Out From below. We Have To Move Fast! (Hovers And Moves To The Mountain)

Goten: Wait Up!!!!!! (Hovers And Follows Goku)

(The mountain's foundations begin to crumble and cracks run up the sides of it)

Goku: Grrrrrr.... Too late!

Goten: They're.....here!

(The mountain begins fall into the ocean in tiny pieces as lave begins to spew forth.)

Goku: Grgh!

(The Lava Reveals 2 Men in Saiyan Armour And All Red Skin)

Nappa: (Smiles Evily) Hmmmmmm.....

King Vegeta: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Its been Such A Long Time, But Im Finally Free!!!!!!

Goku: Nappa, I Thought I Got Rid of you Years Ago!!!

Nappa: Yes!! Yes you Did, Goku!!!! But NOW! I AM FREEE!!!

Goten: You Do Not Deserve to be free!!!!!

Nappa: Oh! Dont I?!!

Goku: No you Dont!!!

King Vegeta: That May be! But Now That We Are free We Shall Complete Our Original Task of Destroying the Earth!!!!

Nappa: An we Shall Do It!!!!

King Vegeta: Even If We have To Destroy You ALLLLLL!!!!

Nappa: Nicely Said King Vegeta!

Goku: Not Unless We Destroy You!!!!!

Goten: Will Do!!!!!

Nappa: Hmph!