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Vegeta: Hey Goku!

Goku: Vegeta, this is unexpected.

Goten: Yea what's going on?

Vegeta: Remember when we used the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

Goku: Yes.

Vegeta: Well, one night while i was training in there i saw a weird inscription about the Dragonball's history. It told about how every planet had it's own set of Dragonballs!

Goku: Woah!

Goten: That's huge!

Vegeta: Not only that but the Black Star Dragonballs are NOT the most powerful!

Goku: Wait! what?!

Vegeta: Yes, the real most powerful Dragonballs are the Warp Star Dragonballs!

Goten: Warp Star?

Vegeta: Yes, they're said to hold an ulimited amount of wishes with a small sacrifice of half your power level!

Goku: That's extreme!

Vegeta: Yes, it is only possible through the powers of Grand Shenron!

Goten: You try to tell me that there are Dragonballs out there that can take an unlimited amount of wishes that we did not know about?!!

Vegeta: Yes Goten, that's exactly what i said! Now i want to search for them!

Goku: Well, if we are going to go up against some powerful enemies, i should contact a friend of mine! (Trys to contact King Kai).

-Other World-

King kai: (Sleeping)

Goku: King Kai!

King kai: Wha-? Goku?

Goku: Yes! It's me, Goku!

King Kai: What do you want?

Goku: Is there a Saiyan by the name of Raditz up there?

King Kai: Why yes, he's actully training as we speak!

Goku: May i please speak with him?

King kai: Sure!

Goku: Alright!

King Kai: RADITZ!

Raditz: Yes King Kai?

King Kai: Goku wants to talk with you!

Raditz: Kakarot?! Okay then! (Contacts with Goku) Is that you Kakarot?

Goku: Yes, it's me Raditz!

Raditz: What do you need me for?

Goku: We're going to search for the Warp Star Dragonballs and we want you to come

Raditz: Okay then, but what do i get?

Goku: Once we've searched for them, i'll revive you with the Earth's Dragonballs.

Raditz: Kakarot, we have a deal!

Goku: Thanks Raditz!

King Kai: Well i'll be sending you on your way then! (Teleports Raditz To Earth)


Raditz: (Appears)

Goku: Good to see you again Raditz!

Raditz: Same here, brother!

Goku: (Smiles)Fuck me!!!