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Goku: (Teleported To The Halfway Point Of Snake Way) Oh Here It Is! Well Better Get Running (Runs 50x Normal Speed)

Vegeta: Here We Go!

Goten: Okay Then!

Nappa: You ready Vegeta?!

Demonic Vegeta: I Was Sepertated Ready Nappa, Unlike Some People!

Vegeta: ENOUGH TALK! Lets Do This!

Demonic Vegeta: jackhammer Blast! (Fires A Ki Blast With 9000 Attack Strength) DIIIIEEE!

Vegeta: Super Galick Gun! (Fires The Super Galick Gun)

Goten: Super Sonic....KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!! (Fires A Super Sonic Kamehameha Wave)

Nappa: 20 Pronged Attack! (10 Ki Blasts Come Out From Nappa's Finger Tips, They Then Multiply)

Goten: Grrrrrggghhh..... EXPLOSIVE SHIELD WAVE!!!!!!! (Creates A Explosive Wave To Block And Deflect The blasts)

Nappa: Noooooooooooo!!!!!! (Gets Hit By The 20 Blasts And Crashes Into A Mountain) Grrgh.... (Fires A Blast from His mouth)

Goten: Oh C'mon!

Vegeta: Your Tough - NOT!

Demonic Vegeta: Pfft.. Your Weak!

Vegeta: GRGH! you dont say that to MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Galic Gun x 75!!!!!! (Fires A Galick Gun Whichs Power Is Doubled By 75)

Demonic Vegeta: (Gets Hit By It And KnocksBack into A mountain) Damnit!

Goku: (Still Running) He...He....He Nearly There!!!!!! (Jumps off The Edge And lands On king Kai's Planet) UMPH!

King Kai: Heya Goku Died Again?

Goku: No King Kai, Im Just Here To Get the Good sides of Nappa And King Vegeta

King kai: Oh! there over there!

Goku: Looks Like There Only Normal Souls

King Kai: Exactly Goku

Goku: Okay Then! (Grabs The Souls)

Goten: Umph! Grrrraaaaaghhh.... C'mon Dad!

Vegeta: where The Hell Are you Kakarot?!!!