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This article, Episode 25: Dark Copy - Limitless Potential?! (Xz), is the property of dark TRUNKS.

Xz Episode 025

Dragonball Xz, dark TRUNKS Saga, Episode 25 - "Dark Copy - Limitless Potential?!"

Episode Guide[]

Last time on Dragonball Xz Super Saiyan 5 Goku lifts up Super Dark Saiyan dark TRUNKS and charges a Kamehameha near his face, ready to kill him. dark TRUNKS whispers "Dark Copy" before the Kamehameha is fired. The Kamehameha hits him, engulfing dark TRUNKS. After a minute of showing off the massive beam and shots of the Saiyans, the beam finishes. In dark TRUNKS's place is a black aura cocoon. It pulsates with evil energy. Everyuone looks at it in shock and fear.

"What is that?" Vegeta says, barely able to speak.

Gohan lands next to Vegeta and puts Goten down.

"Is he using a shield?" Gohan asks.

"It's okay. Dad will finish him off once he removes it, right Dad?" Goten says, looking at Goku.

"It's not a shield," Goku says bluntly.

"What?" Goten asks.

"He's transforming. I can feel his energy rising," Goku says, again with no emotion.

"Then we can kill him while he's transforming," Gohan says.

"His power is rising so rapidly, the force deflected even my Kamehameha," Goku says.

"You mean your stupid little fancy form can't stop him? What a waste of a light show," Vegeta says mockingly.

"Oh, right, what was that you did? What are you now?" Gohan asks.

Goku proceeds to tell him about the Super Saiyan 5. He learned it while training off Earth after barely beating Super 17. He tapped into it and destroyed the entire planet from the transformation alone. The power was so powerful that he refused to use it against Omega Shenron, despite almost dying.

Finally, the episode ends with the cocoon pulsating rapidly. It suddenly explodes in a void of darkness. As the light returns, dark TRUNKS stands there, looking like a purple haired, red skinned Super Saiyan 5. He smirks as the episode ends.

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