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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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This article, Episode 75: Super Saimekian 2 Trunks VS Fifth Form Frost - No More Holding Back (Xz), is the property of dark TRUNKS.

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Dragonball Xz, Lord Chill Saga, Episode 75 - "Super Saimekian 2 Trunks VS Fifth Form Frost - No More Holding Back"

Episode Guide[]

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Fourth Form Frozen finally arrives at the right between the Galactic Emperors & the 4 Saiuyans. Trunks finally catches up with him now that he's stopped.

"Ah, so I see Zero and Iceberg have gone into their final forms. And from the looks of it, those two Saiyans aren't as familiar with this form as y'all are with our true final forms," Fourth Form Frozen taunts/.

"If that's not your true final form, then why not change into it?" Trunks asks, in his base form.

"Ha, and do what? Turn you into a bloodstain? You at your strongest were too weak to handle my fourth form. You were even too exhausted to keep your Super Bright Saiyan 2 or whatever going," Fourth Form frozen replies.

"You're not the only one who hides your true forms from your enemy," Trunks taunts.

"Wh-what?" Fourth Form Frozen asks scared.

"Here, let me show you!" Trunks says. Light energy engulfs him as he goes Super Light Saiyan. "Now you've already seen the Light Version of Super Saiyan and..." Trunks goes Super Light Saiyan 2 during his sentence, "...the Light Version of Super Saiyan 2."

"Of course, I was following your stupid forms. You don't need to give me a history lesson," Fourth Form Frozen says.

"But my powers aren't limited to just the Saiyans. Remember those Namekians you killed back on Original Namek?" Super Light Saiyan 2 Trunks asks as he returns to base form.

"Yes, of course. And what about them?" Fourth Form Frozen seems worried and it's obviouys he's bluffing his cockiness.

"What if I told you that one of their kind gave me Namekian powers too?!" Trunks asks as his muscles swell and he not only gets larger muscles, but also grows a few meters in height. Fourth Form Frozen is frozen in fear. "This is the Namekian power of Gigantification's Light Version: Light Gigantification. And while most Namekians can use this form..." Great Trunks says, shrinking back down to regular Trunks, "...only few have ever ascended beyond that into a Super Namekian..."

"S-Super Namekian? Impossible! But the only one to achieve that form is the one that sealed us away..." Fourth Form Frozen says, gasping.

Trunks is wreathed in Light energy as it collects around the sparks arching across his body. He looks almost normal barring the light energy. "This is it's Light Version, Super Light Namekian."

"Okay fine, so you can go Super Namekian or Light Namekian or whatever. That isn't going to change anything!" Fourth Form Frozen screams in rage as he launches forward and punches Super Light Namekian Trunks as hard as he can. Super Light Namekian Trunks doesn't even flinch as he continues on with Fourth Form Frozen's fist on his face.

"I didn't say I was finished yet, Frozen!" Super Light Namekian Trunks yells as he starts charging energy rapidly. Fourth Form Frozen stumbles back, terrified.

"No...no no no...you can't be this strong. No, wait, you CAN'T BE FINISHED!!!" Fourth Form Frozen screams in fear.

"And if one combines Gigantification with Super Namekian, they can become a Super Namekian 2!" Super Light Namekian Trunks says as Fourth Form Frozen looks at him in fear. "So what if I combined Light Gigantification and Super Light Namekian? Let's find out shall we?" He swells, constantly trying to go to Light Gigantification size, but the ascended energy pulses, pulling the muscles and size back to normal. Each time, a surge of red lines arc across his body, disappearing as he swells again. As the changes speed up and the form crystalizes, the red lines start remaining for longer as dark uyellow plates form on his skin, hardening with each compression of the massive form it's holding back. Eventually he bursts to the full Light Gigantification size before one Super Light Namekian energy pulse collapses him entirely, his form completed. "And this...is Super Light Namekian 2." Frozen keeps stepping back, unable to speak as he gazes upon Super Light Namekian 2 Trunks.

"Impossible..." is all Fourth Form Frozen can say.

"And remember my Suiper Light Saiyan 2 form from earlier? SUper LLight Namekian 2 being a combination of Light Gigantification and Super Light Namekian got me thinking..." Super Light Namekian 2 Trunks says, looking over at Fourth Form Frozen, who drops to his knees at the notion. "Now what if I mixed Super Light Saiyan 2 and Super Light Namekian 2 together? Why don't we find out? Oh, and by the way...I'd turn into your final form already if I were you." Fourth Form Frozen jumps to his feet in fear as he ghoes into Fifth Form Frozen. As he finishes, we look upon Trunks in his true final form. "And this, is Super Positive Saimekian 2!"

Fifth Form Frozen launches at Super Positive Saimekian 2 Trunks, who simply lifts his hand, revealing a charging energy ball on his index finger that he's been gathering this entire time.

"I think you should taste the wrath of all the Namekians you slaughtered! LIGHT SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!" Super Positive Saimekian 2 Trunks roars as he fires off a Light Special Beam Cannon at Fifth Form Frozen, who instantly drops dead.

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New Characters & Transformations[]

Frozen (Fifth Form)
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