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King Vegeta: HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Goku: Grgh! He's Getting Bigger.

Raditz: I Can Feel His Need To Kill Us Grow!

King Vegeta: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! You Cant Stop Me Now!!!!!

Raditz: If You Think We Are Gonna Give Up Your Dead Wrong!

Goku: So Lets Show Him Our Ultimate Limits!!!

Raditz: Right Kakarot! Ultimate Oozaru Fist!!!! (Fires A Supped Up Oozaru Fist)

Goku: No! Raditz Are You Insane?!!!

Raditz: Hmph! You'll See Kakarot, You'll See

King Vegeta: What The? (gets Hit In The Eyes By Raditz's Ultimate Oozaru Fist) Grrrrraaaaaaaagggghhhhh! My Eyes!

Goku: OH! I See, Your Plan Was To Hit Him In The Eyes With Your Ultimate Oozaru Fist Therefore

Raditz: Blinding Him? Yes!

Goku: Lets See! SOLAR FLARE!!!!!! (Glows In A Beam Of Very Bright Light Blinding King Vegeta)

King Vegeta: Yaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! Darn You!

Goku: He! I See Your Having Vision Troubles

Raditz: No Jokes!!! HAAA!!!! (Fires 2 Ki Blasts)

King Vegeta: (Gets Hit By The 2 Ki Blasts) Darn You!!!! (Fires A Mouth Blast In A Random Direction)

Goku: (Dodges And Deflects) (Transforms Into A SSJ3) Lets Do This!

Raditz: (Transforms Into A SSJ2) Right!

King Vegeta: (Regains His Eye-Sight And Starts To Fire Ki Blasts At Goku And Raditz) Take This!

Raditz: (Dodges The Blast And Paralyzes His Legs And Arms) Yes! Kakarot Ill Cut His Tail!

Goku: Okay Then!

King Vegeta: What??!!! NO!

Raditz: Ki Slicer! (Slices King Vegeta's Tail Off Using A Laser Of Ki)

King Vegeta: (Reverts Back To Normal) Darn It!

Raditz: Goku NOW!

Goku: Kamehameha x200!!!!!!! (Fires a Kamehameha x 200)


Goku:..... (Smiles) Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha Its Finished

Raditz: I Must Return To Other World! Goodbye Goku (Transports Back to Other World)

Goku: Good Bye....Brother!