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Goten: Is he Dead?

Vegeta: Yes Goten, My Monster of a Father Is Dead

Goten: Then Why Are You Smiling?

Vegeta: Because, He Treated me Like Dirt He Never loved Me He Treated Me, Like A Tool!

Goku: Its Good Then That He's Dead!

Vegeta: Yes, i Guess So, What Did Goz And Mez Do With My Dad, Nappa And My Evil Sides?

Goku: Oh There Locked Up In A 50 Doored Prision Cell In HFIL

Goten: Sounds Like A Fitting Punishment!

Demonic Vegeta In HFIL Prison

Demonic Vegeta In His HFIL Prison

Goku: C'mon Guys Lets Go.

Goten: Okay Then

Vegeta: Cya! (Lifts Up Into The Sky)

Goten: Yeah I Have To Go two Dad, Oh Yea And When You See Him Tell Him I said Hi!

Goku: Will Do, Goten!

Goten: Well, Bye! (Lifts Up Into The Sky)

Vegeta: Oh Bulma's Gonna Kill me!

Goten: I Hope Valese isn't Mad At Me!

Goku: Well i had better Meet Him! (Hovers And Flys)

Vegeta: (Lands Outside Capsule Corp Building) Bulma! Are you There?

Bulma: Im In The Shed Honey!

Vegeta: Doing What?

Bulma: Oh, Nothing much, Im Just Modifying The Spaceship!

Vegeta: Sounds Very Interesting! (Grabs A Can of Coke-Cola From the Fridge)

Bulma: Oh! And Bra Brought Over Her Friend's From High School Today!

Vegeta: Thats Okay! (Grabs His Half-Eaten Pizza From The Fridge) (Sits Down On The Couch)

Bulma: (Adding A Built-In Dragon Radar To The Ship) Just A few More Modifications! (Adds The Last Modifactions) There All Done!

Goten: Hi Valese!

Valese: Hi Goten!

Goten: So How Are You Going?

Valese: Good! How Are You Going?

Goten: Im Ok

Valese: Anyway You Wanna Catch A movie?

Goten: Okay Then!

Goku: Well Here We Are! Hey Uub!

Uub: Hey Goku! Its Been So Long!

Goku: Yea! I Came Back So I Could finish My Traning With You!

Uub: Okay Then! Lets Go! (Flys To The Training Area)

Goku: (Follows Uub To The Traning Area) Okay!