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Goku: Here It Goes (Uses Instant Transmisson) C'mon! (Fails) What The? Why did it Not Work?

King Kai: Um...Goku You Can Only Use Instant Transmisson A limited Ammount Of Times

Goku: You mean?!

King Kai: yes The Instant Transmisson Will Not Work

Goku: Damn!!

King kai: Your Going To Have To Walk Snake Way To Get Back

Goku: I Guess Cya King Kai (Jumps Off The Edge And Starts Running To Earth)

King Kai: Cya Goku

Goten: Vegeta Does It Usually Take this long?!

Vegeta: No Goten Kakarot Should've Been Back BY Now

Demonic Vegeta: Maybye he Just gave Up

Vegeta: Thats not like him!!!

Nappa: Now DIE! (Fires 50 Ki Blasts)

Demonic Vegeta: Nitro Galick Gun!!!!! (Fires A Super Ultra Galick Gun)

Goten: Super Sonic KAMEHAMEHA!!!! (Fires A Super Sonic Kamehameha)

Vegeta: Super Big Bang Attack! (Fires A Super Big Bang Attack)

Goten: Grrrrrggggghhhhhhh....Where Are You Dad?

Goku: (Halfway To Earth) Ha..Haa...Ha...Ha.. Nearly There!

Vegeta: Come on! Where The Heck Is Kakarot?!!!

Demonic Vegeta: Mwuahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!


Goku: Here We Are!!!!! (Jumps To Earth) Im Coming Guys!!!!!!

Vegeta: GRrrrrrr... I Sense Goku Approaching

Goten: Haaa!Dad!

Goku: Here! Your Freee!

Good Side Nappa: Yes! I Am Frre From That Orb Of A Prison!!!

Good Side King Vegeta: Alright Lets Do This!

Good Side Raditz: Lets RockQ!!!