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Goku: Hmmmm... The Sun Is Rising On A New Day, A New Day For Traning (Gets Out Of Bed) I Hope Chi-Chi Doesn't Notice Im Gone (Sneaks Out Of The House) Phew! I Made IT!

Goten: Dad! Over Here!

Goku: (Looks Over To The Rustling Bush) OH! There You Are Goten!

Goten: Well If We Are Going To Be Prepared We Must Train!

Goku: Okay! Okay! (Gets His "Training" Weights)

Goten: What The heck Are Those?

Goku: These Are My Training Weights That I Used To get This Strong

Goten: Oh Goodie! (Puts On The Training Cuffs) Woah! There A Little H-Heavy!

Goku: There Supposed To Be heavy Goten!

Goten: Oh! Well Then Lets Get Started! (Transforms Into SSJ)

Goku: Alright!!!!! (Transforms Into SSJ) Lets Do This! (Starts To Rush Towards Goten)

Goten: Lets Rock!!!! (Fires A Huge Ki Blast At Goku) HA!

Goku: (Turns SSJ2 While Blocking The Blast) Its Useless Goten!

Goten: Here It Goes! KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!! (Fires A Huge Kamehameha)

Goku: Hmph! (Turns SSJ3 While Deflecting It To A Mountain)

Goten: Grgh! (Turns SSJ2) (Charges A Super Kamehameha) FULL POWER!!! KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!!!!! (Fires The Super Kamehameha)

Goku: ITS NO USE!!!!!!! (Transforms SSJ4 While Taking The Blast And Firing It At The Mountain Behind Goten)

Goten: THIS IS IT!!!!!!! (Charges A Heap Of Ki Into 1 Ball) KAME RAIN!!!!!!! (The Ball Of Ki Splits Into 100 Balls of Ki Balls Firing At Goku)

Goku: (Goes SSJ5 While Deflecting The Balls of Ki In All Directions) Hm Lets Check Out These Abilities!

Goten: Bring It!!!!!!

Goku: Super Rapid Attack!!!!! (Starts To Ram Towards Goten) (Attacks Him So Quick It Looks Like Goku Has 400 Fists)


Goku: Your Good Kid

Goten: (Smiles) Thanks Dad!

Goku: Lets Continue!!! Now! SUPER KI DISC KAMEHAMEHA ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!! (Fires His Super Disc Kamehameha Attack)

Goten: (Gets Hit And Flies Back And Rebounds) Good Stuff

Goku: Yeah! Now! Grrrgh!

Goten: What Dad?

Goku: Its TIME!!!!

Goten: You Mean?!

Goku: Yes They're Here!!!!!!